Friday, February 29


Lost is blowing my mind!
Read the EW recap by Clicking Here

Thursday, February 28

Idol Chatter

Anyone watching? I am bored to tears with the girls. The only chick that excites me is Carly Smithson.

Lost: 4.05 Preview

Episode 4.05: The Constant (Desmond-centric)
Airdate: February 28, 2008

Sayid and Desmond hit a bit of turbulence on the way to the freighter, which causes Desmond to experience some unexpected side effects. Guest starring are Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Sonya Walger as Penelope "Penny" Widmore, Graham McTavish as sergeant, Darren Keefe as Billy, Edward Conery as auctioneer, Marc Vann as doctor, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Kevin Durand as Keamy and Anthony Azizi as Omar.

And, Click Here to read Doc Jensen's latest for tonight's eppy!

Friday, February 22

Lost 4.04 Recap

Hey LOST addicts.... head on over to EW to read the latest RECAP

Thursday, February 21

And in additional LOST news....

Lost produced eight episodes before the strike. Five new eps are being produced now. ABC may only run seven in a row with this batch (instead of eight) since the seventh ep ends in a cliffhanger, then we'll get six more starting April 24. Either way, we get 13 episodes in all.

Five fresh episodes of Lost return April 24 in a new time slot, at 10 p.m.

Mind-Blowing LOST Scoop

Check out what EW has to say about Tonight's Episode

SNL Best Cast Member

It's like a warm-up for March Madness, except it's the best-of SNL cast members. Cool!

Who Will You Vote For?

Wednesday, February 20

Apple Soundtrack

I can't help but think there's something wrong with my computer when I listen to this. It all sounds so..... so..... familiar. Yes!

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Tuesday, February 19

I MUST Have This!

OMG! I absolutely must have this table. I will hunt it down and find it. Save my pennies and buy it. I don't care what it takes. This is the most awesome idea ever! Well, at least in terms of coffee tables and managing large quantities magazines.

Monday, February 18

Rock This Way......

Hey Guitar Hero fans.... good news is afoot!

"Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" will arrive in stores this summer. The game will feature about 30 Aerosmith songs as well as others from various acts that have opened for the band.

Note to self: stock up on Jack, scarves and lycra pants.

Friday, February 15

Lost Recap 4.03

Head over to EW and read the Recap

Thursday, February 14

Lunch Meat, Anyone?

Being in the grocery biz makes me a bit geeky on occasion. Does that mean I'm the only one who would love to own this Mortadella rug?

Wednesday, February 13

Lost 4.03

Episode 4.03: The Economist (Sayid-centric)

A secret room that may reveal a thing or two about Ben Linus. An understated piece of jewelry that is bound to reappear. An off island alliance that is going to stun and shock you.

The previews promised another Oceanic Six reveal next week, but we will also learn about another major main character who's out in the world in the future, who doesn't fall under that banner.

In the Island's big game of capture the flag, Kate gets tagged out by the other team and sent to "jail." Lucky for her, she's in good with the jailer...

Tuesday, February 12

Take a look-see at this......
You Tube

Brief Lost Update

With the writer's strike essentially resolved, looks like we'll get 5 more episodes of LOST. Yippee!

Real World News

From Reality Blurred:

Before the 20th season of The Real World debuts, MTV will air an awards show and roast of its first reality show. “The Real World Awards Bash: Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em” will air March 29 and will feature cast members from all 20 seasons, some of whom will receive awards following a viewer vote online.

The show will be both “a blow-out festivity of hijinks, hilarity and high-drama” and “will focus on how ‘The Real World’ influenced pop culture and created a trend in reality programming. Retrospective packages will highlight the funniest and most dramatic moments and show how the series has brought attention to socially- important causes, including AIDS, racism, homophobia, addiction, abortion and eating disorders,” according to an MTV press release.

Sounds intriguing but most likely the people I'd really be interested in seeing and getting updates on are not going to participate. It'll probably just be the normal reality whores..... sigh...

Friday, February 8

Thursday, February 7


Slogging through the blogs today, I stumbled across the following excerpts from a guy who is a caricaturist. He tries to capture their image without writing anything. I think he's pretty accurate!

On McCain: "His jaw gives him's an anger barometer. During debates when he's being challenged by an opponent, he bites down hard, and you know what he really wants to do is go to the podium next door and smack somebody. ... He's got a head like a clenched fist, and it expands with every passing year. ... His small, dark eyes are watchful and wary. Whether he's smiling or talking he bares his teeth; they're choppers really, and they flash with metal. They look like weapons. His skin isn’t skin so much as hide."

On Mitt: "Mitt Romney is both the easiest and the hardest of the candidates to caricature. ... He seems less like an individual person than a 'type' of person. He's what central casting might come up with for the game show host type or the Ward Cleaverish 50's dad type. ... Because of the heavy ridge of his brow and his deep-set eyes, it's tough to even see his eyes, much less find a twinkle in them. But his hair sparkles. That's what we end up making eye contact with. It's off-putting rather than inviting."

On Obama: "There's a messianic aura about him. ... That air of destiny really registers all across his face and in his body language as well. He shines. Light literally bounces off the guy from everywhere ... And yet for all of the surface appeal of him, I'm drawn to the unsmiling images of him, where he has his head tipped back with an almost aristocratic bearing. Seems very telling somehow. As a work in progress he's completely fascinating to watch and to draw."

On Hillary: "It seems to fit that Clinton's cheeks are her most prominent features. Cheeks aren't exactly the windows to the soul, but Hillary Clinton's not exactly a 'peek inside my soul' kind of person, anyway. ... Her round facial features seem to balance on top of one another, and along the same lines her head seems to balance on top of her narrow shoulders like a boulder on a pyramid. I find it really interesting that this graphic profile that she cuts---of all of these elements in precarious alignment---is such a perfect metaphor for her political balancing act."

Busy Night

The 16th season of Survivor premieres tonight at 8pm. Fans vs. Favorites. Early talk promises romance and many blindsides. Hmmmm... intriguing!

Then, more importantly, LOST is on at 9pm. Scroll down a bit and you'll see a post which has some info about tonight's eppy.

Wednesday, February 6

I Have Made My Decision

I kept waffling between Obama and Clinton. Who to pick? How to vote? But then I ran across this photo today and I believe my mind has finally been made up.

Any guy whose grandma is a chicken lover has definitely got my vote!!!!

Sawyer calls me Hawking

Ever wanted your very own nickname, courtesy of Sawyer? Click below....
Nickname Generator

Fans v. Favorites

The next reincarnation of Survivor debuts (tomorrow) Thursday night at 8pm.

Tuesday, February 5

Best Video

I stumbled across this while reading another blog. This video is probably one of the best ones I've seen in awhile. Check it!

Grand Central Freeze

Monday, February 4


Anyone Twittering these days? It's an interesting concept. I added a link to the right column if you care to follow my Twitters. I'm pretty boring, so don't get too excited.

Friday, February 1

Lost Goodies

So.... did last night's episode answer any questions or just create more confusion and more questions? Who ARE the Oceanic 6? Hurley, Kate, Jack and ??????? What did Hurley mean when he told Jack "not to worry.... I won't tell".

And, the ever-popular EW Recap

Here's some tidbits about next week's episode:
4.02 Confirmed Dead ("Not Penny's Boat" people-centric)
Airdate: February 7, 2008

But the biggest mystery hanging over Lost's fourth season, beyond who makes it off the island, is how rescue-friendly those freighter folk will turn out to be. Could the quirky quartet -- Fahey, Davis, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung -- win up making Others leader Ben look downright cuddly? Expect the February 7 episode to shed light on the gang's true mission.

The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island. Guest starring are Ken Leung as Miles, Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Marsha Thomason as Naomi, Lance Reddick as Matthew Abaddon, Jill Kuramoto as female anchor, Necar Zadegan as translator, Azure McCall as Mrs. Gardner and Kanayo Chiemelu as African/Tunisian man