Wednesday, December 15

I Heart Real World Previews

So the last episode was not so good (and slightly depressing, Sarah). But the previews for the rest of the season look fan-freakin-tastic!

- During a dance-floor threesome, Big Willie says, "I'm bad, but I'm not as bad as I wanna be"
- The cops make a surprise visit to the RR house
- Melanie gets scabies (Karamo, "who has that in 2004, seriously")
- They go to Fiji and a) MJ is naked b) Shavonda and Landon get busy and c) Sarah hooks up with a Euro-boy and Melanie doesn't seem too happy about it. Which is such a surprise because she's usually so happy about everything (sarcasm)
- Melanie calls home because her roommates hate her (and she has scabies)
- Landon has a knife and is threatening a roommate

I'll be tunin' in!

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