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18 Kids and Counting: "Duggars at the Doctor" and "First Grandduggar"

First of all, can I just say "wow," Anna Renee Keller Duggar, I am so proud you! I'm sure she's been surrounded by pregnancy and childbirth her whole life, just living in that lifestyle, but she delivered her first child, at home, mostly unassisted save for a doula and a couple family members toward the end, and completely without drugs! Seriously, I am impressed by this girl!

So, the shows. The first episode was a regular half-hour episode they were obviously planning to show anyway. It began with Anna and Michelle having back-to-back OB/GYN appointments. How adorable. Anna: "It's unusual having a mother in-law who's expecting... and not as far along as you are." Josh managed to drag himself out of bed to get his wife to her appointment on time, which was considerate. However, I have the feeling that when he moaned that "It's really early in the morning," it was probably like 7 AM. Josh called his parents and said he and Anna would pick them up because "we know you don't have any vehicles over there." I don't know if that was sarcastic or not, considering we always see like 10 cars/vans/busses parked in front of the Duggar house. Anyway, remember back when Josh and Anna got married and I said there could potentially be a Father of the Bride II situation? I was right.

At the doctor, Jim Bob proudly announced to the receptionist that both his wife and his child were expecting babies. I don't think she knew what to make of that. Even though the Duggar girls were praying hard for twin girls, this child is a singleton (which means Michelle will have to get pregnant one more time to get to an even 20). Anna got her exam first, then sat on her husband's lap to do a little interview with the cameras, because even at 30 weeks pregnant, she cannot sit in her own chair or go without touching him. After her exam, Michelle shares her exciting news with Josh and Anna - they're 9 weeks pregnant (Anna: "Oh neat!"). They got pregnant on Father's Day. Do you know where the entire Duggar family was on Father's Day? Touring around the country on a bus. Groooosssss!

In the second half of the episode, Jim Bob "held down the fort" while Michelle, Anna, and the older Duggar girls went to a giant kids' consignment sale about an hour away. Anna needed to get some baby furniture and stuff, and Michelle apparently needed five more of those bouncy baby seats. Surprisingly, this group of women was allowed to spend a day out by themselves without any men to protect and supervise them! The mystery of whether Anna and Michelle share that same green maternity shirt was solved - they each have their own! Meanwhile, Jim Bob took care of the younger kids back home, which included letting them run around the house and get hurt every five minutes, and making his famous canned tuna + BBQ sauce recipe (it's in their book). One of the boys was trying to operate a can opener with his mouth - was that the same boy who tried to adjust the crutches with his mouth a few weeks ago?! Jim Bob to Jennifer (or Hannie?) playing with a glue stick: "That'll make a big mess, so we're going to make it disappear. [Does some slight-of-hand move and glue is gone.]"

The second episode was an hour-long birth special they managed to throw together in four days. I have to say, as much as I love watching the Duggars, 90 minutes is a bit much. And First Grandduggar was mostly filler - they didn't even get to the actual birth until like the last ten minutes! A lot of stuff in this show seemed to be a direct shout-out to the internet fans, however:

  • How do Josh and Anna have enough money from the car lot to get by?
    They almost don't, and business this summer was slow (maybe because they were traveling on the DuggarBus most of the summer?), so they nearly had to dip into some savings, but then didn't. Josh needs to sell six cars a week (a month? I think it said a week) to earn enough for them. I am also thinking this is why they chose to have a home birth - way cheaper than going to the hospital.

  • What do Josh and Anna do all day?
    From the looks of things, they wake up whenever, roll onto the car lot sometime after 10 AM, sit around all day, maybe pray? (Anna: "Once you get to the car lot, you never know what's going to happen." Yeah, it seemed really exciting there.) Anna is learning about selling cars - the problem is, I don't think she can even drive. She doesn't know the difference between automatic and "standard" (I assume she means manual) transmission, so I'm sure she really helps make those sales.

  • Does Anna really have a purse that says "JOSHY GIRL?"
    Yes, they zoomed in on it sitting there!

  • Isn't Josh getting so fat?
    Yes, he knows it, and everyone else knows it. Their Bradley coach mentioned it ("Josh has gained a little weight, along with Anna..."), and Josh himself brought it up a couple times ("Anna's gonna drop that weight, and I'm gonna be stuck with this - hopefully not for life").

  • Did Anna get to see her family at all?
    Yes, her mom and sisters came for her baby shower, and it was the first time they'd all seen each other in nearly a year (except for sister Suze, who spent most of the summer with them). Her sisters seem pretty trendy, less plain and conservative than Anna, and definitely more fun-loving! Maybe Anna is just shy on camera, but her sisters seemed more like Cousin Amy (also, they love Cousin Amy!). Suze got a pretty rockin' haircut since she'd returned home, and I wonder why - is it because she's a celebrity now after being on TV, or maybe because she's more "worldly," having traveled around with the Duggars?

Other notable moments: Josh hosing himself down with a can of hairspray - just like his dad! Anna saying they're not trying to set a record with having kids - woo hoo! Jim Bob saying that during the baby shower he might take the boys "someplace where kids eat free." Jill and some little J'boy curling ribbons for shower decorations (Boy: "I do that with a pocket knife." Jill: "Really?" Boy: "I cut myself." Jill: "Oh."). Joseph Duggar is growing into quite the cutie! Michelle corrected a potential cake wreck by correcting the spelling of her granddaughter's bizarre name. Everyone freaking out over that chocolate-in-diaper baby shower game like they'd never heard of such an amazing idea before.

Finally, we get to the actual birth. Josh, in his "iPray" t-shirt, tracked Anna's contraction times on an iPod. Anna is asked what is the most painful thing she's ever experienced. "I haven't had a lot of pain. I've had chicken pox?" It was ten days before her due date, so I guess Dr. Sarver, Cousin Amy, and the entire Duggar family thought it was safe to travel (doctor was "out of town," Amy was in Disney World, and the Duggars were at ATI family camp in Big Sandy, TX). So with literally everyone away, Josh and Anna decided at the last minute to have a home birth with their Bradley coach as their doula. And this is where I'm so impressed with her. For most of the day it was just Anna, Josh, the doula... oh and a three-person TLC camera crew. Michelle and Jill (who I guess won the birth lottery and got to attend while her sisters corralled the little ones in Texas) flew home and arrived at Josh and Anna's literally just in time for her to deliver. I have to admit, the delivery scene was pretty sweet, and it was cute to see Josh holding the baby, cutting the cord, weighing her, and all that.

And then they appeared on the Today Show! Just another normal family…

By the way, let's add a new rule to the Duggar Drinking Game: take a sip every time Michelle mentions a "season of life."

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Guitar Hero 5

Anyone have this yet? Worth buying?

Cool Posters

I'm not overly familiar with how often these become available, but so far, they're pretty cool.

Lost Posters

Spoilerish LOST Stuff

It's never too early to begin discussing LOST!

Courtesy of DocArtz:
Okay folks, it’s been a pretty boring week as far as spoilers are concerned. As usual, the network of folks on the island have been buzzing about various filming bits. Now there is something new to report, that may indicate something cool is about to slip out. More after the jump.

So let’s summarize. So far the 'big' scoops have consisted of stuff that we knew we’d see. They have filmed some stuff outside of the four-toed-statue. They have filmed some stuff at the old Swan Station dig site, well… no crap. Now, a very awesome source on the island is indicating that something is going on with a particular location that is sort of an axis for the world of LOST. Scenes shot at this location will be very telling indeed, and you can bet all eyes are watching. I only need to say three letters for you to know what I’m talking about: LAX.

So far no details have emerged, since Hawaii is five hours behind I’m waiting for everybody to wake up so I can get more details, but judging by the exclamation marks I’m guessing there is some filming going on involving LAX. Frankly, whatever is happening might be too telling for me to report here. It’s going to be very difficult to avoid the ruiners this season, but I’m guessing you all know where to watch to keep up on the unrestrained spoiler madness.

So this is a big test for folks wanting to stay away from major spoilers this year. What we find out from a set report today could explicitly answer the question of “did they change time?”, and you have to ask yourself: do I want to discover this in the context of the story, or on somebody’s website? Either way is no statement of character, mind you. The spoiler debate is a hot one, but at the core let’s not be judgmental. If anything, it’s an interesting social experiment. Are you going to be watching? Or will you be putting on your aluminum hat? Let me know below.

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Project Runway

It's about damn time!
Season 6 of Project Runway premieres Thursday, August 20 at 10pm on Lifetime.


Rumor has it he was snorting Oxi-Clean.

Pee Wee Herman

I am a huge fan of Pee Wee Herman. I was excited to see this news posted on today:
Word 'round the film scene is that after many years in hiding (post-indecent exposure charges), Paul Reubens may be reprising the role of Pee-wee Herman on the big screen! First he will do a limited engagement stage performance in November (tickets on sale now), then we will see if the feature film pans out. Oh Pee-wee, it's been too long!

Perseid Meteor Shower

The revolution may not be televised, but the Perseid meteor shower will be Twittered. The Perseid shower is an annual event each August, with this year’s peak arriving in the predawn hours of August 12. Follow and/or use the hashtag #meteorwatch to get involved with the global Twitter Meteorwatch.

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Hot Dog Hideaway

Build-It-Yourself Meat House Kit
What child doesn't imagine a house made of meat during the holidays? Our bestselling Hot Dog Hideaway kit comes with enough cured deli slices and kosher dogs (Over 10 pounds!) to make a veritable McMansion of meat! Just follow the included blueprints and use the pate spackle to join it together and smooth over the rough edges. Not only will you get the complete Hot Dog Hideaway, but also a set of meat landscaping materials to make pimento loaf trees and meatball bushes.

Note: This kit will only remain edible for three weeks without refrigeration.
buy yours HERE for only $79.95

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Lost: 15 Must-Answer Mysteries

Head on over to EW and read what Jeff Jensen has to say about the mysteries of LOST.

Do YOU have any others you'd like to see resolved in the final season?

You Don't See This Every Day.

So I was driving home the other day and I saw this dude riding his bike. Didn't think much of it until I got closer and realized he was riding no-handed. Through the grass. Along side the road.

Now, it's one thing to ride no-handed on the regular street, but this guy, it seemed, was really quite talented. Okay, I'll admit that not only am I easily amused but I am not a very good no-handed rider. In fact, I probably can't even do it anymore. Besides, one of the worst bike wrecks in my childhood happened while attempting to ride no-handed while jumping a curb. Yeah... bad idea. But I digress.

As I pass the guy riding no-handed on his bike through the uneven grass, I notice part of the reason he's no-handed is because he's on his cellphone. Hey cool trick! And, to add to his repertoire of tricks, he's also listening to an ipod!!

I think the only way to top this act would be to have a cigarette dangling out of your mouth. Anyone care to try it?

Weinermobile News

One of the six iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles had an unfortunate accident last Friday, crashing into the house of Nick Krupp in Racine, Wis. July 17th. The 22 year old female driver lurched the vehicle forward, according to eyewitnesses, mistakingly thinking she was in reverse. The vehicle plunged forward into the dwelling cracking the foundation, shifting front decking, and causing moderate damage to the vehicle. The driver was fortunately found to be unharmed when police arrived and insurance is expected to pay for the damage. The unlucky Wienermobile will be back in action shortly, following repairs.


The Hamburger Bed

I heard the Hamburger Bed was up for auction on Ebay. Although I would have loved to own this wondrous piece of pop culture, I definitely wouldn't have been able to come up with THAT much money for it. Wow. Wonder if the winner actually did pay that much.

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MJ Broke The Interwebs!

Interesting story, courtesy of CNN

LONDON, England (CNN) -- How many people does it take to break the Internet? On June 25, we found out it's just one -- if that one is Michael Jackson. Jackson's death caused Twitter outages, as portrayed by Raul Orozco in this take on Twitter's fail whale.

The biggest showbiz story of the year saw the troubled star take a good slice of the Internet with him, as the ripples caused by the news of his death swept around the globe. "Between approximately 2:40 p.m. PDT and 3:15 p.m. PDT today, some Google News users experienced difficulty accessing search results for queries related to Michael Jackson," a Google spokesman told CNET, which also reported that Google News users complained that the service was inaccessible for a time. At its peak, Google Trends rated the Jackson story as "volcanic."

As sites fell, users raced to other sites: TechCrunch reported that TMZ, which broke the story, had several outages; users then switched to Perez Hilton's blog, which also struggled to deal with the requests it received. CNN reported a fivefold rise in traffic and visitors in just over an hour, receiving 20 million page views in the hour the story broke.

Twitter crashed as users saw multiple "fail whales" -- the illustrations the site uses as error messages -- user FoieGrasie posting, "Irony: The protesters in Iran using twitter as com are unable to get online because of all the posts of 'Michael Jackson RIP.' Well done." The site's status blog said that Twitter had had to temporarily disable its search results, saved searches and trend topics.

Wikipedia saw a flurry of activity, with close to 500 edits made to Jackson's entry in less than 24 hours. CNET reported that by 3:15pm PDT, Wikipedia seemed to be "temporarily overloaded."

The LA Times, the first news organization to confirm Jackson's death, suffered outages. The site also reported that AOL's instant messenger service had been hit, quoting an AOL statement that said, "AIM was down for approximately 40 minutes this afternoon." The statement said, "Today was a seminal moment in Internet history. We've never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth."

By Friday morning, news sites seemed to be coping with traffic but Jackson fan site was still performing sluggishly. reported that tributes to, and remarks upon, Michael Jackson's death were responsible for 30 percent of tweets.

As with any breaking piece of news on the Web, the reports of Jackson's death sparked something of a feeding frenzy -- and with that came rumor that dragged in other celebrities completely unconnected to the King of Pop's death.

One Wikipedia prankster wrote that Jackson had been "savagely murdered" by his brother Tito, who had strangled him "with a microphone cord."

Soon rumors spread online that movie star Jeff Goldblum had fallen from the Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand while filming his latest movie. On several search engines, "Jeff Goldblum" soon became the only non-Jackson-related term to crop up in the top 10.

The rumors forced Goldblum's publicist to issue a statement to media outlets, saying: "Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles."

At the same time Harrison Ford was also rumored to have fallen from a yacht off the south of France.

Web site, which shoots down rumors, gossip and urban legends -- and how they originated -- said the likely culprit was a Web site which allows users to input celebrity names -- and then inserts them into fake templated stories (a further variant has stars dying in a plane crash).

In a sense the feeding frenzy was understandable -- Jackson's death, coming only hours after that of 1970s icon Farah Fawcett, left many Web users, shocked by the news of Jackson's death, asking what would happen next. In this febrile climate any rumor runs the risk of being seized on, believed and treated with more credulity than usual.

The need of the professional media to be first with the news -- many did for a short time report the Goldblum rumor as fact -- adds further veracity. And, of course, the whole process is speeded up by the Web.

There is also, of course, the old adage that celebrities die in threes, with the deaths of Gianni Versace, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa in 1997 frequently held up as an example of this.

But while Diana and Teresa passed away with seven days of each other in August and September, Versace was killed in early July. Their deaths were most keenly mourned by the same broad sections of the public -- and hence were inextricably interlinked.

The Web can link disseminate news -- but like any form of communication it can also help us create what we expect to see next.

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What Every Picnic Needs!

A T-Rex Watermelon Boat! Whee!

Lost Tidbits

Just a few nuggets of goodness....

The sixth season will begin with an examination of what happened after Juliet seemingly detonated the hydrogen bomb. As usual, [Matthew] Fox said, "It's very surprising and probably fairly confusing initially to the audience." Source: Kristin on E!Online

Team Darlton is checking the availability of several MVPs [from past seasons to appear in the series final season. ...] After sitting out last season, [Emilie] de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for Lost's sixth and final season, Team Darlton confirms. "Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show," says Carlton Cuse, "and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return." Source: The Ausiello Files

"Like, a third of the way in to the season, I would guess we are going to settle into one time frame, and it will be very linear-no more flashbacks, nothing. It will be on the Island and sort of a final conflict to the end," said [Matthew] Fox. He assured fans that all the crazy storylines introduced in earlier seasons will be resolved and that the conflict between Jack and Locke "will come head to head" this season, but he wouldn't divulge more than that. When asked what would happen if he did, he said, "Some guys would pull up outside this building in a white van and masks, and I'd never be seen again." Source: Kristin on E!Online

Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been dropping hints about how the show will end next spring. Among the mysteries unravelled in the very last episode will be the significance of the four-toed statue, what the Smoke Monster really is and who the skeletons in the cave were. [...] Says Cuse: "The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster. We'll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot. At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny." Source: Sunday Mercury


Over 4.6 million viewers watched the finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey Tuesday—making Bravo the #1-rated television network that night and resulting in four new episodes of the show to air in the coming weeks.

The first season of New Jersey—which only had a run of six episodes—was the highest rated series out of the entire Real Housewives franchise. Knowing the hit Bravo has on its hands, four new episodes (a reunion preview, above left) of RHONJ will air over the next two weeks:

"THE LAST SUPPER," Thursday, June 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT – It was a dinner unlike any other. "The Last Supper" features never-before-seen footage, new commentary from the Jersey Housewives and their families, and a shocking post-dinner gathering that has to be seen to be believed.

"REUNION: WATCH WHAT HAPPENS PART ONE," Tuesday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT – The ladies sit down with Bravo's Andy Cohen, for part one of this explosive reunion special.

"REUNION: WATCH WHAT HAPPENS PART TWO," Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT – A reunion special so juicy it needed two episodes – watch what happens as the Jersey ladies finally let it all out on the table.

"THE LOST FOOTAGE" – Thursday, July 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT – Bubbies, Botox and Books – the ladies from Jersey had their share of drama, but we could only fit so much into each episode. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Lost Footage" features new moments from season one with Housewives Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline, Teresa and Danielle.

David Sedaris

David Sedaris remembers the city of his youth: We talk Raleigh one day: Arts: Reading

Shared via AddThis

(sorta) Idol News

American Idol powerhouse vocalist Carly Smithson is joining the original guys of Evanescence, who are relaunching as a hard-rock band called The Fallen.

Tuesday, June 16

Thursday, June 4

"Duggar School Daze"

I was so disappointed by this episode of 18 Kids and Counting. Mostly, I once again felt mislead by TLC. The episode seemed to advertise that the Duggar kids were going to see what public school was like, but that really wasn't the case at all. Instead, the four oldest girls (plus baby Jordyn and Josiah, one of the middle boys, for some reason) went with Michelle as the guests of honor at a local elementary school's assembly about authors. Attending an assembly arranged especially for you is not really getting a taste of what public school is like. High school-aged children going to an elementary school isn't really seeing what public school is like. But we'll get back to this in a minute.

The first half of the episode focused on the Duggar's homeschooling methods. In their earlier TV specials, we were shown scenes with all the kids gathered around the table while Michelle instructed (which was weird, since they probably ranged in age from K through 12). We've also seen them on a couple "field trips" where they learned "per-pen-dicular" and "A-ma-zon." We now know these scenes were totally staged, because Michelle explained how their homeschool curriculum actually works. For the first three years, the younger kids work out of workbooks, directed by Michelle. To illustrate this, we are shown an endless stream of kids basically arguing with her about fetching their workbooks from the upstairs office and claiming they've already done the lesson. They clearly hate their schoolwork and it looks like a neverending battle to get them to sit down and do it. And Michelle getting pulled in a million directions with the various kids' lessons, diaper changes, and discipline obviously can't devote enough attention to all those "students." The house is basically chaos and it's surprising that anyone can learn anything there. Michelle says getting them to work is "a challenge. But amazingly, they learn!" After 3rd grade, the kids do all their schoolwork on the computer, with work graded online. One of the older girls has the password to go in and check everyone's grades. So Michelle is pretty uninvolved at this point? So much for homeschooling fostering family closeness and whatnot. But I guess she's got her hands full with all the little ones.

There were a couple interviews about letting the kids persue education outside their home. Jinger (who has a talent for photography, according to her brother Josh), says she's considered taking additional classes in photography... then sort of trails off. How sad. Let her take the classes! Jim Bob says they've discussed further education with the kids, including college or training for a specialized career such as a midwife. Of course, if they did that they might meet people who challenge their beliefs..! Quick interviews with the kids reveal that most of the boys want to be missionaries when they grow up, one wants to be a policeman so he can shoot a gun and help people, John David is fixin' to start a tow truck business (so much for that dream of being a pilot...), and little Hannie wants to play outside and eat yogurt. She is darling. When asked if they're still helping support Josh (and Anna), Michelle says that Josh was on his own financially the moment he said "I do." Of course, they gave him a business as a wedding gift, sooo...

The last part of the show was the trip to the public elementary school. What a contrast to the Duggars' home school! The kids were polite and well behaved. Some of the student ambassadors need to work on their handshakes and greetings, but otherwise, normal kids. Weird that the Duggars pride themselves on "training" their children on self-control, yet they were totally out of control at home. The public school kids start their morning assembly by doing a little dance routine. The Duggars are invited to join in, but of course, they can't dance. Michelle at least seems to enjoy watching the other kids dance, but the older girls just look on in horror.* Michelle introduces herself and the kids she's brought with her. The assembly today is about authors, because the school kids apparently just completed a project where they wrote their own book. The Duggar girls go on stage to play a song on their violins, for some reason. (Though Jana, Jill, and Jinger are in the floor-length skirts, Jessa's hits around mid-calf. You go, girl!) Around this point, Michelle straps on her Breast Friend pillow, dons her nursing poncho, and wears baby Jordyn around for the rest of the day with her little legs sticking out from underneath. It looked ridiculous and I don't see how it was at all safe. Also, nursing I thought was supposed to be a bonding time for mother and child, not a "strap 'er on and let her suck if she wants" thing.

After the assembly, the Duggar family is split up to speak to smaller groups of kids. Michelle, strap-on Jordyn, and Josiah all go with a group of younger kids, where she reads them a book. Jessa and Jinger go to another class. Jana and Jill do a Q&A session with a group of older kids. One of the kids asks Jill what she likes to write about (I guess the students were mislead into thinking that all the Duggars were authors, even though it was really just Jim Bob and Michelle who wrote their book). Jill says she journals about her day - I can just imagine how boring that would be! "Cooked breakfast. Laundry. Changed diaper. Cooked lunch. Laundry. Practiced violin. Changed diaper. Cooked dinner. Laundry. Bible time with Daddy. Changed diaper. Bed." Another kid asks what her favorite book is, and she recommends Before You Meet Prince Charming (which isn't really a book for kids to read so much as a manual for girls looking to remain pure), or The Reverend Spy for boys (who I guess don't need a purity manual as much as girls do).

At the end, annoying Josiah comments that there are more kids in public schools than in his family homeschool. Very good, 200 is more than 18! Wow, that homeschool really works! However, he says that he thinks they get more attention from Michelle than a public school teacher would be able to give their large class, and I have to disagree. First of all, he might not have realized that what he saw were a school-wide assembly and large groups of students by grade, not individual classes. Also, Michelle has students in basically every grade, all working on different things (plus diapers to change, other kids to discipline, etc.). So I would think she's much more scattered and unavailable than a public school teacher, who probably is responsible for the same number of kids, but they're all working on the same thing together.

* If Jim Bob and Michelle are really preparing those kids for the real world, they have to work more on how the kids react when presented with something that goes against their beliefs, and how to politely decline. When the waiter offered Josh and Anna a wine list at the restaurant on their honeymoon, Josh made a big deal of explaining how they don't drink, when a simple "no, thank you" (or even, "we're only 20") would have sufficed. When the kids at the school started dancing, the girls could have enjoyed watching them, instead of glaring at all these people whose souls will surely be going straight to hell (even though there's dancing - and wine, for that matter - in the bible).

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Check This Out!

Funniest damn blog I've seen in a long time! Fuck You Penguing

Friday, May 15

Reality Lineup

Now that all the regular shows are finishing up, it's time to get serious about your reality tv.... I present.... the summer reality schedule. As always, check your local listings.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey [Bravo, May 12 at 11, Tuesdays at 10]
Beverly Hills Groomer [Animal Planet, May 16, Saturdays at 10]
The Bachelorette 5 [ABC, May 18, Mondays at 9]
4th and Long [Spike, May 18, Mondays at 10]
So You Think You Can Dance 4 [FOX, May 21 and 27 at 8, Wednesdays at 8 and Thursdays at 9]
Re-Inventing Bonaduce! [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 9]
Sex Decoy: Love Stings [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 10]
Intervention [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Obsessed [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Jon & Kate Plus 8 [TLC, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Here Come the Newlyweds [ABC, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Blonde Charity Mafia [The CW, May 26, Tuesdays at 9]
The Little Couple [TLC, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood [Oxygen, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Wipeout [ABC, May 27, Wednesdays at 8]
Tattoo Highway [A&E, May 27, Wednesdays at 10]
What Not To Wear [TLC, May 29, Fridays at 9]
Jesse James is a Dead Man [Spike, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Those Landers Girls [E!, May]
$250,000 Challenge [HGTV, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Ice Road Truckers [History, May 31, Sundays at 9]
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! [NBC, June 1-24, Mondays through Thursdays at 8]
Is Your House Killing You? [Sundance Channel, June 2, Tuesdays at 9:30]
Whale Wars [Animal Planet, June 5, Fridays at 9]
The Next Food Network Star 5 [Food Network, June 7, Sundays at 9]
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List [Bravo, June 8, Mondays at 10]
Top Chef Masters [Bravo, June 10, Wednesdays at 10]
She’s Got The Look [TV Land, June 11, Thursdays at 9]
Hammertime [A&E, June 14, Sundays at 10]
Wedding Day [TNT, June 16, Tuesdays at 8]
NY Prep [Bravo, June 16, Tuesdays at 10]
The Chopping Block [NBC, June 19, Fridays at 8]
America’s Got Talent 4 [NBC, June 23 and 24, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9]
The Superstars [ABC, June 23, Tuesdays at 8]
Dance Your Ass Off [Oxygen, June 29, Mondays at 10]
Great American Road Trip [NBC, July 7, Tuesdays at 8]
I Survived a Japanese Game Show [ABC, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
Ghost Hunters International [SyFy, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
Big Brother 11 [CBS, probably mid-July]
Design Star 4 [HGTV, July 19, Sundays at 10]
Hell’s Kitchen 6 [Fox, July 21, Tuesdays at 8]
Dating in the Dark [ABC, July 20, Mondays at 10]
More to Love [Fox, July 28, Tuesdays at 9]
Chefs vs. City [Food Network, July]
Face the Ace [NBC, Aug. 1 and 8 at 9, continues in Sept.]
Tool Academy 2 [VH1, Aug. 2, Sundays]
How’d You Get So Rich? [TV Land, Aug. 12, Wednesdays at 10]
Ghost Hunters [SyFy, Aug. 19, Wednesdays at 9]
Project Runway 6 [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 10]
Models of the Runway [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 11]
Brick City [Sundance Channel, August]
Kourtney and Khloe in Miami [E!, August]
Giuliana & Bill [Style, August]

Thursday, May 14

LOST: Finale

Read it and weep. Lost won't return until January. Courtesy of EW

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Would love to know what everyone is thinking!!

Tuesday, May 12

Everything LOST

Thanks to Zap 2 It you can check out everything you need to know about the Lost season finale:

Put in your guess on who's gonna die in the finale. The "death pool!"
Watch clips of the finale!
Read the 10 Burning Questions!

Friday, May 8

Lost Recap: Taking Charge

courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Set Your Tivo!

Food Network, Ace Of Cakes
When ABC's hit series, LOST, needs a cake to celebrate their 100th episode, actor Jorge Garcia calls the bakery to commission a unique cake creation. Duff and his crew head out to visit the Aloha state and the set of LOST. Tune in: LOST in Hawaii, featuring the cast from ABC's hit series, Saturday at 9pm/8c

Wednesday, May 6

Have Some DHARMA Labeling Needs?

Check This Out

Must Be Confession Day

And now this

Like Duh!

n a Ladies' Home Journal cover story, American Idol judge Paula Abdul speaks openly about her past with painkillers, revealing that for the first time in 12 years she's no longer dependent on medication. According to the article, Abdul checked herself into the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, Calif., on Thanksgiving 2008, after years of medicating what is described as "chronic debilitating pain caused by an unusual series of accidents."

An initial back injury suffered as a 17-year-old cheerleader was followed by: a broken leg during a rehearsal in 1991; a neck injury in a car accident in 1992; and partial paralysis requiring 15 spinal surgeries from a 1993 airplane crash. To deal with the pain -- and keep dancing -- Abdul began using a combination of painkillers, which included regular shots of lidocaine, the magazine says. "I couldn't cancel my tour," Abdul explained. "I didn't want anyone to count me out. I tried to keep everything hush-hush."

By 2005, Abdul was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, described as a chronic pain condition that disabled her with pain, made her teeth chatter, and produced shingles-like lesions. "Paula wore a patch that delivered a pain medication about 80 times more potent than morphine and took a nerve medication to relieve her symptoms," the magazine reports. "Sometimes she took a muscle relaxer. But the pain was so bad it often left her sleepless and she would, as she says, 'get weird.' It was the combination of these factors that may have led to the impression that she was high at times when she was on [American Idol]." Abdul, however, told the magazine that she never shot an Idol episode under the influence.

Last month, when asked by Nightline's Cynthia McFadden whether she had ever abused prescription drugs, Abdul answered, "Never."

Tuesday, May 5

Beach Fashion

In all honesty, I'm at a total loss for words.
High Tide Heels

Thursday, April 30

Faraday Seek A Variable

Review of last night's amazingly crazy, but yet answer-filled LOST episode can be found at Zap2It

and also read the EW recap A Twist Of Fate

Wednesday, April 29

Who Knew?

Tom Price Furniture

This chair looks EXACTLY like my stepdaughter's papasan chair. All this time she was creating something artsy by casually tossing her clothes onto it. WHO KNEW???


My Suite Stuff

Only $80... doesn't someone want to buy me these? Please!!??

King Faraday

The Variable

Tuesday, April 28

100 Things I Love About LOST

I love LOST. I'm sure that comes as a big surprise to anyone who stops by this blog (and seriously... DOES anyone ever stop by here? hello??) So, in honor of this week's 100th episode, I bring you 100 Things I Love About LOST.

Feel free to thank me for all the hard work I do in bringing you such awesome Lost-ness.

Monday, April 27

Street Art

Friday, April 24

Doc Jensen

Read the latest LOST article from Doc Jensen

Wednesday, April 22


Usually, I head to Indio, CA for 3 days of music, booze, heat and randomness. This year is a little different. Marc & I just went on Saturday.

4 hours in the car
head to the URB party to pick up tickets
try to find the person that has our tickets
watch the drunk people swim naked
wonder why the bartender winks at me (or maybe she's squinting to see straight)
get VIP tickets from joely
get back in car
walk through a mile of horse poop to get to the festival
go immediately to VIP area, get drinks, sit down in the grass, watch and admire TV on the Radio
walk over to Fleet Foxes
get tired of standing in a huge crowd
feel old
go back to VIP area, and listen to Thievery Corporation on the way
get sausages and cokes
watch the sky
watch the crowd
overhear some dude say to his girl, "let's eat this thai food and then go have sex"
hear the crowd get excited for MIA
listen to MIA and spot people we know in the crowd
get tired of MIA after 5 minutes because of the incessant bull horn
wonder if she has a guitarist, drummer, bassist and bull hornist
seriously, what is up with the bullhorn?
drive home glad we went

I don't have an HDTV...

...but I have an HD Tivo!

My old TiVo, after 6 years of being there by my side, is about to hit the dust. I just have to catch up on a few shows (Lost, Office, 30 Rock) and then it's buh-bye TiVo 2.0, hello TiVo HD!

LOST 4/22

Tonight is not technically a "new" episode, but instead they are showing a retrospective exploring events in the lives of the Oceanic 6 and the other island survivors during the three years after Ben moved the island. I'll definitely be watching. I mean seriously... what else would I be doing? Everyone who knows me knows I am totally and completely addicted to this damn show.

In the meantime, go check this out from EW Untangling The Mystery

Thursday, April 16

Rewriting His Story

Read the LOST recaphere courtesy of EW.

Wednesday, April 15

Hoth Stuff!

From EW:
Tonight's episode focuses on Miles Straum, and the Doc valiantly charges into Norse mythology for clues. Plus: A chat with Ken Leung, "Lost Untangled," a "Star Wars" diversion, trying to figure out Smokey, a Purge binge, and and more!

Tuesday, April 14

Josh and Anna's Big News!

It's the news you've all been waiting for: Anna Duggar is pregnant! She and Josh actually concieved months ago, but unlike certain other people [cough cough, Michelle Duggar, cough], waited until after the first trimester before announcing it on the Today Show. On one hand, I'm a little happy for her: this is her life's goal, they basically said in their wedding vows they were going to have as many kids as possible, and Anna seems thrilled. But on the other, freakishly bigger hand, I feel very sad for Anna. She probably didn't realize that she was signing up for a lifetime of TV appearances for every little announcement. She's only 20 years old and has been married/kissing/etc. for only seven months, and only started holding hands with a boy last summer! Yes, this is what she obviously wants, but is it only because she's been locked into a life where she thinks this the only option for her?

Another TWoP-er said exactly what I was thinking regarding this public situation that Anna has found herself in:
Regarding the idea that Anna should have lit out like a bat out of hell from Gator Landing when she saw TLC show up, I think this is where I started feeling sorry for the girl and perhaps fan wanking a little: Here is this girl, sheltered, brought up her whole life to think that the best days of her life would be when she married and started having children. "Submitting" seems romantic: I am going to be so in love with this man that I will give him all of me to do with as he wishes.

Suddenly, she is being proposed to by a man that she has essentially been crushing on, her family comes back and Josh announces "she has her ring" in the exact tone you use at the county fair when you are buying prize-winning livestock, and TLC is sticking cameras in your face to record a moment you probably thought would be moonlight and roses and soft music. No wonder she looked like she was going to climb backward out of that booth.

By now, anything she doesn't like she's probably decided is her fault and is a test that God has put in front of her. If she isn't enjoying physical intimacy (and really, what are the chances?), she probably thinks it is her own failure to truly submit, to truly trust God in the form of Josh presiding over her. Poor girl.

So here's how the pregnancy announcement went, from what I can piece together from various sources: Anna had taken several pregnancy tests before (my own speculation here: when she didn't get pregnant after the first couple times they did the deed, she started taking a test once a month?), and was disappointed with the negative results. On February 2, she took another test, while she and Josh were at work at the used car lot. Not wanting to be disappointed again, she peed on the stick and then left it in the bathroom for Josh to check later. Josh checked it, but told Anna that he wouldn't let her know the results until later. (Now at this point, if I were Anna, I would have guessed that it was positive - otherwise, why the suspense? But maybe he just wanted her to focus on work at work and not worry about it one way or the other.) (My own speculation again here: Josh gets on the phone with the TLC producers, down the street at his parents' house, and says, "Boy, have I got a scoop for you! Meet us at our place at 6:00!")

When they get home that night, Josh cooks up some story about the TLC cameras being there to film some yardwork that they're planning on doing. Then he gets Anna to sit down next to him and announces the news. Next they call the Kellers in Florida to break the news, using a TLC crew member's iPhone (Dave's? Just guessing since we saw his iPhone in "Duggars on Ice.") Creepy Pa Keller comments that the book and DVD they were given for their wedding night must have really worked! Then the next day they announce it to all the Duggars (and the Bates!) at Grandpa Duggar's banana birthday bash.

I understand wanting to make the announcement with all their family present, but did they have to make such a fuss with the cameras and going on the Today Show and all? Wow, a healthy young married couple became pregnant with their first child. Is this newsworthy? Maybe when she hits number 14 she can get her first TV special, like the [original] Duggars, but I don't see why this particular situation deserves special treatment. They had better not bring the cameras to the delivery room! As one TWoP-er puts it, "It's the reality TV version of 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?' If a baby falls out of a Duggar uterus and there aren't camera crews present, does the child exist?"

  • The whole Duggar family gets together to make the announcement on the Today Show (and here's their written article)

  • Josh and Anna will be featured in a new web series on, "Duggars - the Next Generation." The first video, Josh Tells Anna, is actually kind of sweet. They're both so excited! I just can't figure out if they're calling each other "Baby" as a pet name, or just repeating the word "baby" as in, "We're going to have a." And here's Josh and Anna's Big Announcement, which starts and ends with a long-awaited kiss, and includes mention of how their "activities" have changed (I assume baby-making activities?).

  • Here's their article on's Celebrity Baby Blog. It features a very immodest picture of Anna (from their post-wedding photo shoot - these pics keep popping up!) where it almost looks like she's wearing pants! No, I can't know that she has a crotch!

Just Letting You Know....

--courtesy of Danny Jones Design

WHEN are we?

Having trouble knowing what the hell is going on with Lost? Wondering WHEN they are? I don't know about you but there has been so much happening, what with the flashbacks, flash-forwards, time-shifting and general craziness that is Lost... well, frankly, I'm Lost!

Thankfully we're in luck. The helpful folks over at ABC have posted a timeline on their website. Feel free to Click Here to watch.

Tuesday TV

8pm-American Idol. Who's your favorite? Who should go home? Is anyone even watching?
9pm-Fringe and Dancing With the Stars. I plan to Tivo DWTS and watch Fringe live with Twittering throughout. Once that's over then I'll fast-forward to DWTS and see who gets the boot.

Peeple's Choice

Washington Post Peeps Show III

April is....

...National Grilled Cheese Month. I had no idea.

Monday, April 13

The Hills Are Alive.....

Some Like It Hoth

Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth (Miles-centric)
Airdate: April 15, 2009

After young Ben is reported missing from the infirmary, suspicion mounts among the Dharma Initiative that there are traitors in their midst and Sawyer's lies about the castaways look set to come undone. Meanwhile, Miles is asked to deliver a package to a senior Dharma operative as flashbacks reveal how he came to be part of Widmore's operation to retrieve Ben from the island. But what is his connection to one of the most important figures in the Dharma Initiative? Source: What's On TV UK

We'll learn next week why Miles was really on the freighter and get a return visit with bossy freighter babe Naomi, as well as learn how/if he's been on the Island before. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Friday, April 10

And In Other Fringe News...

After collaborating on his upcoming Star Trek reboot, Abrams has signed Leonard Nimoy to join the cast of his Fox baby, Fringe. The 78-year-old Trek icon will play William Bell, Walter Bishop's former lab partner-turned-millionaire founder of Massive Dynamic.

The character is slated to debut in next month's season finale and then return in the fall for an extended arc.

Fringe Code Cracked

I had heard the images seen between breaks meant something but until I stumbled across this article, i really hadn't given it much more thought. Cipher Expert Cracks Fringe Code

Carrell & Fey Teaming Up

The flick Date Night, directed by Night at the Museum's Shawn Levy,starts shooting in a few weeks and stars the comedy dream team of Carell and Fey. The stars of The Office and 30 Rock play a married couple who go out to a trendy Manhattan bistro for some couple bonding time, when things go terribly awry thanks to a case of mistaken identity.

Thursday, April 9

Ben Meets Smokey

Courtesy of EWDead Is Dead

Wednesday, April 8

Monday, April 6

The LOST Motherload

I cannot be held responsible for any of this content. It may possibly be accurate or it all might be a load of shit. Either way, it's damn entertaining.

Courtesy of
Despite the fact that many of us (myself included) suspected that Christian Shephard might actually be Jacob, we finally have confirmation that he is not. The role of Jacob has been cast and he will be appearing in the Season 5 finale of Lost. Mark Pellegrino will be playing the mysterious island leader. And he won't just be appearing....he will be interacting in flashbacks with some of our main characters.

For example:
Jacob: We will learn that Jacob has witnessed pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid and Sawyer. Source: EW

Sawyer: Jacob will meet a young Sawyer at his parents' funeral. Jacob will not be interacting with young Sawyer for very long, but he will be acting as a sort of conscience for Sawyer, telling him something like "I know what you did". Source: The Observ3r@The ODI & The Transmission

Locke: We will see a scene where Mark Pellegrino (who has been cast as Jacob) is reading a book on a bench outside a building when BAM!! Locke falls eight stories out of the window and lands behind him. While people cry out for help and to call 911, Pellegrino (Young Jacob?!) calmly puts a bookmark in his book and casually walks over to Locke's body in the grass and kneels down next to him. Source: Dark UFO

We will definitely be seeing Jacob's cabin again. Source: The Observ3r@The ODI

Here are some non-Jacob related spoilers:
Juliet: The sub will make a reappearance and Juliet will board it again (in a flashback maybe?). Source: vaudesir@Flickr

Sayid: The finale will feature the scene where Sayid's wife, Nadia, is killed. Sayid will either witness her death or see her dead on the ground. Word is that Sayid will also be injured (probably doesn't relate to Nadia's death since we saw no earlier indication of this). Source: The ODI

Sun & Jin: Their weding will be featured in a flashback. Source: The Transmission

Losties: We will see a return to the beach camp (and we will see Rose and Bernard again!). Source: The Transmission

Penny: While we know there will be a death of a (semi-major) character by the end of the season, it will NOT be Penny. Source: E!Oniine

Rose & Bernard: We will find out what happened to Rose and Bernard during and after the time-travel. Source: EW

The Temple: We will be seeing inside the mysterious temple in the season finale. To get inside, people will have to get a bit wet. It's very Egpytian with large columns around a type of fire pit in the middle and torches on the wall. There's a tapestry on the wall with Egyptian figures on it. At the very top of it, some figures are kneeling to a sun with an eye in it and the sun's rays have hands on them. Next to the tapestry is a spinning wheel. Locke and Ben will be inside the temple. Source: and DarkUFO

Tuesday, March 31

What's This???

courtesy of TV Guide:

Mark Pellegrino, whom Dexter fans for certain will remember as Rita's hate-to-hate-him druggie/abusive husband, has been cast on ABC's Lost, sources confirm for Pellegrino will likely make his first appearance in the two-hour Season 5 finale, airing May 13. His casting was first reported by EW's Ausiello.

Who is Pellegrino playing? "Officially," our source tells us, he is billed on the call sheet as "Man No. 1." That is obviously meant to be as generic as "Sexy Stewardess" - but perhaps more can be read into it, if one were (ahem) inclined. Ask yourself: Who is the BMOC in Lost-land?

Character name aside, Hawaii-based eyewitnesses tell the Dark UFO fansite that Pellegrino thus far has filmed a scene in which he is on hand for Locke's crippling fall from a window. The speculation is that Man No. 1 will also have a Zelig-like presence at other formative events in each castaway's pre-island life.

Who in Lost lore would be so omnipresent? Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Thursday, March 26

LOST Recap

LOST Recap

--courtesy of EW

Wednesday, March 25

3 Theories. 1 Mystery

Courtesy of EW

Say What?

Courtesy of EW:
An ABC insider confirms that Lost will begin filming a wedding ceremony later today that is slated to air during the show's two-hour finale on May 13. Who's getting hitched? Here are a pair of clues: Actors of Asian-American descent are being sought to play extras, and the wedding will take place on the mainland, not the island. That pretty much rules out Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Juliet. "One theory is that it's a flashback to Sun and Jin's wedding," whispers a Lost insider. "But the wild rumor is that Sun and Jin's daughter will marry Aaron in the future."

Wednesday TV

Lots to watch tonight. Survivor, although touted as new, is not really new. It's the usual clip show they tend to broadcast during each season, especially when the show conflicts with Thanksgiving or, in this case, March Madness.

American Idol is on from 8 to 10 and LOST airs at 9pm. The Tivo will certainly be getting a workout this evening!

Some LOST scoop from my 'secret source':
1. When the plane first starts to descend down to the island you briefly hear the numbers come in over the radio. It's probably the same recording that Hurley's friend from the first mental hospital and I think Roussou's group heard it too. (Then Roussou put her own message over it which ran for 16 years before Jack turned it off). If Jack turned Roussou's broadcast off then someone must have put the original numbers broadcast back on?

2. Amy & Horace's son is Ethan. That means Ethan was spared from the Purge since we see him still alive in Season 1 when he was "planted" in with the Oceanic Flight Crashers. But why? How? Perhaps he was off the island at the time of the Purge in the early 90s. Or if the theory floating around that Amy had an affair with a hostile turns out to be true than Ethan would be half DI and half Hostile and he could have been spared for those reasons.

3. Where are Sun and Frank? We know the two are in 2007 but if the numbers being played as the Ajira plane crashes are the same numbers we hear Hurley calling out on Danielle's radio (as she encounters a shipwrecked Jin) than that must mean that the timeline that Sun and Lapidus are in must have been altered at least to the point where Danielle has never recorded over the numbers with her message, right? Either someone restarted the broadcast of the numbers (why?) after the helicopter left the Island, or the plane and everyone else landed before 1988, which is the year when Danielle changed the broadcast to her creepy message....which she herself turned off to contact the Freighter people in 2004. But if the plane landed before 1988, why are the Hydra and the cages abandoned? Dharma was still out and about until the Purge in 1992, supposedly, because Horace told John he had been dead for twelve years in 2004. I think it's just a continuity mistake, either the numbers being heard in the present time, or that Horace has been dead twelve years. It makes more sense for Dharma to have died out before 1988 when Danielle arrived on the Island, how did she not run into anyone there and how come Dharma did not go to the radio tower pertaining the changed message? Horace must have been dead for more than twelve years, and that was the continuity error. If the numbers being heard is a true indication of the time the plane landed, then Sun, Lapidus, Ben and the rest landed after Dharma was killed but before Danielle changed the message, and before the Others moved in. Or the numbers started broadcasting again somehow in the present time.

4. So Marvin Candle's real name is Chang. Pierre Chang.

5. Did anyone else catch that Hurley's and Jack's names were already on the recruit manifest before Juliet came in with the modified one? Why was that? Juliet took charge of the list so it would be assumed that all the lists were changed to include the 3 Losties but it seemed Juliet only made changes to one, the one which she came in and saved Kate with. Or was it that she did make changes to all of them but was thinking about leaving Kate off so that she wouldn't have anything to do with Sawyer but then had a change of heart.

6. Why did Sun not flash off the plane and into 1977 with the rest of the O6? Many theories exist...

First theory: Sun didn't flash because she has to turn the donkey wheel again, to bring them back to present time. Everyone has to play their role...

Second Theory: It will play into what Locke did off-island. He visited Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid, all of whom went back to 1977. He didn't visit Sun or Frank, and he didn't visit Ben, Ben visited him (and according to Christian, Ben was never supposed to turn the wheel and leave in the first place). How they'll play that off? I have no idea, but it fits.

Third Theory: Maybe Ben couldn't return to 1977 since he was on the Island presently in that time period (as a kid). Could Sun be on the island in 1977 as a kid (and we have not seen her yet)? Maybe she is related to the Dharma intro video guy - Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle's. Could it be possible Sun was the Asian baby in the crib at the beginning of the season? Pierre Chang's daughter perhaps (Although most think Miles was Dr Changs baby.) and this is why she was transported back in time because there is a Sun already there in 1977. Same for Ben. Sun's father's corporation/business has some relation to the Hanso Foundation so it could be some other situation that had her back on the island in the late '70s.

Fourth theory: Sun was not taken back to 1977 with Jack, Kate and the rest of the O6 because she was not the same as when she left. (Not with Child).

Fifth Theory: Remember that Locke said that they "weren't supposed to leave". We know that Juliette, Miles, Sawyer etc. were always "supposed" to go back in time because they've impacted events (such as Ethan being born) which we know happened in 2004. If Sawyer doesn't kill the 2 Others holding Amy, it's very likely that she would have been killed or taken prisoner and never hooked up with Horace and Ethan wouldn't have been born. (Sure she could have escaped or been released or in a million other ways found her way back to the Dharma camp and resumed the time line - but based on what we have been shown it appears that they were preparing to take her captive and presumably killed to provide the justice Richard stated was needed.)

Had Sun remained on the island she would have died from the pregnancy and wouldn't have been with the group we now see in 1977. By having her remain in 2007 it seems that the universe is correcting itself and in contrast to Sawyer's encounter with the Others, it's preventing Sun from altering a past she was never intended to be a part of.

7. Random thought: The "adam n eve" skeletons are Bernard and Rose.

8. Sayid's purpose is to either kill Ben "not gonna happen" or save/help Ben in the expulsion of the other Darma people

9. A theory about how the show will move on to season six. Our survivors will obviously not be in the past for long. As we know (or think) Ben tricked Widmore in turning the frozen donkey wheel sometime in the past. I believe sometime this season, Young Ben tricks Widmore in turning the wheel. This will be known as the 'incident' that was described one of the old dharma videos (can not remember which, maybe the swan) because something will happen the 'dharmas' cannot explain. During this time, our survivors will end up back in the same time as Sun, Locke, and others. This should set up a showdown or give another story with the survivors all together for season 6. In the meantime, the incident will allow young Ben to blossom into the character we know him as today because 'the Others' will be without a leader for some time.

10. Could JACOB be an acronym for specific people who have special powers (and possibly become/are leaders)
J- John (maybe even james and/or jack)
A- Aaron
C- Claire/Christian
O- unsure of this one...
B- Ben

FML - New Fave Site

Really been loving the FML Website. You can also follow them on Twitter. And now... you can get your very own FML t-shirt. How cool is that?

Monday, March 23

Hamburger Phone!

Not sure where my fascination began with hamburgers, but here is yet another piece I'd like to add to my collection....

Buy at Fred Flare

Thursday, March 19

LOST Recap!

Courtesy of EW:
The New Long Con

Wednesday, March 18

The Latest Lost Scoops

Enjoy.... my little Losties....

Episode 5.09: Namaste
Airdate: March 18, 2009

Ben and Sun return with Frank but things go differently for them. Christian Shepard shows the other O6 and Jin dressed in Dharma suits in an old 1970s photo. Amy is Ethan's mother (My source assumes that Amy is Amelia who we saw in the book club in the Season 3 Premiere). Jin and Sawyer see the first half of the Oceanic 6. The reaction is emotional. Source: Lost Spoilers

When some old friends drop in unannounced, Sawyer is forced to further perpetuate his lie in order to protect them.

Will Lost's Juliet Find Herself Betrayed by Sawyer?

Doc Jensen on LOST

Tuesday, March 17

Duggar Videos on

I know if I'm patient a new episode of 18 Kids and Counting will be on in just an hour, but I've been watching these Duggar videos on and wanted to share some thoughts.

Let's start with Baby 18. Nothing particularly fascinating except that cousin Amy says "You have no idea what kind of family you're getting involved in," which is the same thing she said on the actual episode. Was this some sort of rehearsal? Also, in the episode she happily says baby Jordyn is "fearfully and wonderfully made." Check out the wall words behind her in this video - wonder where she picked up that phrase?

Next up, the hilariously edited Dating vs. Courtship. Oh my gosh, thank you TLC editors! Especially hilarious moments include:
0:15 - Josh: "Our relationship was courtship, not dating." Cut to Anna giving a look like "What the heck are you talking about?!"
0:58 - Josh and Anna share a giant pickle while Josh narrates that "the emotions are there but... I love her so much that I would not step over that line" (i.e. the "no kissing before marriage" line).
1:12 - It totally looks like Josh is going in for a kiss!
1:20 - Sounds like Anna didn't get the birds and the bees talk until a couple weeks before she got married?! At age 20?! She thinks it's important to wait until you need that information to get it because a lot of people get it too soon and regret their choices. (I can just imagine their conversation: "He's going to put what, where?! I'm glad I didn't know about this sooner, I wouldn't have accepted his proposal!")
1:58 - Producer: "Did you Google or YouTube 'how to kiss?'" Anna: "No! ...They have it on there?"
And the horrible Pa Kellar throughout. "Ohhh, I'm in love!"

In Caught On Camera, Jessa breaks a commandment when she says she didn't throw a bagel at the cameraman when they were at the animal park! Then when she's caught in her lie (they probably showed her the video), she goes, "Amy started it!"

Jim Bob Says Goodbye is actually pretty cute. The caption says "Jim Bob is usually the last Duggar ready to go - now we see why," so I thought it was going to be that he had to wait for Michelle to cook him breakfast and shave his neck, or he had to take time to Aqua Net his hair or something. But the real reason is very sweet. Also:
0:30 - Jim Bob asks Michelle where the new socks and undies are that he bought. I thought they only bought used?! (Oh and Michelle has no clue. But they're with the D batteries.)
1:25 - Michelle has scissors to cut off tags, and she pulls a size label off a shirt. Thrift stores don't use size labels like that! Again, what happened to "buy used and save the difference?"
1:40 - Jim Bob stiffly tells Michelle how he's going to miss her. "Take care of the baby, don't let her come out yet." JB continues his rehearsed speech for the camera while Hanny gets antsy.
And at the very end, see how Michelle's "Shhh" technique works on a noisy little boy.

And finally, I think my favorite of the bunch, Kids in Charge. This takes place during the episode that airs tonight, so maybe we'll see what they ended up getting to decorate the bathroom, which must have looked so horrible that all they can show is a shower curtain rod with towels over it. I liked seeing Jim Bob trust Jana with the money for the project - too bad, as a woman, she's not trusted to leave the house without a group of brothers with her. I liked seeing the kids at "school" (and hooray, it looks like they do get some non-Biblical education). Poor John-David, he'll probably never get his plane. And Jana's face at the very end looks exactly like Pam from The Office!

Monday, March 16

You've Summoned The Fail Whale!

Check This Out!

It took 34 years, but Chevy Chase, one of the original "not ready for primetime players," is finally ready. "Saturday Night Live" alum Chase has been tapped to co-star on the NBC comedy pilot "Community," marking his first potential full-time primetime series gig.

The Sony-produced "Community," which is being directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, is described as "Stripes" at a community college. It centers on Jeff (Joel McHale), a lawyer who is back in school after his college degree is deemed invalid.

Chase will play another student at the community college who has been married five times.

--I love Chevy Chase and I love Joel McHale. I am definitely going to check it out!

Friday, March 13

50 Mac Desktops

The hardest part will be choosing which one you want to use!
Courtesy of

Spring Reality

Some of these have already started, but here's a handy list for your Spring reality line-up.

Celebrity Apprentice 2 [NBC, March 1, Sundays at 9]
Ax Men [History, March 2, Mondays at 10]
Make Me a Supermodel 2 [Bravo, March 4, Wednesdays at 10]
Keeping up with the Kardashians [E! March 8, Sundays at 10]
Candy Girls [E!, March 8, Sundays at 10:30]
Dancing with the Stars 8 [ABC, March 9, Mondays at 8, Tuesdays at 9]
The Chopping Block [NBC, March 11, Wednesdays at 8]
Hot Girls in Scary Places [E!, March 13]
Tough Love [VH1, March 15, Sundays at 10]
Dhani Tackles the Globe [Travel Channel, March 16, Mondays at 9]
Taking the Stage [MTV, March 19, Thursdays at 10]
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But Wait … There’s More [Discovery Channel, spring]
Tattoo Highway [A&E, spring]

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OMG a Famous Person Twittered Me!

After learning that Jake Shears (lead singer, Scissor Sisters) was on Twitter, I immediately began following him. I Tweeted that I was excited to learn he was on Twitter and that the Sisters were one of my all-time fave groups AND that I couldn't wait for a new album.

Tonight... he Twittered me (yes me! personally!!!!) and said the new album is "coming soon."

Between a famous person Twittering me and learning the Sisters are coming out with a new album soon, I think I might faint.

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

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Wienermobile Cake

Seriously folks.... my birthday is in July and I believe this gives each of you plenty of time to practice before presenting me with my very own WIENERMOBILE CAKE!

Random Lost-ness

Courtesy of PopCandy:

We know the sub is scheduled to make a trip in two weeks and the time that they're in now is around the time that Ben Linus and his dad show up. I'm wondering if the sub brings a young Ben Linus with it.

So, safe to say Ben is a child on the island when JAMES LaFleur is in charge - that's why Ben calls him JAMES in present times.

The statue was holding an ankh in each hand.... How fascinating, since it has FERTILITY meanings as well as the connotations of everlasting life....keys to eternity, etc. Hm.

One other source I found had an interesting twist:
The Ankh... is also known as the Key of the Nile, representing the union of Isis and Osiris. It is said that this mystic union would initiate the annual flooding of the Nile, providing Egypt with her various means to survive. The meaning of the ankh as WOMB, thus fertility and reproduction, is well-illustrated in this particular legend.

Now we know why Alpert was so intent on recruiting Juliet...because she already had successfully delivered a surviving baby and mother.

Something is still not right about Juliet. She knows more than she lets on. When she and Sawyer started making out, I was like, "NOOOOOOO!!!" But when you think about it, maybe they're perfect for each other: the con and the con...

I agree. I think Juliette is aware that when you leave the island, you return to the off island present time. My guess here, but the world is not on the same loop as the island, so it wouldn't constantly be jumping along the time string. Off the island would have been early 2005 based on the timeline we were folowing prior to the island disconnecting from the time string.

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LOST Previews

Check out Doc Jensen LOST preview!

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Hot Chicks!

For those of you who know me, you know I love chickens. And this is just The Cutest Thing Ever!

Some Additional LOST Intrigue, Theories & What-Not

Received by way of my friend Lola & her super-awesome "secret sources":

OK, maybe I'm crazy, but I thought of something while reading this. Do you think that the passengers from flight 316 could be the original Others? If they did, indeed, land 30 years in the past, isn't it conceivable that they could be the Others from the current day? Also, if, when Desmond eventually ends up back on the island, it is still in the past, perhaps he takes on the job of punching the numbers in the computer to try to prevent what has happened (Widmore finding the island, Oceanic 6 (and Ben) leaving). If Ben did kill Penny before he got on flight 316, it would make sense that Desmond's motivation for pushing the buttons would be to save Penny's life by making sure Ben doesn't leave. In essence, the mission of the original Losties would be to ensure that they end up where they were when they crashed on the island originally. I know this brings everything to a crazy full circle, but it's just a thought!

Widmore said the Others had been around for three decades. That's just 30 years. We know Ben launched the purge sometime around1992, so are we to believe that the Others had only been there since the 1970's? He was 17 in 1954, which would make him 37 around the time of the Others (1974); we also know that Widmore looked for the island for 20 years, so he's been gone from the island since around the mid-late 80s--would have made him in his mid-late 40s when he was exiled and he's 71 in the present time. Penny first met Desmond in what 1997 or 1998 and she was at the least 25 (?) so Penny was born what in 1972 or 1973? Was Penny born on the island? Interesting thought. Who wasn't born on the island? And how's this for a twisted theory...what if Penny is not Widmore's daughter? Instead, she is his mother. The writers of the show would not name Penny & Des' kid Charlie for no reason (although speculation says it's after Lostie Charlie). The kid will go back to the island with Des at some point and get transported back in time.

So let's talk about the numbers that Desmond had to put into the computer. Could they be the exact coordinates of where the island was located at a specific time? The reason Desmond and whoever else had to keep putting the numbers in the computer was to keep the island at that specific location and not move like it usually would. So people off the island (i.e. Eloise) would know where it was and could travel back and forth as needed. So that's why the flash happened after Locke and Desmond did not enter the numbers, because the island finally moved again. Eloise Hawking mentioned the island had been moving on its own when the Dharma people found it so it seems like the island's natural state is traveling around so the numbers might be an override. And staying in one place would make it easier to bring supplies and people. SOOOOOO...knowing that, here are my additional thoughts.

So if they forget to put the numbers in, the island moves, right? So as the flights are trying to arrive (like 316 did) on the Hydra island on the runway Jack and Kate built, if the numbers aren't put in, the island moves and than the plan miscalculates the landing and crashes? I don't know, just a thought. Because remember that Desmond said in Season 2 or 3 "I think I crashed your plane". The numbers aren't hit and the light flashes.

Did you see Nadia when Locke was getting his leg fixed in Tunisia, even though at that point she was supposed to be dead? Also am wondering if the girl who had Sayid in handcuffs is Ana Lucia's sister.

Foot statue theory:
The foot statue. I've always felt the foot statue was modeled after Locke's foot. During Locke's backstory in season 1 (The Walkabout), one of the first things they focus on after it's known he was paralyzed are his wiggling toes. In season 2 the Losties bring an injured Locke to the Swan station (the hatch) and he refuses, or gets mad, when they attempt to remove his shoes. Then in this season, of all things, Jack finds shoes from his dad to put onto Locke. In last night's episode, we see Locke's dress shoes on the beach, him barefoot in the sand. Then, during the hanging scene, they twice focus tightly on the foot of his injured leg, practically throwing us the hint.

Now, I counted five toes on Locke's foot, but the pinky toe didn't look quite right. It's debatable. The statue had four toes. So, either the creators are throwing us a red herring that Locke's foot is depicted in the statue, or they're finally giving us a clue that Locke's foot is modeled in the statue, and the statue was actually a huge statue of Locke. Maybe that's why Ben and Widmore know why John is so special and important.

I can see the entire series ending on one last shot of this huge Locke statue created by an ancient civilization. And now that time travel exists on the island, anything is possible for Locke visiting such a civilization.

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I'm gonna start calling this the LOST blog....

Click here to read Doc Jensen's latest

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This Brought Back Some BAD Memories....

Could that bad smell be a meth lab in your hotel room?

I kid you not... back in July we traveled to Columbus, Indiana to participate in the USSSA World Series. The very last night we had to transfer to a different hotel and the only place we could find was this horrid Travel Lodge. But, it was a place to sleep. Interestingly, one of the parents learned (the next day) that the hotel had been shut down due to a meth investigation and had only recently re-opened for business.


Tuesday LOST Preview

Episode 5.07: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (Locke-centric)
Airdate: February 25, 2009 from 9 to 10:06 p.m.

Locke's fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed.

Someone will be joining recent time travel victim Charlotte six feet under before the season is over. My source describes the character as "major-ish," which most likely rules out any of our series regulars.

Faraday's mommy wasn't lying. The Island is not done with Desmond. Question for you... Think Ben successfully tied up the loose end that got him all bloody pre-plane flight? I'll only say this: We haven't seen the last of Penny either.

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LOST Recap for 2/18 Episode

Get all the Lost recap goodness! Keeping The Faith

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And One More LOST Thing....

Read Doc Jensen here

Super-Mega LOST Goodness!

Thanks to Lola for this awesome info!

1. When Charlotte was going nutty because of the flashes, she muttered, "Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson," or something to that effect. That was mentioned previously in the show many times. Here's a refresher:
* While looking through the record collection inside the the hatch in The Hunting Party, Hurley discovers the Geronimo Jackson record and comments on it. Charlie, who is with him, states that he is an expert of all things musical and had never heard of them before.
* While Ana-Lucia is interrogating Benjamin Linus inside the hatch's armory in The Whole Truth, John Locke is listening to music on the record player, while looking through a stack of records, Geronimo Jackson is among them.
* In Further Instructions, Eddie wears a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt which he claims belonged to his father. Mike then claims that his dad has excellent taste.
* In Cabin Fever, a poster showing Geronimo Jackson is present in the locker of a young John Locke during a flashback to his high school years.

2. Danielle's music box is in the wreckage.

3. JJ Abrams or someone threw a Star Trek reference in this and Fringe this week. Daniel asks Charlotte - "you speak any other languages?" to which the reply by Charlotte was "just klingon".

4. Why would Robert try to shoot Danielle? Reminiscent of how Yemi turned on Eko. Maybe the monster inhabits their body once it's taken hold and the protection is to lead non-others to their death? Remember that Rousseau is the only one who didn't go down the hole. Her teammate that was yelling for them to come down and help him...that had to have been the smoke monster talking. Remember how the monster has taken shape of people before. I think they all went down there...all were killed by the smoke monster and then the smoke monster took their shape. But if this theory were true and the smoke monster took over Robert's body, Danielle actually shot him...the smoke monster can't be shot can it? I don't think the monster can be shot, but the body that is hosting it, can, right? Another theory is that Robert tried to shoot Danielle b/c she had already flipped out and killed the rest of them. (Jin found their bodies.) Either that, or Danielle's right and there really was a sickness. Robert knew that the smoke monster was a guardian. When Danielle's team goes under the Temple (DHARMA station?) they gain all the knowledge of the island and thus get "sick." Danielle's presence on the island in the future is a hurdle (not sure for who exactly, for the island itself maybe?). Since her team all know this (island knowledge) that is why they try to kill her, but 'destiny calls' and she kills them instead.

5. So is Christian a Native of the island, kind of like Richard? Difference being that Christian stayed off the island that's why he aged, and Richard didn't. Christian was dead when he came to the island. Is his body being used/possessed by Jacob? Though the reference to saying 'Hi' to his son may kill this theory. And John will also be dead next when he returns to the island. Interesting. So is Christian still alive? I don't think so. When John went into the cabin, it was Christian (with Claire there) who told John what to do. Doesn't mean Christian is Jacob. Maybe Christian is the new Jacob.

So who's Jacob? In the bible Jacob is known as a Christian Shepherd. In the conversation between Charlotte and Faraday, Charlotte said she thought that he was the creepy old man on the island that told her never to come back. Could Daniel Faraday be Jacob? It could be really far fetched but what did she mean by that and who really is Faraday?

6. I wonder if the reason that Jack's father is involved in this is because he was someone who did not die on the island yet his corpse arrived there (after the plane crash). Since there are similar enigmas with birth and conception on the island, maybe there is also something strange related to death.

Christian was a dead person who did not die there.
Aaron was a baby born there yet not conceived there.
Ji Yeon was conceived there but not born there.

Just some thoughts.

7. So Charlotte's dead. Are we sure she's dead and not just unstuck in time like the chick in England who Daniel experimented on? Her last words sounded like she was saying something about wanting to have a chocolate bar for dinner. Sounded like something a kid would ask a parent. So is she brain time-traveling now or is she dead? Charlotte said to Faraday she remembered him from when she was a little girl and said if she ever came back to the island that she would die. I think in the next few episodes (hopefully) we will see Faraday during one of the time shifts talking to young Charlotte. He is trying to change the future because he loves her. He is trying to keep her from coming to the island and dying. Remember a few episodes back when Desmond saw the woman Faraday experimented on? Her sister said sometimes she would wake up asking for her doll like she was 3 years old? I think it's the same kind of thing that Charlotte went through when she told Locke to look for the well. She was remembering things from her childhood because her mind was flashing through different time periods.

8. What's the deal with the nosebleeds? Still haven't figured it out. Considering Sawyer and Locke arrived on the island at the exact same time, shouldn't they both have gotten nosebleeds after the same amount of skipping? Maybe it's just a little more variable than that or does Locke's specialness or something else prevent him from getting one. Perhaps it's the same reason Daniel isn't getting nose bleeds - Locke must have a constant too (as Desmond is Daniel's constant) - could Locke's constant be Richard? I'm not sure it has anything to do with constants. It could be all about losing track in your own mind of time like Daniel Faraday said: the brain has an internal clock, and when it gets confused, it leads to a hemorrhage and even death.

9. Remember back a few seasons, we see Charlotte in the desert of Tanzania and she discovers the skeleton of a polar bear with a Dharma symbol. This appears to be the same location we see Ben after he turns the donkey wheel himself. Because the wheel is obviously in a very cold environment, they must have used polar bears to turn the wheel at one time. By now we know Charlotte has some connection with Widmore because she was on his boat; and we know that the old lady in the cathedral basement seems to be "tracking" the island so they must have sent her to that desert to inspect.

10. Does anyone think that Charlotte could have been the little girl Ben liked as a kid... Anna/Annie? She had red hair and left suddenly.

11. So is Ben the real bad guy of the series? Did you notice the look on his face when Desmond said he was there to find Faraday's mother. I would swear Ben was not
aware of her relation to Faraday, or... drum roll please...Faraday has actually changed the timeline by communicating with Desmond when he was in the hatch (era 2003 or so). Has Daniel broken his mother's rule of you can't change what is supposed to happen? Or maybe Faraday wasn't trying to change the PAST he changed the FUTURE, which is totally possible because I thought he only said they couldn't change events that had already occurred. So what was Ben's look for?

12. Food for thought: Time Travel - Can you run into yourself according to Lost's time travel rules?

13. If you can't change the past and interact with people you didn't meet yet, how did Jin interact with Danielle, and why didn't they remember each other in the future after the crash? Desmond only remembered Faraday once he was off the island. He did not recognize him when they met on the island. That is why Rosseau did not know Jin when she met him on the island after the plane crash. If Rosseau were still alive today, she would now realize that she had met Jin before.

14. As mentioned last week, the van Ben is driving is an anagram for REINCARNATION. There is a dead person in the back of that van who is going to be reincarnated after he gets back to the island, so John Locke will rise from the dead, but I am excited to see how he dies in the first place and what he said to each survivor when he went to visit them as "Jeremy Bentham." In the marina where the Oceanic met up there was a boat named Illusion clearly visible in the wide shot. The only name visible actually. With the "reincarnation" van and the boat called the illusion, I guess it's a safe bet that Locke won't be staying dead for long.

15. From a book on the Law of Dharma:
"The word "dharma" originated in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It's a principal element of the great religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and basically it means "protection". Dharma is a proactive concept. Protecting ourselves from unhappiness is no one else's responsibility but ours, and its accomplished not by physical force but by living within our own inner laws of righteousness, peace and tolerance.

Dharma dictates absolute honor for all living things and the land that nourishes them, and the belief that until each of us finds our own inner peace, there aren't enough marches, protests and demonstrations in the world to achieve peace among the nations on earth.

There are no specific rules in living according to dharma other than not causing harm to any human animal or the land itself. It's based on the idealistic premise that humankind ultimately will rise to its own innate, sacred goodness when shown the way to its spiritual path."

There's a Universal Dharma and since our universe was created by God its not surprising that its dharma is the same righteousness peace and tolerance we possess within ourselves.

When we live outside the bounds of our own divine dharma, we're naturally out of synch with the universe and pay the price in the form of stress, misery and bitterness, regardless of how much wealth and supposed success we might accumulate."

16. Jacob and Benjamin are Old Testament names, and as this show has many Biblical allusions, with John (A New Testament name and seemingly a Christ-like figure on the show now with him being sacrificed, dying and then apparently going back to resurrect on the island), Christian (part of the New Testament) would make sense to be the new island "overlord"

17. Random theory not in relation to episode...Ok so the theory is that Widmore is Faradays father. I hope we haven't forgotten the episode Catch 22 in which Mrs. Hawking and Brother Campbell appear in a photograph together. Faraday and Campbell even look a like. Why the surnames are all different is a mystery anyway. All I'm saying is Widmore funding his son's research is a bit too similar to Christian/ Claire situation. Maybe Faraday's father is actually Brother Campbell.

18. Remember the hieroglyphics at The Swan when the button needed to be pushed within a minute? Similar hieroglyphics are those at the Temple. The one on the right with 3 vertical lines, is a spaceship. They are also similar to the hieroglyphics as on the door that Ben opened to go let the smoke monster loose on Keamy's team.