Wednesday, May 28

Lost Preview

It's almost here... the BIG FINALE!!! I can hardly stand it and I'm pretty sure all the other Losties are just as excited as I am to see how this season wraps up (or leaves us hanging, which I'm sure it will)

Anyhoo... here's some reading to tide you over until tomorrow night!

Michael Emerson Interview

Flash Forwards In Chronological Order

For Your Next Party

Won't mom get a kick out of this when the family gathers for a big picnic on the 4th? It's the Big Ass Piñata!

Thursday, May 22


1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was getting more serious about settling down and re-marrying. I owned my own house, worked full-time, did freelance design and was really enjoying my life for the first time in many, many years.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order)?
-organize scrapbooking stuff
-run errands
-purge magazine pile
-walk dog

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I definitely have a thing for ice cream.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
All the typical stuff people do when they come into money. But I'd also like to think I could use some of my money to help others and, I know this sounds corny, but to help make the world a better place.

5. Places you have lived:
Defiance, Ohio

6. Peeps I want to know more about:
I'd like to know more about the people who read this blog but never comment.

Tuesday, May 20

Idol Chatter

The big Idol finale is on tonight. Does anyone care? Did this season ever get exciting or interesting... at any point? I think not. Although Idol has consistently gotten good ratings, they are, overall, down. I've heard rumors they are looking to change up the format a bit. I hope they do. The obnoxious and never-ending audition episodes are tiresome and frankly, it's almost offensive how they exploit some of the wannabe's. And you know which ones I'm talking about, don't you?

And here's another thing... what is with the judges blasting the contestants when they make a bad song choice? Hello! Whose decision was it to have Andrew Lloyd Weber and Neil Diamond join in? Seriously! How can they complain about the Idols not singing current, contemporary, popular stuff when the producers are shoving show tunes down their throats?

I honestly don't care who wins at this point. It doesn't matter. And I tend to think that I'm not alone in my opinion.

Thursday, May 15

LOST Scoop

From my "secret source":

Info on when Lost will be seen next season: The time is TBD, according to Steve McPherson from ABC. "At this point, we still like this 10 p.m. on Thursday, and we could move Life on Marsat that point. But it's also been a great 9 p.m. performer and 8 p.m. performer, so I think quite honestly we have to see how the fall plays out." (Let's keep our fingers crossed for an earlier time next season!!)

Episode 4.12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (Season finale, part 1)
(Oceanic 6-centric) Airdate: May 15, 2008

The face-off between the survivors and the freighter people begins. Widmore's freighter fiends, as one might guess, do not rescue the Oceanic Six. Desmond may come very close to becoming one of the Oceanic Seven. There's a fair amount of blood shed in the three-part finale. And there's at least one significant death. A major story line will begin for Claire. "Mysterious things are happening to Claire that set up the next few episodes - and the next few years, too."

We will see the Orchid - all three levels of it - that might shed more light on the Island's time-warping properties. The Orchid will play a big role in the finale.

It seems Darlton was holding out on us regarding the "spectacular kiss". Not only is the kiss spectacular, but according to a very solid source, it's the kind of liplock that "stops f---ing time" and"makes the entire world vanish in the moment."

The season finale will leave you ballistic as far as cliffhangers go.

Off the Island:
The finale will depict the arrival on the American mainland of the Oceanic Six :
Two pilots are at the helm of a transport plane. One chastises the other for clinging to his lucky charm; the one holding the rabbit's foot says he has to be extra vigilant considering the cargo they are carrying. Karen Decker (Michelle Forbes) is an Oceanic Airlines representative, strapped into the jump seat immediately behind the pilots. The pilots tell Decker they're approaching the runway. Decker ventures into the cargo hold where Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Kate are strapped in to passenger seats. Kate is holding Aaron. Michelle Forbes tells them the press calls them the Oceanic Six and wants to talk to them, but she can get them out of it. Jack speaks for the group and says that's fine, they're prepared to answer any questions. Decker leaves, tottering back to the cockpit in her stilettos.

Jack says they all know the story, but if they get any questions they can't answer, the press will just assume they're in shock. Sun: "Jack, we are in shock." Sun and Sayid do look like they're in shock indeed, whereas Kate just looks generally devastated. The plane lands, and the gangplank is lowered. The Six exit the back of the transport. Carmen Reyes, Mr. and Mrs. Paik and Margo
Shephard are all waiting for them. The three families are overjoyed to see each other. Sayid and Kate have no one greeting them. Hugo jumps back after hugging his mom hello and introduces Sayid, who gets the full family hug treatment. Kate just holds on tight to baby Aaron and looks around, all alone. A huge crowd of extras reported to the old Barbers Point Naval Air Station in Kalaeloa, taking part in a scene involving the return of the Oceanic Six to the outside world.

Their rescue is a huge media circus, with a throng of reporters and photographers on hand as they step off a military transport plane that brought them back to the United States. Via Honolulu. The filming focused on an elaborate Oceanic Airlines-coordinated press conference. Or, as sources put it, "a big press con." The world's media was there for answers, as well as several familiar faces: (Margo Shephard), David Reyes and Lillian and Carmen Reyes). Questions asked included: "Ms. Austen, how old is Aaron? Ms. Kwon, what happened to your husband? Mr. Reyes, what of your fortune, and this hefty airline settlement?"

The press is skeptical of the official story.

Hurley's hackles are raised by a query that's been raised by viewers and comedians alike since Season 1. Sayid tows the line, but isn't happy about it. The Oceanic Six make surprising mention of some long, lost friends. Three of them, at least, whose
deaths occurred in each of the first three seasons. The settlement comes into play in the finale.

Also seen will be the elaborate funeral of Christian Shepherd:
All of the Oceanic Six were present and accounted for. An exterior scene involved Sayid and Kate standing outside the church as mourners filed in. A limo arrives, and Hurley exits along with a young woman (possibly Starla?). And the woman, not Kate, is the one carrying the baby (could be a stand-in). The group hugs and talks briefly at the top of the stairs before heading inside. Though it looked like a flash forward involving many of the "Oceanic Six", there was no flock of press. Andrea Gabriel reappears as Nadia at the funeral - at Sayid's side.

On the Island:
Keamy (on SAT phone): Put it down over there. Charlotte: Is that from the chopper? Lapidus (on SAT phone): We're still five clicks from the site! Keamy: I said put it
down Frank. We'll pick you up guys, as soon as we hit the ground we can go to the Orchid. Head down! Let's do this. Jack: You know what the Orchid is? Juliet: No, I didn't hear Desmond or Sayid either. Jack: Kate! Wanna take a walk? Kate: Absolutely
Jack: I'll get the guns, you get some water OK? Kate: OK. Juliet: You can't..possibly be serious. You just had surgery, Jack. Jack: I'm fine. Juliet: You're not going to be fine. Jack: I can't just sit around waiting.. Juliet: Recovery is not sitting around. Jack: I have to do this. Juliet: Why? Jack: Because I promised those people..that I would get them off this island. Juliet: Don't bleed to death Jack. Jack: I'll see you in a couple of hours. Charlotte: Daniel, what's wrong? Daniel: Charlotte, did you hear what he said? They're going to the Orchid. They're using the secondary protocol. Charlotte: What are you talking about? Daniel: We have to get off this island...right now. Sayid: Hey! Over here! Sun: Sayid, where's Desmond? Sayid: He's fine, he's on the freighter. Listen, I'm going to start taking people back, six at a time. We have to go right now, before the helicopter gets back to the boat. Juliet: Why do we have to go to the boat before the chopper gets back? Sayid: Because the men on that helicopter have every intention of killing us all. ...What? Juliet: Jack and Kate just went running after it. Hurley: OK, let's say this greenhouse place does what you say and yeah, I get it, it's really dangerous and unpredictable but suppose..somehow it works and we move the island. Dosen't that mean the dudes with guns move too? Ben: Yes, I
suppose they would. Hurley: Well isn't that, y'know, a problem?! Ben: I'm working on it. Hurley: Well what about me? I still wanna get off it! Locke: I'm afraid it's a little late for that Hugo. Ben: May I have the binoculars please? You might want to get down lower to the ground. Locke: Why might we want to do that? Ben: Because we're at the Orchid.

Also: please check out Doc Jensen's story to the right, in the RSS feed.

Tuesday, May 13

New Addiction

For those who have a few minutes to kill... or want a break from the drudgery of your workday... may I suggest TypeRacer!


Monday, May 12

Disturbing Yet Intriguing

It's this kind of stuff that makes me feel so fortunate to be part of the Blogosphere.

Check out more by Clicking Here

Friday, May 9

Personal Man-Servant (kinda)

Mac OS X only: Free, open source application Pandora Boy pulls the popular streaming internet radio site Pandora out of your browser and integrates it with your Mac desktop. With features like global hotkeys, support for your Apple Remote, and even integration with Growl, PandoraBoy looks to be the ultimate Pandora companion for OS X. PandoraBoy is free, Mac OS X only. Windows users looking for a similar solution, check out PandoraBrowse or our bevy of other ways to get more from Pandora.

Thursday, May 8

Dear (John) Hillary

Nice Try Give Up

LOST Preview

Episode 4.11: Cabin Fever (Locke-centric)
Airdate: May 8, 2008

The last three episodes include only one flashback, which the producers say will be a mythically significant outing for... someone. The rumor: Locke.

Locke is enlightened as to the whereabouts of Jacob's cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes perilous.

The Lost production team is working double-time to deliver the last five episodes of Season 4. Thursday found them working all over the island for Episode 4.11, a Locke-centric outing. In the morning, they finished up at Waimano Home in Pearl City, with Terry O'Quinn and Lance Reddick on the scene. At the same time, a second unit was at work at Manoa Falls Trail, filming an on-island scene. Emilie DeRavin, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Rebecca Mader and Jeremy Davies trekked through the jungle past a simple wooden Dharma door. After lunch, the action moved to Leilehua High School in Wahiawa. Students and cheerleaders in 1960s garb brought us to Cowan Heights (near Tustin, CA) to witness Locke's struggles at sixteen. It looks like our "Man of Faith" has had issues with science for a long, long time.Late word from Wahiawa United Methodist Church, reporting several "gorgeous" 1950s or 1960s cars. And one of them was apparently enlisted to film a dramatic scene in which a little girl (perhaps five years of age) runs out of a house and gets struck in the street.

Waimano Home is a former mental institution turned government office and laboratory hidden high in the mountains above Pearl City in Leeward O'ahu. Its drab, concrete walls and stark halls made it the perfect location to shoot a hospital scene. The wardrobe suggests that we'll be visiting the 1950s, and possibly another decade in the past. The where and the when, though, is nowhere near as interesting as the who. The flashback revolves around John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), and it's a flashback to the very beginning of his story: his birth. We'll also see Emily, his mother, in her younger days (presumably before her time in Santa Rosa, and before she betrays John Locke for his father's kidney hunt). But someone else is wandering the hospital: the ageless and eerie Richard Alpert, looking quite dapper in a suit.

Wednesday, May 7

Stevie Nicks

In case you need a little Gold Dust Woman... here's her tour schedule:

5 - Biloxi, Miss. @ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
7 - Hollywood, Fl. @ Hard Rock Café Seminole
8 - Tampa, Fl. @ Ford Amphitheatre – Florida State Fairgrounds
10 - Alpharetta, Ga. @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
13 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Chaifetz Arena
14 - Chicago, Ill. @ Charter One Pavilion
15 - Clarkston, Mich. @ DTE Energy Music Center
18 - Orilla, Ontario @ Casino Rama
20 - Atlantic City, N.J. @ Borgata Hotel
21 - Atlantic City, N.J. @ Borgata Hotel
22 - Boston, Mass. @ Bank of America Pavilion
25 - Toledo, Ohio @ Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre
26 - Cincinnati, Ohio @ National City Pavilion
28 - Wantagh, N.Y. @ Jones Beach Amphitheater
29 - Holmdel, N.J. @ PNC Bank Arts Center

Monday, May 5

Summer Reality Line-Up

No guarantee the dates are accurate, so as always, check your local listings.

Summer debuts

* So You Think You Can Dance 4 [FOX, May 22 at 8, Wed at 8 and Thurs at 9]
* Last Comic Standing 6 [NBC, May 22 at 9:30, Thursdays at 8:30]
* The Bachelorette 4 [ABC, May 19 at 9, Mondays at 8]
* The Mole 3 [ABC, May 26, Mondays at 10]
* The Next Food Network Star 4 [Food Network, June 1, Sundays at 10]
* 30 Days [FX, June 3, Tuesdays at 10]
* Design Star 3 [HGTV, June 8, Sundays at 9]
* Ice Road Truckers [History, June 8, Sundays at 10]
* Nashville Star 6 [NBC, June 9, Mondays at 9:30]
* Celebrity Circus [NBC, June 11, Wednesdays at 9]
* America’s Got Talent 3 [ABC, June 17, Tuesdays at 9]
* Shear Genius 2 [Bravo, June 25, Tuesdays at 9]
* Baby Borrowers [NBC, June 25, Wednesdays at 8]
* Dance Machine [ABC, June 27, Fridays at 8]
* Greatest American Dog [CBS, July 10, Thursdays at 8]
* I Love Money [VH1, July 13]
* High School Musical [ABC, July 20, Sundays at 8]
* How to Look Good Naked [Lifetime, July]
* Sunset Tan [E!]
* When Women Rule the World [FOX]

Friday, May 2

LOST Recap

Check the RSS Feed to the right for the EW Recap. Good stuff last night!

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