Thursday, October 28

"Mosh" Update

MSNBC reports that Moby calls Eminem's anti-Bush video "the best thing I've seen all year. It's an amazing song and an even more amazing video."

I think Eminem's shenanigans were all about getting attention so he can put out albums that actual mean something. I love all of his previous albums, but I hear this one really kicks it into gear. And if the song "Mosh" is any indication....

Oh, Laura

According to Wonkette, a fashion designer wants Laura [Bush] in his $300,000 gown, calls her "very plain. The clothing she's wearing now has got no style."

Amen! Hopefully she can go back to being a plain librarian on November 3rd.

UPDATE: Yes, MediaSluts now covers fashion, too.

Ocean's Twelve

A trailer that actually shows scenes from the film is now on the internets.

Lost Recap

From Television Without Pity:

"Hi, it's me, Sun. So it turns out I speak English. My marriage was not so good before the crash; I was all set to leave Jin, but then I chickened out because I love my dog too much. I guess that the crash has brought us together, sort of. I'm less worried about him killing someone on my father's orders to win my hand in marriage, though I'm more worried he'll kill Michael. He attacked him today over a watch; however, the watch is only a metaphor. Also, Jack thinks we should move the camp into the valley, where there's fresh water and shelter. Two desiccated corpses in a cave convinced him that a couple stayed there happily for years. I can only hope that Jin and I will one day be as happy as those desiccated corpses."

Wednesday, October 27


No, it's not a list for "special people," it's an award given to outstanding music. And damnit if I don't get each and every album on the longlist of the shortlist. They have announced the finalists (the shortlist), and here they are:

Air – TALKIE WALKIE (Astralwerks)
Dizzee Rascal – BOY IN DA CORNER (Matador/XL)
Franz Ferdinand – FRANZ FERDINAND (Domino/Epic)
Ghostface Killah – THE PRETTY TONEY ALBUM (Def Jam)
The Killers – HOT FUSS (Island)
Loretta Lynn – VAN LEAR ROSE (Interscope)
Nellie McKay – GET AWAY FROM ME (Columbia)
The Streets – A GRAND DON’T COME FOR FREE (Vice)
Wilco – A GHOST IS BORN (Nonesuch)

(Last year's winner, Damien Rice, put out one of my favorite mellow CDs of the past few years.)

A CD of shortlist nominees will be released on November 2.

And according to the website: "The 4th Annual Shortlist Music Prize Concert is taking place at 8pm on November 15 at the Avalon Theater in Los Angeles. This year's concert will include performances from Shortlist Finalists AIR, Dizzee Rascal, TV On The Radio, Nellie McKay as well as surprise performances from special guests!"

UPDATE: Oh yeah, MTV2 will air the concert. Hopefully I will be there in person.

U2 "Vertigo"

Sick of the Apple commercial? Then check out the actual video (apparently sponsored by Target?)

Pirates II

Keith Richards will be joining Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean II! Depp has previously stated that he based his character partly on the Rolling Stones singer. Rad!

Ashleegate Continued

OK, now it's just getting gross:
Ashlee Simpson claimed a chronic gastric disorder was the cause of her lip-synching miscue on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend. The singer said that acid reflux disease caused her to lose her voice and rely on a backing tape for her performance.

And the award for "Villain of the Year" goes to....

George Bush?
In a poll for Total Film magazine, the U.S. leader fought off competition from such well-known baddies as atomic scientist Doctor Octopus from "Spider-Man 2" and fellow Texan Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

People found him frightening in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."
"He was absolutely terrifying in that film. The infamous scene where he's informed about the Twin Towers attack while visiting a school, and sits there absolutely paralyzed, is enough to strike fear into anyone's heart," he said.

Ashlee Update

Her SNL goof may actually have been as bad as I had heard. The West Coast airing of SNL was edited so viewers couldn't hear her voice when they played the wrong song. Oops! It's officially a conspiracy! Let's call it.... Ashleegate?

real (drunk) world

landon is a drunk fratboy. does this come as a surprise to anyone? apparently this was surprising to vonda, the former hooters waitress who broke up with her boyfriend and then got mad at him when he wanted to see his exgirlfriend. whatever vonda......whatever. mel is a bitch, but that's ok because she's adopted. the redhead is a slut, but that's ok because she's bullemic (sp). bitch and slut don't like each other because bitch has no filter and slut has no self-respect. i think this season is going to be good.

Tuesday, October 26

Awards Season is Upon Us

And the first awards to hit are those illustrious People's Choice Awards that the stars covet so much.

Let's check out a few categories, shall we?

Favorite Female Movie Star:
Nicole: Stepford Wives, Dogville, Human Stain and Cold Mountain (ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh)
Julianne: Laws of Attraction, The Forgotten (ugh, ugh)
Julia: Mona Lisa Smile (ugh)
Charlize: Monster, Head in the Clouds (ok, now we're getting somewhere, and then ugh)
Reese: Vanity Fair, Legally Blonde II (ugh, ugh)

Why don't you just go ahead and include Halle for Catwoman! Oh wait, she IS included for favorite Female Action Movie Star. Which brings me to... What are these categories!?

Favorite Remake of a Song? And "Carwash" is nominated? Puh-leeze! And why remake but no original category?

Favorite Combined Forces? Huh? Combined forces? And the Britney and Madonna collaboration is all you can throw at us? Didn't that happen like 2 years ago?

Favorite New TV Comedy? Granted, not a lot of choices for this season, but "Complete Savages," "Father of the Pride," "Joey" and "Quintuplets?

I hope "Entourage" wins. Then again, I don't think the people that vote for this award can afford HBO.

Ashlee Does SNL

From E!:
As Simpson bopped around onstage at the start of her second performance of the night, her voice launched into "Pieces of Me," the song she had already played earlier in the show. Strangely, her microphone was nowhere near her mouth...which was closed. Apparently dazed, Simpson peered desperately at her bandmembers, then broke into a bizarre, high-kicking jig before slinking off the stage in disgrace. Her band played on for several more moments before SNL cut to commercial.

It wasn't as bad as the media made it sound, but it wasn't a stellar moment in her career, either.

Tivo Update

I was out of town over the weekend, and came back to a plethura of tivo choices. I got through most of it.

SNL - So not funny. The presidential debate skits are getting stale and Jude Law is painfully unfunny. More on Ashlee's fuk-up coming...

Desperate Housewives - OK, this show just has me. I think it is so damn funny.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge Battle of the Sexes - This was so homoerotic, I didn't know what to do with myself! The guys (and girls seperately) were laying on top of each other almost naked, being pulled like a saw across a chunk of ice trying to melt it with friction! Adam and Kina went home, which is fine with me. Just as long as Coral stays, I'm happy.

Scrubs - I am going to miss Heather Graham. She is great on this show. This show is also so well-written. It's fast-paced but not Gilmore-Girls-Annoying. It's almost as witty, and way wackier, than Arrested Development. Probably the second best comedy on TV these days (not including Reba).

Will & Grace - A surprisingly strong and funny episode. Karen was hopped up on dog pills, and Jack & Will tried to save a gay bookstore from going out of business, until they realized it was being replaced by a Crunch gym! Hilarity ensues. By the way, what was that green thing Grace was wearing? It looked like something Elton John would wear.

I think I covered all the shows I watched last night.

New Eminem Video

Watch and you'll know exactly what to do next Tuesday.

Best in (Drag) Show

Sunday night, after a long, drunken weekend in Ohio, I returned to L.A. just in time for the Best In Drag Show, which benefits the Aid for AIDS Charity. After a hilarious, mostly anti-Bush tirade by Kathy Griffith, the show began. It was at times touching (the host, who lost his partner to AIDS), graciously thanked people as they walked $1000, $2000, $5000 checks up to the stage, and riotous.

The 7 drag queens (including LaHonda Civic from Detroit, Eden Disorda from California, Breedam Young from Utah) competed in a swimsuit competition, a talent show, and an evening gown/question-and-answer session. The entire audience was laughing, and I recommend everyone in L.A. spend $100 to go to this next year.

The celebrity judges included the entire O.C. cast, Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives and John C. Reilly.

Monday, October 25

Put some Stank on it!

Do yourself a VH1's "Motormouth."
On yesterday's premier I learned:
1) that VH1 can secretly put a camera in my car
2) i am never safe to pick my nose
3) thelma is the funniest woman ever
4) never to drive in New Jersey (i actually knew that already)
5) that i am not the only one who rocks the casbah when i'm driving my car
6) why most americans prefer driving rather than public transportation

ok -- here's the concept. your friend thinks you're a freak in the car...that is, you love to rock out when you're driving. your friend then contacts VH1, who puts a hidden camera in your car. Then VH1 films you along with your taddling friend in the car, while the friend eggs you on and gets you to "act a fool." you, then "act a fool" and everything gets caught on tape. then you are matched with other "motormouths" and compete for the champion "motormouth" of your municipality. Not only was I laughing my ass off, my parents were all lovin' it as well.

Thursday, October 21

Election on Ice

No word yet whether Brian Boitano will be involved:

The Rockefeller Center ice rink will be covered by a jigsaw puzzle map of the U.S. on election night as part of NBC's news coverage of the voting. When a state is carried by Bush or Kerry, a map of the state, colored red or blue, will be carried onto the ice and positioned on the map. At the same time the General Electric building (the onetime RCA building) which houses NBC's headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, will be lit with red and blue lights forming a graph of the number of electoral votes each candidate has captured. Reporting on the network's plans, the Associated Press commented on Wednesday that they were "the most elaborate" for any network and predicted that NBC will attract the biggest election night audience.

Lost Update

Another episode of Lost, another 184 questions.

Jack is obviously haunted by his late (?) father. Exactly how his father ended up in Autralia on a bender isn't yet known. And why is his father's coffin empty? And what part of the plane did Jack find? And why/how did the pretty boy steal the water? And what is up with the previews for next week? It looks like the Korean couple may be the focus. Will they finally just speak English? Will they explain what is up with their weird-ass relationship? What is the deal with the ax?

You get the point. This show is so addictive because it doesn't answer very many questions. It's kind of like the X-Files, in that regard. Can't wait for next Wednesday!

West Wing

Good Lord!
That's what I have to say about the season premier of West Wing last night. Now I've been a fan of the show for a few years now, and over the summer I passed my free time by hosting my own West Wing DVD Marathons. And if that wasn't enough, bravo to Bravo! for airing the show thrice daily, and even more on Mondays! So based on this cursory history I've given you, you can imagine how I was visibly shaken by the thought of Donatella Moss Leaving the show. The whole car bomb in Israel took me off guard, and the thought of Donna passing without any nuptails to Josh would be just terrible (and too much like ER). So I am happy to announce that Donna woke up this episode in an intensive care unit in Germany. She's not out of the clouds yet, as we also learned that there were complications during sugery and so she may be brain damaged (a potential plot line that doesn't thrill me). However, Josh was by her side, showing that he actually has a soul.
In other WW news, I think the Bartlett Administration is going to bomb the Palestinians, and will face political turmoil with the debut of Alan Alda as a spunky GOP'er from Cali (I didn't know these people existed, sauf Aahnold). Regardless, I think WW fans will see a better quality show this season. I know there was criticism about last season, and I think we'll see improvment. For someone who hails from Dayton (like Allison Janey, Rob Lowe, and Martin Sheen), and works in Washington, this is a good thing.

Wednesday, October 20

If you need another reason to vote Kerry...

I just picked up TV Guide because Lost is featured on the cover. (I don't normally pick this shitty publication up - I get it free at work.) Anywho, they asked Laura Bush if she had any guilty pleasures on TV. Her answer: Mystery!, on PBS. OK, Laura. You're BORING! Honey, a guilty pleasure is Saved By The Bell or Melrose Place. Not Masterpiece Theatre. Jesus.

Then they ask Kerry what he watches. His answer: Sex and the City, The Soprano and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Vote Kerry.

(By the way, nothing new on Lost.)

In the mood for some Sheila E?

How about some Irene Cara? Talk Talk?

The last few weeks I've been listening to Club 977 on iTunes radio. It's a commercial free mix of 80s music. Very tasty.

I have the best taste in Music EVER

Ok, so I'm in Dayton, on a business trip, and i managed to leave my ipod at home in DC. So I've been making CD's for my commute. Here's my latest, and I warn you, I have really odd taste in music, so try not to lose all respect for me after you read this.
Take yo' mama -- scissor sister
I adore mi amore -- color me badd
don't stop (all night) -- janet jackson
alive (remix) -- jlo
evergreen -- barbra streisand (ok, shut up)
steppin' out -- joe jackson
islands in the stream -- dolly and kenny
you don't bring me flowers -- babs and neil
if it isn't love -- new edition
have fun tonight -- wang chung

Real (Gay) World

This episode was really gay. Literally. But good for Karamo. Everyone deserves a little man-on-man action.

What is up with Melanie? To begin with, where the hell has she been all season? Hiding under her bed? She has had no role in this storyline what-so-ever (at least Jacquese played a role in San Diego, even if it was just the narrator). I was looking forward to the moment she finally spoke one word. I didn't expect her to be so negative though. Now that she's out from hiding, Mel is the bitch that everyone on the show hates. Ugh. Go home!

Call me obsessed

Blender has an article about U2. It includes a track-by-track description of the new album! Deck!

Good News, Jay-Z Fans

According to Rolling Stone, "Nearly a year after announcing his retirement, Jay-Z is busier than ever."

Wow, that lastest way longer than Cher's retirement. And Celine's. I think "retiring" in the entertainment business is another word for "steal your money."

Manhunt Update!!!!

There was some totally lame drama about how two of the guys (Kevin P. and Tate) jeopardized the ENTIRE SHOW by bringing back two girls to their hotel and having "an orgy." First of all, these guys are gay. There was no orgy. Second of all, the producers WANT totally lame drama or else no one is going to watch the show!

Turns out Kevin P. is the "actual working male model" that was imbedded with the wanna-be's.

John, Brett, Casey and Blake got kicked off the show for not being pretty enough. At least they had criteria for kicking contestants off the show this week. And at least Carmen Electra had a role this week. So maybe the show is getting better with age.

If kids could vote

The viewers of Nickelodeon chose John Kerry as the next president in a landslide. This could be a bit of election day foreshadowing. They've chosen correctly since W.'s poppy took office. Money quote:
"If we can get kids interested earlier in voting, when they can legally vote, they will," she [Linda Elerbee] said. "They will run for office, they will be the candidates (that) people want to vote for."

Something tells me that these kids would be better candidates than the ones we got.


Gramophone Awards 2004
Gramophone is the premier classical music magazine, and their six best-of-the year awards hold great honor and prestige. We carry several of the winning titles and the reviews from Gramophone are displayed.
Record of the Year: RenĂ© Jacobs’s production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. Alex Ross, writing in the New Yorker, called this “the most startling and perhaps the best recording this year,” and wrote that this cast “gets closer to the flesh-and-blood Mozart than any other on record.”
Best Concerto: Leif Ove Andsnes, Grieg and Schumann, Piano Concertos
Best Early Music: Phantasm, Orlando Gibbons, Consorts for Viols
Best Baroque Vocal: Rinaldo Alessandrini conducting Vivaldi’s Vespri per l’Assunzione di Maria Vergine also, from one of the 15 best-of-categories (Baroque Instrumental), I highly recommend Vivaldi’s String Concertos, also conducted by Rinaldo Alessandrini.

Tuesday, October 19

My new favorite hipster singer

My new favorite hipster singer

Ok, so last weekend I ventured out of the city to go see a guy play at
a coffee house in Vienna, Va. I anticipated sitting through a set of
painfully bad, quasi-Dave Mathews frat rock, and while I do enjoy DMB
when I'm reminiscing about my own fraternity days, this particular
evening I was not in the mood. Anyhow, I was delightfully surprised
when I walked into the coffee shop and heard some really great music.
The man: Teitur. For those of you who are familiar with John Mayer's
column in Esquire Magazine, you will know that Mr. Mayer has deemed
Teitur's new album, Poetry and Aeroplanes, as a must listen. The
music is beautiful, simple, and original. Teitur plays the piano, the
guitar, and this crazy accordion thing. The music isn't as poppy as
John Mayer, but not as musically complex as Coldplay. Yes, I'm doing
a shitty job of description, so just go to iTunes, or Amazon and get
the album. I will say this though: you won't play this album at a
party, but when you're drinking a chai latte at Starbucks, reading
Dwell magazine, you'll be spinning this on your ipod.

Read this if you have good taste...

GIANT magazine is for you. Jack Black is on the cover. Get yours. Currently on-sale at 7/11's across the U.S. (Because that's where people with good taste shop.)

Amazing Grace

I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I've recently become a huge fan of Jeff Buckley's music. There is too little of it. There is a new documentary that just premiered in New York, titled "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley." There is a review over at Money quote:
Of her son's enduring popularity since his death, Guibert offers this: "The heartfelt adoration of the fans buoys my spirits. It is the reason for all of the days and nights I've spent since Jeff's passing."

Jeff's influences, not surprisingly, included "Love, depression, anger, joy . . . and Zeppelin."

#1 Singles of the Week

Billboard: "Goodies," Ciara Featuring Petey Pablo

Um, who is Ciara?

iTunes: "Vertigo," U2

OK, much better.

Rolling Stone: "Workout Plan," Kanye West

Another WTF.

MTV Playlist (and also TRL): "Just Lose It," Eninem

I can deal with this.

Billboard Albums: "Hilary Duff," Hilary Duff

Hmmm, America has such great taste.

I'm gonna keep looking for other charts to include.

Gwen's Solo Debut

Billboard says:

Gwen Stefani is offering fans a little something extra via a special edition of her upcoming Interscope solo debut, "Love, Angel, Music, Baby." Due Nov. 23, the disc will come in a fabric-wrapped, gold-embossed digipak and feature a book-style layout with a gold ribbon bookmark. Stefani also custom designed the case for the CD.

Sounds so gay. Can't wait!

Battle of the Sexes Update

Cameron and Ace got kicked off.

Bono's iPod

Apparently, Apple will release an iPod customized for U2 fans. It will be black and contain the entire U2 catalog. I'm getting one.

There are also rumors that an information-technology company is going to sponsor U2's upcoming world tour (the band has never had a corporate sponsor).

Monday, October 18

Jon Stewart kicks ass

If you follow political blogs, you may have seen Jon Stewart rip those "Crossfire" hacks (mostly Tucker Carlson) apart. Check it out.

Damn Born Agains...

I also watched "Saved!" over the weekend. I was expecting a bit more, but enjoyed a few parts of the flick. Notably, Mandy Moore throwing a bible at Jena Malone while shouting "I am filled with Jesus' love." Yeah!

Why do all teen movies have to end at the high school prom? And as if that wasn't cliche enough, every story arc ended in a short 90 second period, including someone giving birth, a mother reconciling with her daughter, a total bitch coming to the realization that she is an ignorant slut, and everyone accepting each other as God's children despite their differences Blah.


First of all, although I think she's enormously overrated, Nicole Kidman can be good. I was interested in seeing "Dogville." I knew that the filmmaking techniques used were atypical of what we normally see, even in independent cinema.

I started the movie and quickly got annoyed at people opening doors that didn't exist, at people reacting to sounds that the viewer doesn't hear, at the narrator telling us every detail of the story, at the set, which is an odd configuration of the existent/non-existent.

More than slightly annoyed, I checked out the running time. 177 minutes. I looked at my DVD player. 12 minutes. I turned it off.

Hello, Hello

The new U2 song is growing on me very quickly! It's rare for me not to like a U2 song right off the bat, but this one didn't do it for me. Now I find myself scrolling through radio stations when I'm actually in my car to find this song. It's a catchy one! Check out the 2 minute Apple iTunes/U2 Vertigo commercial on iTunes.

Desperate Housewives

Apparently everyone is watching this show. I guess it takes over the place in our hearts that "Sex and the City" left empty. It's a little campier, and doesn't quite connect emotionally like SatC did (although I see some potential, especially with the Teri Hatcher character). But this show is fun! I can't wait to find what's up with the creepy family. My tivo didn't catch the final minute or so of the show, and I missed previews for next week's episode. Anyone know what happens next week?

Old News

I watched "Fahrenheit 9/11" a second time last night. Damn, if this movie doesn't do what most don't: make you feel something, make you think, make you want to make this world a better place. The first fifteen minutes leading up to the title card are probably the most anger-inducing fifteen minutes I've ever experienced watching a movie. And by the final reel when the focus is on Iraq, there's just no doubt in my mind that every American should see this movie... a movie that has faith in America, but not in its current leadership.

Friday, October 15

No Comment

In this week's Us Weekly, J. Lo says, "I'm ready for a baby!"

"World on Fire"

At a time when federal deficits are soaring and spending is out of control yet we can't find a way to help people in need around the world, Sarah McLachlan is making a difference. Her video for "World on Fire" is hauntingly simple and beautiful. It's amazing how far a "small" amount of money and compassion can go in this world.

"Must Leave TV"

Is anyone else totally unimpressed with "Joey?" God, I love the cast (especially Drea), but how much are they paying the audience to laugh?

I feel the same about "Will & Grace" this season, historically one of my favorite shows. The first episode, with Grace's divorce from Harry Connick, was totally depressing. And it hasn't gotten any better. In fact, I would call the writing lazy and the acting shrill.

"Rock the Vote"

I managed to get myself invited to another Hollywood party on Wednesday night. It was at the Esquire House in Beverly Hills (which is owned by some NFL player that I don't know) and benefitted MTV's "Rock The Vote." Of course Paris Hilton was there (I think she's automatically invited to every party in this city), but my favorite celebrity sighting was Eva Longoria, the trophy-wife on "Desperate Housewives!" She is so tiny. She hung out by the bar all night with an equally tiny J.C. Chavez from N'Sync. Nicolette Sheridan, also from "Desperate Housewives," was there, as well. Also Chad Allen, from "Our House" fame. Wilford Brimley was, unfortunately, no where to be found. Check out the pictures.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

The debates are over. I think the most pressing questions raised by the three debates are:

1. Does Bush have rabies? (If not, why was he foaming at the mouth?)
2. Did Karl Rove brainwash the conservative pundits?

I really think Kerry has this election won.