Sunday, November 28

Darren Criss covers Little Mermaid

Speaking of Glee, this guy is really taking off - and with a Little Mermaid cover, too!

The gays invaded TV

Last night I watched this week's episode of Glee.

It featured a story line about teenage bullying that culminated in a straight boy-on-gay boy slow dance at their parents' wedding. This dance may have been the sweetest moment on TV this season. Not just in terms of story, although that really was quite a moment.

But because this is a blockbuster show with huge ratings. Maybe America has finally moved on from the treat-gays-like-shit mentality.

It also got me to thinking... does every show have a gay character?

Glee, Brothers & Sisters (3 main characters are gay), True Blood (at least 2 but seriously, the show is as gay as they come), Nurse Jackie, Modern Family (married men with adopted baby), Desperate Housewives, The Office...

What am I missing?

(By the way - where are the lesbians on TV?)

Favorite Shows

Despite the absence of Lost and some other favorites that have closed shop, there sure is lots of good TV happening.

Walking Dead
Yes, it's a scary-as-hell zombie show, but it's also not a zombie show at all. The parallels to our economy, government, screwed up politics and human nature in general make this easily the best show on TV now.

Total guilty pleasure. But then Finn and Kurt dance together at their parents' wedding and I cried like a baby. And who didn't download Teenage Dream?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
So wrong. Dee's facial expressions are alone worth watching.

30 Rock
Sort of a sweeter version of Arrested Development in a way. The humor is all over the place. I just don't know where they come up with this stuff.

Modern Family
Easily the second funniest show on TV right now.

Also funny and so underrated.

Brothers & Sisters
Another guilty pleasure, maybe a little too soapy this season, but still very affecting. Great acting.

They changed it up after last season's superior story line. And it's working.

And of course... Chelsea Lately, The Middle, How I Met Your Mother, and The A-List (Logo). That show is a hot mess.