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Shout Out

Here's a little shout out to my friends, Sarah and Lola

Please check out their blogs. I'd appreciate it and I'm sure they would as well.

In TV News

From TV Guide:

Fans of The Office may be missing seeing Rashida Jones at Dunder Mifflin, but they'll soon have her back on the same network.

Jones has been cast in a new series from the creative minds of Office executive producers Greg Daniels, Mike Schur and Howard Klein, and fronted by Saturday Night Live alumna Amy Poehler. In the as-yet-untitled comedy, Jones will play a nurse named Ann Logan (no relation to General Hospital's famous virginal Florence Nightingale).

As for the series' overall premise, showrunner Michael Schur maintains, "It is not a spin-off of The Office." Rather, he quips, "It is a spin-off of M*A*S*H, called Seinfeld II."

Are you ready to have Rashida back on NBC? Any guesses on what the new series will be like?

Beating Dan To The Punch

In Oscar/Lost news... (betcha never expected to see those 2 things in one sentence!)

Lost composer Michael Giacchino will be the musical director/conductor on Oscar night.

I have no idea what that could possibly mean but maybe they'll find the island on the Oscar stage... or perhaps the shiny gold dude will appear in a flash-forward.

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I Am Freaking Out!

I love all things Wienermobile and today I learned about some amazing stuff. First, there is a HotDogger Blog where you can read about life inside the Wienermobile, plus a bunch of other good stuff. Additionally, there is now a SMALL sized Wienermobile... the LTL LINK! OMG! OMG! OMG! They have combined 2 of my most-favorite things; a Mini Cooper & the Weinermobile into this:

If you're into Twitter (and really, who isn't?) you can follow the Weinermobile by Clicking Here While you're at it, why not Follow Me!

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Geeky Cool!

Okay Mac users.... this is the coolest thing I've run across in days....

Get yours at Throwboy

The Moose Stops Here

And, another Susan-recommend read can be found by Clicking Here

The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla

Thanks to my sister, Susan, for the heads-up on a great article by Dick Cavett in the NYTimes. Click Here to read.

Forbidden Love: Polygamy

For some reason I hadn't heard about it in advance, but managed last night to catch a new show on TLC called "Forbidden Love: Polygamy." The host, Dawn Porter, traveled to Arizona to spend time with two different polygamist families. The show was filmed during the raid on the FLDS compound earlier this year, so maybe not the best time to do a TV exposee on this lifestyle, but actually after meeting with some women in the first community, they did allow her in.

The community where the first family lived was a whole town of polygamists, so the kids growing up were surrounded by this environment. The 14 year-old son (they said he was oldest, and in charge while his father was away, but there were also grandchildren in the family, so he was probably just the oldest still living at home) said he wanted as many wives as he could get, and when asked if he had his eye on any of the girls at school, he said, "All of them!" This family had three wives, and 16 kids currently in the house - the woman Dawn spent most of her time with had given birth to eight. In an interview with the first wife, we learned that she'd been married to her husband for 17 years before he brought in number two. How much would that have sucked?! Apparently, it wasn't until she got sick and recovered a couple years ago that she suddenly no longer felt any animocity toward the other wives. She said knowing what she knew now, she'd like to join a family as the fifth wife - by that time, all the struggle is over and systems to run the household are set up. The husband in this family was actually out of town while the show was filmed, and I wonder if this was because he didn't want to be on the show, or because the women were trying to keep it a secret from him? (Or maybe just bad timing.)

Dawn spent a day with another family, who lived in a double-wide trailer in the middle of nowhere, she said with no water or electricity. There were two wives, and I think six children? The oldest daughter was 14, seemed relatively normal, and said she wasn't sure whether she'd like a polygamist marriage or not. The two wives were young and attractive-looking, and the girls were all wearing pants! However, husband Moroni (yes, his name sounds very close to "moron," but he says it's an old family name) admits that there was jealousy between his wives at first. He also says he's looking to add a third..! But he's apparently been turned down more than once, needing his other wives to console him. (Hmm, maybe they found out what the living arrangement was going to be.) After spending a night at this home, Dawn says her goodbyes and gets into a waiting truck with her camera crew. She seems really shaken/upset, and kept saying what an experience it was staying there. Well, I think there were some things about this situation that didn't make it into the show, but they are mentioned in this blog entry, written by the host. (She also mentions how she picked up her colorful, vintage wardrobe for the show.)

At the end of the show, Dawn still seemed unable to wrap her head around why anyone would choose to live this lifestyle, but she had exposed some positive aspects, such as the community atmosphere, and oh did you know that you'll become a goddess? Yeah, that was news to me, especially considering Mormons are christian (and therefore, like, don't believe in multiple gods and goddesses)... Another Mormon-related question I had: LDS weddings involve "sealing" the bride and groom together for eternity, and this can only be done in a special room of the temple you can only enter if you've done certain Mormon things, which is why non-Mormon family members can't watch their Mormon kids get married, bla bla bla. Anyway, since polygamy was offically outlawed by the church in 1890, does the second wife and beyond get to be sealed to the family too? Maybe they have their own polygamist temple that will allow this?

After doing some research, it looks like this was just one of a four-part series originally called "Dawn Porter: Extreme Wife." Next week TLC will air "Forbidden Love: Geisha," and there are two other programs in this series, on mail-order brides and a German free-love commune, which will air next year in the US but not on TLC.

Thursday, November 13


A new Showtime series about a gay superhero!

"Thom Creed tries not to disappoint his dad, a disgraced caped crusader who now toils as a factory drudge, so he keeps his gay identity and his developing superpowers under wraps. Then he secretly tries out for the prestigious League, joining aspiring heroes in villain-busting adventures that escalate alongside more private discoveries."

I thought all superheroes were gay?

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Somehow I Forgot About Fringe

Check this article out about Fringe. It was back on last night and I completely forgot to tune in. Hopefully my season pass snagged it. If not, I'll just find a recap. Anyone watch it?

And in LOST News...

ABC will premiere season five of its serialized drama Lost Wednesday Jan. 21, according to the network.

ABC will air a clip show at 8 p.m., followed by the first and second episodes of the new season at 9 and 10 p.m. respectively.

The series will return to its normal 9 p.m. Wednesday slot the following week.

Season four of Lost was scheduled on Thursday’s at 9 p.m., the new season will return the series to Wednesdays, where it made its debut on the network.

'Lost' Season 5 Promo from Broadcasting & Cable on Vimeo.

Top Chef

Season 5 is on tap tonight, 10pm. This season they are in NYC. Definitely season-pass worthy!

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A Step In The Right Direction

Obama Transition Announces Rules for Lobbyists in Transition

Washington, DC: During a briefing today at the Presidential Transition Team headquarters, Obama Transition Co-Chair John Podesta announced the strictest, and most far reaching ethics rules of any transition team in history. The rules are:

- Federal Lobbyists cannot contribute financially to the transition.
- Federal lobbyists are prohibited from any lobbying during their work with the transition.
- If someone has lobbied in the last 12 months, they are prohibited from working in the fields of policy on which they lobbied.
- If someone becomes a lobbyist after working on the Transition, they are prohibited from lobbying the Administration for 12 months on matters on which they worked.
- A gift ban that is aggressive in reducing the influence of special interests.

Statement of Thomas Mann
Brookings Institution

"The ethical guidelines released today for the Obama transition are tough and unequivocal. They will prevent some honorable people with rich experience from serving in the transition. That is a real cost but it is more than balanced by the strong signal sent by the President-elect. He aspires to attract to government able individuals whose highest priority is to serve the public interest. This is a very constructive step in that direction."

Statement of Norm Ornstein
American Enterprise Institute

"Restoring trust in government is a prerequisite to enacting good policy and the tough choices the country needs. This ethics policy for the transition is a far-reaching, bold and constructive step to do just that. The policy may exclude some good people with deep experience in their fields, but it will also exclude those who see government service as a springboard to financial success, or who are more intent on pleasing future potential employers or clients than making tough choices in the public interest. As much as anything, this ethics policy is a statement about the tone and tenor of the Obama administration. It is a good sign."

Statement of John Podesta
Co-Chair of President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden's Transition Team

"President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to change the way Washington works and curb the influence of lobbyists. During the campaign, federal lobbyists could not contribute to or raise money for the campaign. Today, the President-elect is taking those commitments even further by announcing the strictest, and most far reaching ethics rules of any transition team in history."

Direct Link

17 Kids and Counting: "Duggars Learn to Drive"

Was having almost an entire episode dedicated to Jinger a shout-out to her fans? It was great to hear her described as "spunky," and Michelle kind of said (in not so many words) that she's a drama queen. Sounds like she still has some personality left in her! Free Jinger! What was up with their training technique - they don't do time-outs, but teach the kids to sit still in a chair? Jackson was not looking happy in that chair, by the way, though he and Johannah were cute when they had their "violin lesson." The episode opened with yet another product-placement moment when Michelle was shown cleaning with Pledge or something. I hope everyone caught it, because it's probably the only time you'll ever see her clean something! (At least until the older girls are married and gone.) Michelle commented that it's difficult to keep the house clean with so many people, especially "little people." Was that a dig on the Roloffs? Also, we had the rare treat of getting a brief interview with second son (and potentially autistic?) John David. He seemed normal, and he got his driver's license on the first try. Meanwhile, Jinger was in the car by herself with an unrelated man! And a TV camera. Even though she admitted to speeding and not reading signs, she still passed and got her license. That's good, it would've been really embarrassing to not get it while on TV (cough cough, Jeremy Roloff, cough).

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Looky! Pictures!

Check out Obama's election night Flickr set here,

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I want a restraining order against Beyonce.

Does she have to be EVERYWHERE and sing EVERYTHING? She volunteered to sing at Obama's inauguration. Honey, I think you need to be ASKED to do stuff like that.

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As many know, I am a mullet hunter. I think this bag is essential, don't you?

Head over to Durtbagz to get one.

Brothers & Sisters

So I haven't cried at this show in a while, but it's still good. Even though the website idea for Brenda, er, Rachel Griffith's character is pretty lame. I think that may bother me for a while.


The executive producers were fired Sunday. Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks this show, um, SUCKS this year.

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