Wednesday, April 30

Great Quote

“ If you want to buy happiness you are much better off buying an experience rather than a thing. That’s because a thing like a car, new clothes, or cool gadget will always wear down, break down over time, while an experience, like going to the Galapagos, or a great concert, will only improve over time. You’ll always have it (Paris, bunjee jumping, that meal) forever. In the long term an experience delivers more happiness per dollar. Oh, and warm puppies (and children) are experiences, not things. ”

-Daniel Gilbert, of “Stumbling on Happiness”

Tuesday, April 29


Def Leppard is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. (did I just really type that?)

Lost Scoop

Episode 4.10: Something Nice Back Home (Jack-centric)
Airdate: May 1, 2008

TV Guide caught a scene shot for the May 1 episode in which Jack collapses, unconscious, on the beach. Expect Juliet to take charge and perform emergency surgery. "I get to go into Jack's guts!" says a gleeful Mitchell, who adds, "After reading this episode, I realized that Juliet really does truly love him." Even so, Jack's flash-forward revolves around Kate.

"The Shape of Things to Come" will be followed by a flash-forward installment for Jack. "We're starting to close the loop on the end of last season," says [Matthew] Fox. "Jack in the future is a man marked by weakness, but the Jack of the present is strong. You're going to understand how he made that transition."

On Juliet and Jack: "Well, Jack and Juliet obviously kissed in the sixth episode this year, and we will be sort of revisiting the emotional idea of that and their relationship.

When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him; and something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek away from Locke's camp and back to the beach.

Lost returned to the Windward Community College campus in Kaneohe today to film another scene at the "Santa Rosa Mental Institute." A sign was set up in back, fronting a sometimes soccer field, and Jack's old pickup truck was parked nearby. Filming took place inside Hale Kuhina, the continuing education/employment training building, with Jorge Garcia and Matthew Fox. A man dressed as a doctor (Dr. Stillman, perhaps, given recent casting calls) and a couple of burly orderlies were also sighted milling about. Hale Kuhina is within a stone's throw of the Hawaii State Hospital building and shady tree that served as the Santa Rosa lawn where Hurley received a mysterious visit from Charlie.

Lost set up shop in Hawaii Pacific University's Frear Center, located in an office building in downtown Honolulu. The scene took place inside "St. Sebastian Neuro Clinic," so of course Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd) was spotted among dozens of extras dressed in medical garb. But also featured prominently was John Terry (Christian Shepherd). Brief shots were filmed at the clinic's front desk, and inside Dr. Jack Shepherd's office.

Friday, April 25

MacPro Is In Surgery

Tech guy just arrived onsite. He brought a logic board, power supply and processor. Hopefully soon he'll pronounce it healed and cured.

Thursday, April 24

Attention LOSTIES!

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!! LOST is back, baby!

Episode 4.09: The Shape of Things to Come

Ben leads the resistance against the freighter fiends working for cranky billionaire Charles Widmore, while in his flash-forward adventure, he does battle in the Tunisian desert and spies on a funeral in Iraq.

The invasion of the island commences. In the first 15 minutes 3 characters are killed (minor ones). Later in the episode some one is shot in the head execution style, but it's not who you think if you've seen any promos. This character is a major one.

[Michael] Emerson [reveals] during a brief respite from shooting Lost's first episode since the writers' strike interrupted production last November[:] "I thought we would ease into things. Instead, I get this all-Ben extravaganza: combat, riding horses, foreign languages. And piano playing!" [...] [A] corpse [...] washes up on the sandy shores of Camp Jack and [a] raging gunfight [...] will decimate Camp Locke. [...] In addition to being a flash-forward adventure for globe-trotting Ben, in which his war with British billionaire Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) over control of the Island will intensify, episode 9 revisits a long-simmering subplot: Sayid's romance with Iraqi love Nadia (Andrea Gabriel). According to Lindelof, a new dimension of Smokey the monster's mercurial nature will also be revealed, per the Lost rule that "you learn something new about the monster whenever it appears." And Cuse says a major story line will begin for Claire, Aaron's Aussie mommy, who lost boyfriend Charlie in last year's finale: "Mysterious things are happening to Claire that set up the next few episodes - and the next few years, too." [...] During EW's stay on the set, Garcia prepared for an encounter with Smokey, and Holloway was spritzed with fake sweat and a touch of blood in advance of a raging gunfight. [Jin will be] fishing that mystery corpse from the surf.

There will be an "amazing death sequence". The smoke monster will also return in that episode (which may/may not be related to the death).

Smokey and Jacob will be in the first episode back. The fate of Karl and Rousseau will be known the first episode back, and [Damon and Carlton] really want to tell Rousseau's story of how she got to the island.

I can reveal that the body that is washed ashore in Episode 4.09 is that of Doc Ray. His body itself is not that significant but what it implies does.

Danielle and Karl's fate is decided in Episode 4.09 - They were shot with bullets.

Besides the "major" character being killed, the thing I'm most anticipating is the backstory on Rousseau.

Tuesday, April 22


No one died and I wasn't diagnosed with any sort of horrible or incurable disease... but still... my day really sucked some serious ass.

First, my 7 month-old MacPro decided to quit working. I now have to take it to an Apple service provider to have it repaired. Spent the entire day patching up my OLD hard drive so I could continue to work on my projects.

Then I somehow managed to delete an important document I needed. My saving grace is that the server is backed up nightly. Now it's just a matter of the IT guy recovering the document for me.

Finally, I learned that the Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper that I LOVE, is being discontinued. I am very sad about that. Almost more sad than my beloved Mac taking a major dump. At least the computer can be fixed.

So there. That is my sucky, fucked up day.

Monday, April 21

Google Meme

I lifted this Meme from my Twitter buddy, Lola. I thought it was kinda fun.
Here's what you do: put your name + verb into Google and write down the first result.

“jenni needs”
Jenni needs to learn to be more alluring

“jenni looks like”
Jenni looks like she's really listening closely!

“jenni likes”
Jenni likes going to the gym to burn off excess energy

“jenni wants”
Jenni wants to be the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen

“jenni does”
Jenni does development research for Time Team

“jenni hates”
Jenni hates spam, of the email variety

“jenni goes”
jenni goes country

“jenni loves”
Jenni loves surprises, even if it’s just a night out on the town, dinner and a movie

“jenni has”
Jenni has a true passion for music

Breakfast In Bed?

There are so many ways i could go with this... instead, your mind can wander aimlessly into thoughts of 'what if'....


I haven't mentioned much about Survivor lately but I must admit, this season has been better than I expected. The most recent episode was simply devilish. If Cirie doesn't win this thing, I am going to be extremely disappointed. She is truly a mastermind!

Seeing Ozzie get the boot was priceless. Well done, Cirie. Well done!

Lost Goodies

Courtesy of TV Guide:

It doesn't take a flash-forward to uncover Lost's secrets. Just a trip to Hawaii and a few pry­ing interviews. Here, a sextet (in honor of the Oceanic Six) of spoilery insights. — Shawna Malcom

1) Others leader Ben (Michael Emerson) has been called many things — Master Manip­ulator, Bug-Eyed Bastard, Captain Bunny Killer — but an action hero?
In the April 24 episode, Ben leads the resis­tance against the freighter fiends working for cranky billionaire Charles Widmore, while in his flash­-forward adventure, he does battle in the Tunisian desert and spies on a funeral in Iraq. Emerson was as surprised as anyone by this unexpected turn of events, not to mention a little anxious. "Stunts, languages — all sorts of spe­cial skills were asked of me," he says. "I feel like I've done everything but the kitchen sink in this episode. God only knows what's next."

2) In one scene witnessed by TV Guide, Sawyer, Miles (Ken Leung) and a banged-up Claire, holding baby Aaron, make a ghastly discovery in the jungle: one dead body and an extra dismembered arm. Surprisingly, the con man turns all Big Brother on the single mum. "Since Charlie's died, I feel like no one's protecting Claire," Holloway explains. But can anyone really keep Claire from joining the island's body count? After all, Aaron's calling Kate "Mommy" in the future. De Ravin claims she hasn't received the dreaded phone call from producers. "Maybe just let the baby go first," she says. "Or maybe fall off the helicop­ter. But if that's the case, I'm not shooting that scene. Stunt double, please!"

3) Remember that water­color painting an insti­tutionalized Hurley was working on when Charlie appeared in the season pre­miere? Jorge Garcia painted it himself. He also decided what to paint — an Eskimo fishing outside an igloo. "I was like, 'Hope peo­ple think this means something,'" says the prankster. Mission accomplished: After the episode, fan sites buzzed with theories, including one he expected: "I hoped people might think it had something to do with the guys [in the Season 2 finale] speaking Portuguese in the snow."

4) TV Guide caught a scene shot for the May 1 episode in which Jack collapses, unconscious, on the beach. Expect Juliet to take charge and perform emergency surgery. "I get to go into Jack's guts!" says a glee­ful Mitchell, who adds, "After reading this episode, I realized that Juliet really does truly love him." Even so, Jack's flash-forward revolves around Kate. We're sworn to secrecy but will let slip that fans of "Jate" are in for a long-awaited, happy turn of events.

5) Coming attractions: The return of ageless Other Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). A trek to Jacob's cabin. In the future, Hur­ley imparting a chilling message from Charlie to Jack. Christian Shephard reaching out to both (!) of his children.

6) The producers' ambitions for the season finale were so epic, they had to ask ABC for an additional hour. (Part 1 airs May 15; the second and third hours will air May 29.) "All we can say is, at the end of May 15, viewers will be left wondering how the hell are — in two hours — the Oceanic 6 all going to be together and off the island?" executive producer Damon Lindelof says. But get off they will. And as a result, expect Lost to be a whole new ballgame — again — when it returns for Season 5.

Friday, April 18

Shake Shake Shake

So yeah.... I woke up to an earthquake this morning. How bizarre is that? And yeah... I'm in Ohio. That's even more bizarre.

Monday, April 14

OMG! Mystery (sorta) Solved!

Bret Michaels also addresses the mystery that is his hair: “My hair is combined of my hair and the finest extensions Europe has to offer. I do the show without it on all the time and they won’t film me. They are like, ‘Put your bandanna back on. It is your image.’ It is my signature thing.”

Um-hmmmm....cuz really, would the women still act like crazy stripper-hookers if Bret's "signature thing" was a comb-over?

That Giant Sucking Sound?

Yeah... that'd be the Bachelor. Slowly sucking the brain cells from my body. The cells that control any sense of logic, time-management and good sense. I am weak. Pathetic and weak.

10 Days & Counting

LOST will be back in 10 days. In order to keep you entertained, please refer to the RSS feed in the right-hand column of this blog. Click. Read. Enjoy.

I also bring you some "insider" goodies from my friend Lola, who has been so kind to share some LOST tidbits with me. Enjoy!

Lost to Get Two-Hour Finale?
It is looking "highly likely" (yay!) that there will be an additional hour of Lost for season four, for a total of six hours coming up in the spring run, starting April 24.
Producers pitched the idea of a two-hour finale to ABC, and if they end up getting an extra hour but it is notto extend the finale, well...that could be messy.
The sense among insiders is that ABC execs very much want to make this happen, but like I said, they have not yet had a chance to respond. Fingers crossed they will soon and it'll be the right (i.e., "yes") decision!

In case you're a romantic sap like me...
Hobbit turned Lost star Dominic Monaghan and island show co-star Evangeline Lilly are a couple again, according to new reports.
They split up three months ago but "never stopped loving each other" according to an insider. Awwww. "She remained in Hawaii for the show, and he moved back to L.A. when he was killed off, so the distance took its toll," says the insider. "They decided to take a break, but it was really hard on them both." Frequent telephone calls and under the radar visits just reinforced to Evangeline and Dominic that they belonged together, explains the source. "It was as simple as that." How sweet!

Monday, April 7

My Latest Quest

I am oddly fascinated with Bret Michaels. You know... the man-slut on Rock Of Love... who lets all those skanky women slobber and cry all over him. Specifically, I am on a quest to determine if he is bald. Does anyone know? That weave he's sportin' is not attractive and it's awfully suspicious that he'd be wearing that stupid bandana or hat all the time, even while hot-tubbin' and cavortin' in bed.

So, I send it out to you.... weave? bald? comb-over? What the hell lurks beneath that doo-rag?

Tuesday, April 1

Hell's Kitchen

Best reality show line in a long, long time....

"What do you call this?" "Hen in a pumpkin."

Wait... scratch's a better one...

"He's over there running around like a toilet brush."

You're Feeling Verrrrry Sleepy.....

Logo Can Make You 'Think Different'

ScienceDaily (Mar. 30, 2008) — Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, even the briefest exposure to the Apple logo may make you behave more creatively, according to recent research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of Waterloo, Canada.

In work to be published in the April issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, Professors Gavan Fitzsimons and Tanya Chartrand of Duke, and GrĂ¡inne Fitzsimons of Waterloo, found that even the briefest exposure to well-known brands can cause people to behave in ways that mirror those brands’ traits.

To assess the effects of brands on behavior, the researchers selected two competing brands, both well respected by consumers, with distinct and well-defined brand personalities. “Apple has worked for many years to develop a brand character associated with nonconformity, innovation and creativity,” said Chartrand, “and IBM is viewed by consumers as traditional, smart and responsible.”

The team conducted an experiment in which 341 university students completed what they believed was a visual acuity task, during which either the Apple or IBM logo was flashed so quickly that they were unaware they had been exposed to the brand logo. The participants then completed a task designed to evaluate how creative they were, listing all of the uses for a brick that they could imagine beyond building a wall.

People who were exposed to the Apple logo generated significantly more unusual uses for the brick compared with those who were primed with the IBM logo, the researchers said. In addition, the unusual uses the Apple-primed participants generated were rated as more creative by independent judges.

Adapted from materials provided by Duke University.