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Drug Bust

I think the video speaks for itself

Pet Lovers

And really, who doesn't like a pet dressed up in a costume? If you don't, then you should be banished from viewing this blog.

Looky Here

I'm partial to the Harry Potter cat and the Banana dogs. What a hoot!

Commercials & Stuff

If you're into commercials and/or the music contained within them, hit this link

Good answer


-The Daily Show's Jon Stewart when asked if he'll miss poking fun of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. when/if they leave office.


Who's watching?

I thought it was jarring at first. The acting was bad... still is, in fact (with the obvious exception of Michael Hall). The writing is sooo daytime soap. But there's something about it that keeps me coming back for more.

Check it out, if you've got Showtime.

U2 / Green Day "The Saints Are Coming"

Wow. This video is worth watching. Kinda makes you wish the U.S. Government cared about us as much as they (don't) care about Iraq.

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Is it the best film of the year? That's what some of the critics are saying.

If I were "the decider" (when it comes to the Oscars), I'd certainly give it to The Departed. But I haven't seen Babel yet.


Somehow Robot Chicken moved up on my Season Pass manager and stopped Lost from recording on Wednesday. Luckily, streams the show for free so I'm going to watch it this week.

NBC Censors Ads about Movie About Censorship

So NBC won't air ads for the Dixie Chick's documentary, "Shut Up and Sing." You know what it's about, which makes this all the more ironic. Hey NBC, Jay Leno and Brian Williams are constantly saying things disparaging to Bush, so you may as well run ads that do, too!

Studio 60


Friday, October 27

Things That Bug Me

I'd like to start a new feature here on Sluts. It's not that I am a negative person or even generally prone to complaining, but I do my fair share and why not share my gripes with my fellow readers?

The thing that's bugging me today?

Toilet paper.

Yup. The stuff you wipe your ass with. The item you, yes you, have purchased in gigantuan quantities in order to wreak havoc around the yard and landscaping of the kid you used to make fun of back in eighth grade.

Exactly what about toilet paper is bugging me? No, it's not the fact that I am the only person in my household who seems to understand the mind-boggling mechanical undertaking involved in changing the dispenser... nor is it the fact that companies seem to be selling ever-larger packages of the stuff, making it seem as though your household has a persistent case of diarrhea.

What's really bothering me is when you place a fresh roll on the holder, the end of the paper has been sufficiently glued so that one is unable to pry it away from the rest of the roll without having shredded the entire area and/or splitting the layers unevenly so that it doesn't roll out properly and/or only a portion of the paper begins to unroll instead of the entire layer.

Why must Mr. Whipple make things so damn difficult? It's a freaking roll of tissue paper for god's sake!!! Am I the only one who finds this entirely frustrating?

Thursday, October 26

Stay The Course

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A Little Off The Top, Please

Bravo is continuing its talent-focused competitive reality series with Top Hair, a competition between hair stylists.

The eight-episode series will feature challenges “starting with basic cuts and working up to full makeovers, with the winner receiving prizes including $100,000,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series is currently casting the stylists.

Meanwhile, Oxygen is planning a similar show, although one that looks more like Iron Chef than Top Chef. Its version is called Tease, and will be hosted by Lisa Rinna, who competed on Dancing with the Stars 2. Production began this week. During each episode, two stylists will “face off in what is described as an ‘outrageous, Olympics-style’ tournament, competing for a chance at a one-on-one battle with a high-profile ‘master stylist.’ Should they beat the pro, they will receive a honor dubbed the “silver scissors,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

LOST Recap

Courtesy of EW

Bloodiest Lost yet? I'm not what you'd call a fan of physical violence. But I loved-loved-loved this episode, down to the very last punch. Take that, Linus, yeah!

I'm sold on the adrenaline-rush direction the show has taken (giant needle to the sternum, anyone?), but I'd never stay this addicted if we all weren't regularly marched up to the top of Cliffhanger Cliff where...what the...

There are TWO islands?

Well, fake me out and call me flabbergasted. Of course, the clues were there all along. Last season, the Pearl Station orientation film named a mysterious Pala Ferry. And sure enough, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack were taken to the ferry's pier in order to be whisked off the island. Then, early in this episode, Ben told Juliet, ''The sub is back,'' but I was too preoccupied with my new theory — that they're siblings! — to see the jungle for the trees. I'd always pictured the Others tooling around the castaways' ''beloved island,'' as Ben called it, docking at secret coves, but clearly, more extensive commuting has been going on. How long till we see that submarine?

Expect Locke and his rescue team to do a double take if they ever learn that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are imprisoned on another island. Unless large-scale invisible-cloaking technology is at work (never say never), the new island, about half a square mile in size by Ben's estimate (Alcatraz times two), is remarkably well-hidden, tucked behind the larger island in a way that the Oceanic survivors have never seen it. This may explain why, two episodes ago, Ben urgently ordered Colleen to stop Sayid's expedition — but recall Juliet's casual comment, ''So they have a boat? Sailing in circles'll keep them busy.'' Did she want Hydra Island discovered? It may be she wants out of Othersville altogether.

Which island is home to Othersville? My replay of season 3's premiere leaves it open to interpretation, depending on whether you think the aerial shot depicts one big island with the Oceanic crashes in the background or two different land masses. Perhaps Hydra Island was unoccupied until Ben mobilized his crew and incorporated Hydra's cages and surveillance into his plan. Perhaps at the construction site where Kate and Sawyer worked, the Others weren't playacting but actually breaking ground on some kind of Chunnel. Locke's polar-bear cave might itself be the opening of an underwater tunnel; that's one explanation for how bears would get from Dharma Zoo to Beloved Island. (Another: Polar bears swim.)

On to Ben's dramatics. Which I adore. After rolling up his sleeves to beat Sawyer bloody in the bear cage, Ben strapped him down and sicced two Pulp Fiction fans on him (one wielding a super-scary needle), then rattled the cage of a cute bunny (branded with an 8). Next he told Sawyer they had implanted a pacemaker that would cause his heart to explode if his pulse quickened. (Wisely, Ben aborted the preposterously awesome ruse. The giveaways included Sawyer's surviving a glimpse of topless Kate, a beat-down from Danny, and a taxing hike uphill. Moreover, once Jack was rushed out of his cell to operate on Colleen, we learned the Others had no surgeons among their flock. Certainly, amateurs don't do cardiac implants.) Ben knew Sawyer was pining for Kate, and threatened her if Sawyer confided in her — effectively ending their cross-cage conspiring — all before unveiling that breathtaking vista at episode's end. Will Sawyer give up hope? As I said, the man's in love. The look on his face when Kate claimed that she only said she loved him so that Danny would stop hitting him was unforgettable. If the Others are trying to get those two to mate, they still have their work cut out for them.

Sawyer's been locked up and in love before. We discovered, via terrific flashbacks, that he's also a daddy. The baby's name is Clementine Phillips, unless her mother, Cassidy, the con victim who pressed charges and sent him to prison, is working another con. When Sawyer earned a reward from the feds for helping them recover money another inmate had stolen, he sent it anonymously to a bank account for little Clem, either as a loving gesture for his child or to pay back Cassidy. I believe Sawyer the Cynical Smart-Ass is fundamentally an optimist and believes the daughter is real.

Jack is fundamentally a fighter, and he did to Juliet what Ben did to Locke last season. Not much fun, is it, Dr. Fertility, having a newcomer detect a power imbalance and question why you take orders from someone who should be your equal? Like Locke, Juliet was visibly stung. She couldn't back up her claim that she and Ben make decisions together because Ben entered and commanded her to follow him. Next time Juliet brings pancakes during Jack's cartoons, you know he'll be pushing that button. (First, though, he wants to know whose spinal tumor he saw on an X-ray before he operated on doomed Colleen. Best guess: Ben's. Evidence against: Ben's cage-fighting skills.)

Ready for a wild speculation? Many suspect Ben and Juliet shared a romantic past. My hunch, mentioned above, is that they're brother and sister. Twins, in fact! Offspring of the DeGroots, let's say. I'm not as clairvoyant as Desmond, but I detect sibling rivalry. What if Ben grew up on the island and stayed but Juliet left to get her medical degree? Maybe he was closer to Mom and Dad, she tasted ''real world'' freedom, mutual jealousy developed....The key to what brought her back to her brother's turf could lie in the mystery of what happened to the whole Dharma Initiative. Perhaps Bad Twin, the goofy novel published last year, was — in its title alone — a major clue: The island has a twin, the plane broke in two, Dharma stations were staffed by pairs, two orientation films were narrated by look-alikes with different names (twin brothers?), and we've encountered two polar bears. Of Mice and Men, heavily referenced this episode, follows two men who share a brotherly relationship. (Ben and Danny must be Lost's George and Lenny.) Heck, hoss, I predict Sun will have twins!

Let's not forget Desmond the Prophet. His new benevolence is refreshing, and I like seeing the castaways discover his gift. Still need to know how he escaped the Hatch, but I have faith the answer's coming.

What do you think? Can Locke lead a rescue to a whole new island? Is Juliet cracking up? Why do the Others need a fertility doctor? Will Sawyer be hurt by Kate? And will we see Ben's bunny again?

Wednesday, October 25

LOST 3.04

Episode 3.04: Every Man For Himself (Sawyer-centric)
Airdate: October 25, 2006

Sawyer will flash back, and we’ll learn something about his role in this world. Sawyer is going to have a very bad day (as you saw from the promo), and Kate will be mostly clueless as to why. Jack will start to play Julia. (No, there is not a “with” missing there.) Niki will talk to Desmond. (If it doesn't get cut out.) Henry will have a bizarre reveal to Sawyer that, if true, will change what we know about Lost island.

Guest starring are Kiele Sanchez as Nikki, Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly, Michael Bowen as Pickett, Ian Gomez as Munson, Bill Duke as Warden Harris, Ariston Green as Jason, Dustin Geiger as Matthew, Kim Dickens as Cassidy, Dorian Burns as prison guard and Peter Ruocco as Agent Freedman.

Sawyer discovers how far his captors will go to thwart his and Kate's escape plans; Jack must scrub up to save an Other's life; Desmond's behavior perplexes the survivors when he starts constructing an unknown device.

We see Sawyer as a bona fide wuss (for good reason) -- and learn a secret that reveals he has an entirely different role in life than we (or he) ever knew.

Amongst Desmond's flashbacks, we will see his best friend in prison, Stuckey Chavez. The latter is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is always appraised of prison gossip.

[This] Desmond-centric [episode features] flashbacks of his time in prison. It features Warden Harris, a nasty man with a hate for Desmond. [The episode also features] 'Munson', a mild-mannered gov't bureaucrat in his 30's who shows his dark side when he finds out he has been betrayed by his wife. [Note: The flashback spoilers are either for Sawyer or will be part of a later episode about Desmond.]

Monday, October 23

LOST Bits & Pieces

Here's some stuff to chew on until Wednesday....

We seem to think that Desmond has always had some sort of precognition, not neccesarily fine tuned. He seemed to know that Jack would heal Sara, he knew that he'd see Jack in the future, he might have even known HOW he would die (not necessarily when, where, why but maybe he had a gimpse to give him a clue? Hence why he was saving his book to read shortly before death. Although I don't think he had control over it, nor does he know EVERYTHING...he obviously has no clue what's going to happen with him and Penny or about himself going to the hatch. But he seemed to correct himself when he talked to Hurley like he was aware that he'd accidentally let it slip..if it was a newfound power he would be oblivious to what he was doing at all...based completely on his actions..but a theory nonetheless! Next week looks AMAZING! btw lest not forget that Locke used to work in a toy store...maybe the truck has personal meaning to him....or it was just a clue that the polar bear ate some unsuspecting OTHER child or tailie kid..or someone else alltogether!

As far as all this Desmond talk...
Let's think, Locke saw him at the begining of the ep, right? Who knows? They never spoke. What if Desmond is another one of Hurley's "friends"? How is it that dude show back up to camp with nothing but a shirt on, and noone mentions him, or gets dude some pants? Also Hurley said Deja Vu.... Could he be refering to his other "friend" from the mental institution?

And The Wrangling Continues....

Controversial Russian MP3 site,, along with its hosting firm, Mediaservices, has hit back at the credit card companies that banned it from making sales last week.

Visa International and MasterCard International suspended payment functions for MP3 sales via the site over concerns about the legality of the operation. typically charges around 15 cents for a three-minute song and $2 or less for a whole CD and was claiming legality under Russian law.

But the MP3 seller has hit back at the accusations, claiming that “the action taken by the world's largest payment processors is arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory because Visa and MasterCard lack the authority to adjudicate the legality of AllofMP3's activities and its determination that the company's activities were illegal is patently erroneous and without legal merit.

“AllofMP3 has not been found by any court in the world to be in violation of any law,” the company said.

The AllofMP3 operation is becoming a major bone of contention between the US and Russia in negotiations to secure Russia a place in the World Trade Organisation.

“Visa and MasterCard should immediately re-qualify AllofMP3," said Vadim Mamotin, director general at the company. "There is no valid reason and absolutely no legal basis for the action."

Mamotin claims that Visa and MasterCard made the decision on factors other than legal grounds “since the decision was not based on an adjudicated verdict by any court in the Russian Federation or, for that matter, anywhere in the world.”

AllofMP3 said it will pursue every course of action, including legal options, to reverse Visa's and MasterCard's decision

Thursday, October 19

The Plot Thickens

Well, well, well... this is getting VERY interesting!


Looks like you can still use their Xrost card processing service, though.

Stay tuned for more as this develops. I doubt it's over... by a long shot!

Lost 3.03 Recap

From EW:

They tease us a lot 'cause they got us on the spot!

Welcome back, Locke and Hurley and Eko. Also, of course, Desmond (nekkid!). And, for that matter, most of the Lost characters who didn't end season 2 on a pier or a boat. In episode 3 of season 3, we got the barest beginnings of an explanation of what happened to Station 3, a.k.a. the Swan, after the turn of the fail-safe key. Now I'm anxious (as anxious as a mute being wheeled through an airport by a ghost!) to learn how Locke, Eko, and Desmond survived the detonation that turned the Hatch into a crater. Who can say if we'll ever see the bottom of said crater, but I look forward to a flashback that shows the electromagnetic implosion itself. I just really need (a) closure on the question of how our boys physically got out and (b) more naked Desmond.

The episode, titled ''Further Instructions'' (which refers to Eko's suggestion that Locke attempt the rescue of Kate, Sawyer, and Jack), had false starts, but I enjoyed the trippy places the writers took us. Which is not to say I didn't pull my hair out. Even with no sign of wily Benjamin Linus (if that is indeed his name!) — but perhaps befitting an episode with a marijuana-based backstory — I am getting more paranoid: Did the Jesus Stick fall on Locke, or was it thrown? Did the rain just suddenly end while Locke was driving, or can the mysterious hitchhiker change the weather? Did we simply never notice those two hotties among the Oceanic 815 extras before, or does the island make people sexier? Good thing I like having my mind messed with.

Locke definitely set out to mess with his mind. The episode opened on him in a jungle clearing, flat on his back, in a shot reminiscent of the opening of the pilot episode, when Jack first came to, moments after the plane crash. Right away we learned that Locke had inexplicably lost his voice but, happily, not his ability to walk. When Eko's scripture stick dropped from the sky (with an Old Testament verse stating, ''Lift up your eyes and look north''), Locke marched off to build...a sweat lodge?

In one of the false starts mentioned earlier, Locke roped Charlie into guarding his sweat lodge, which he built on Eko's church site. While Terry O'Quinn played charades with gusto, the miming nevertheless came off as pretty silly, and Charlie's bitchy act fell flat. (A timid truce between the two took hold by episode's end, though the motivation for Charlie's reversion to tagalong mode was hazy.)

The episode found its groove not long after Locke ate his poi and gazed into his campfire, sweating himself into a trance. Soon...Boone! Seeing Ian Somerhalder made me downright nostalgic for the simpler days of season 1. Boone's steering Locke's groovy-queasy vision, while asking him to guess which castaway needed his help, was the most Twilight Zone moment I can recall in the series to date. And I mean that in a good way — I love me some Rod Serling! That said, dreamland (or in this case, sweaty-trance-land) is not frequently visited on Lost, accustomed as we are to the flashback device. Frankly, I hope we don't find ourselves there too often. As it is, we've got so many cryptic incidents to clear up in the ''real world,'' on and off the island.

For example, the polar-bears-in-the-tropics mystery is now officially revived, although we sure didn't get very far with it (at least not much past Tom's previous reference to ''the bears''). But encountering the polar bear deep inside a cave full of human skeletons, one wearing a Dharma-logo T-shirt, gave me the creepy-crawlies. At some point after the Hatch meltdown, poor Eko apparently got dragged there by the bear.

Meanwhile, Locke's outdoorsy flashbacks were tricky for me to place, chronology-wise. Was there a clear indication that this farm phase in his life occurred post-Helen? Saying grace, he did refer to his anger problem as if it were fairly recent, and to ''family'' with fresh bitterness. I thought featuring Twin Peaks alum Chris Mulkey as a wacky-tobacky farmer was brilliant. He and Virginia Morris, who played Jan, pulled the rug out from under Locke, causing him to panic at the prospect of losing his precarious, hard-won sense of belonging. While I'm not convinced that what we needed most was to see another occasion where someone Locke trusted turned out to be using him, the standoff in the woods with Eddie (who targeted Locke for being ''amenable for coercion'') was the episode's strongest moment. For numbers watchers who might have missed it: Eddie's sheriff ID was 84023.

By the way, anyone who's worried about the attractiveness of the remaining beach-bound Losties — what with Jack, Sawyer, and Kate doing time in Others State Prison — rest easy. New cast members Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro (as Nikki and Paulo) abruptly showed up, evidently to bring sexy back. Based on the matter-of-fact way Locke addressed them, I presume they're legit and not Ethan-like spies. Theorize away about whether they're a couple, or a couple-to-be!

I will credit this episode with shoring up one of my most deeply held Lost theories: Hurley can do no wrong. I just don't see it happening. He can lend me his tie-dye shirt and ask why I didn't implode (''You're not going to, like, turn into the Hulk, or something…?'') anytime. He makes me smile. Desmond skipping stones in the sunset made me smile too — I hoped he might sing a tune from Godspell, looking all Jesus-as-happy-hippie in that moment. Also, it's fun that he might be clairvoyant now. And that he runs around naked.

What did you think? Did Eko wake up and speak to Locke, or was it a hallucination? Did Locke shoot Eddie in the back after all? Is it any clearer what a polar bear is doing on the island? And who will lend Desmond some pants?

Wednesday, October 18

Please Don't Take My Music Away!

Read This

Lost 3.03

Goodies from SpoilerFix:

Episode 3.03: Further Instructions (Locke-centric)
Airdate: October 18, 2006

- According to my sources, at least one of the three button men will return to action transformed in such a way that gives him something in common with one of the heroes over on Heroes.
- Next week we get to see Desmond naked!
- In this week’s episode, we get to see the other Losties back in the main camp – whee! Locke falls out of a tree, and is on the hunt for Eko’s stick (aren’t we all? And yes, that is what I mean) and Eko himself. (Don’t forget the hatch went kablooey and SexAAA is missing!) That search will lead him to a smoke filled tent and a friend we knew before. Also, we’ll meet the newbies this week – Niki (Kiele Sanchez) and Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro).
- Two Losties have sex in Jack's bed.
- The October [18] episode is Locke-centric and features a trippy airport-set dream sequence.
- Charlie and Claire are getting married. Kinda. As revealed in this week's issue of TV Guide, the Oct. [18] episode will feature an airport dream sequence in which Hurley is an Oceanic flight attendant, Desmond's the pilot, and Charlie and Claire are husband and wife. The sequence may also include a special appearance by someone who's no longer a full-time employee of the show.
- The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch, while Hurley returns to the beach camp to tell the tale of what happened when he, Jack, Kate and Sawyer encountered The Others. Meanwhile, Claire is shocked to find Nikki and Paulo in Jack's tent. Guest starring are Kiele Sanchez as Nikki, Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo, Ian Somerhalder as Boone, Justin Chatwin as Eddie, Chris Mulkey as Mike, Virginia Morris as Jan, Joel Himelhoch as sheriff and Dion Donahue as Kim.
- The Oct. 11 episode, called "Further Instructions," will also reveal what happened to Locke, Desmond and Eko when the hatch collapsed in last season's finale, and will find Hurley returning to camp after being released by the Others. "Ian Somerhalder guest stars as Boone," the network copy says.
- Ian Somerhalder who played Boone, the first major characters to buy-it in season one, on the hit series LOST has come back for another go around. Only this time, it's not popping up inexplicably in someone's flashback, as you might guess. Hot off the release of his big screen horror "Pulse", the former LOST star spent a week in Hawaii working on new material for an upcoming episode of LOST which centers on the bushman-who-lost-his-way John Locke. In the episode Locke, who is still reeling from his actions in the cataclysmic season finale, begins to have visions of the young man who died to keep the hatch a secret. Boone leads Locke to a redemption of sorts and sets him off on a "kung fu" like journey to unravel yet another island mystery. Sources say this journey rivals the season one fascination with the hatch and will find John Locke squarely returning to his mysterious mysticism and McGyver-ish ways.
- A scene was filming at the Hawaii Convention Center today, a Locke flashback (?) at the Sydney International Airport. I saw Locke in his chair, but he was shirtless. He seemed to be pointing or gesturing as he's pushed through the crowd of travelers. It almost seemed like it was a "dream sequence."

We won't see Penny again until after the break

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Da Bears

6-0 baby!!!!!

Friday, October 13

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

For those addicted to A Christmas Story, now you can tour the house featured in the movie.

It's nice to know Ohio is right on top of these important tourist attractions!

Lost Theories

Theories, theories everywhere...... here's some I combed from the underbelly of the 'net.....

Well, we now know that they have been on the island for 66 days, according to "Benry."
4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 = 66.
We're just missing the last number in that chain. I think that adds to the theory that they will be "lost" for 108 days total

Did anyone notice that the people who boarded the boat didn't seem wet? I am pretty sure that they couldn't have used the dock to approach the boat because Jin and Sayid would have seen them. There was no sign of another boat. How else could they have gotten on the boat without going in the water?

"You never made soup for me"....I've read speculation that Ben may be Juliet's ex-husband or brother. Is it also possible that Ben is a former prisoner?

The Show I've Dreamt About

With Donny Osmond slated to host, Daily Variety reported the new version of "Name That Tune" will be a hybrid of the formats of game and variety. The show will incorporate live musical performances with big cash bonus rounds of the familiar song guessing game. A pilot of the new show has reportedly been ordered for December, with a decision expected shortly thereafter.

--I'm not exactly thrilled by Donny Osmond, but the idea of having Name That Tune back on television is kinda exciting. I hope it pans out.

Christmas Is Only 73 Days Away

While you're busy marveling at the genius of the above item, go here and check out all the other really immature items you can pick up for your skanky brother-in-law.

Mighty Interesting

It's quite possible, although unlikely, that I would attempt to use one of these

Thursday, October 12

Lost Recap 3.2

Head on over here to read the EW recap

Wednesday, October 11

November 7

According to leaks from the Republican National Committee, they're fearing they could lose up to 50 seats in the House. FIFTY SEATS. Do you think that might send a message?

Also, in case you haven't noticed the fear campaign by Bush and his buddies, think about why they're doing it... They are shitting their pants about a Democratic-controlled Congress. Why? Because they know they're in deep shit come November 8. Also, I've heard Bush hasn't signed that "torture bill" yet, and that if he didn't last night, it was considered a "pocket veto." My guess is that he is using it to say Repubs are tough on terror, but not signing it because he knows it's unconstitutional, is probably considered a war crime, and he could be impeached (or worse, put on trial) for it. And on top of that, he knows Democrats might be in charge soon.

So take this fear campaign with a grain of salt.

And know that we're not going to war with North Korea cause Bush's daddy owns a company with extremely close financial ties to NK. It's not financially pleasing for the Bush's to go to war with NK.

Daily Show

My weekly plug about the Daily Show.... Jon's on a roll with this Foley debacle.

WTF Nip/Tuck?

When did this show become a snuff film? Seriously, how uncomfortable were you watching last night's episode? This is no longer Queer As Folk, it's become 8 MM or whatever that lame-ass Nick Cage movie was.

30 Rock Tonight!

Promising review from Media Life:

As smart as “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” is--and it is very--it’s rarely laugh-out-loud funny. That’s kind of ironic, considering the show is about really funny people who write for and act on a late-night sketch comedy show.

But then “Studio 60” is very Sorkinian, a drama that, though set in the world of comedy, takes itself very seriously in the way that “The West Wing” took itself, along with its subject, the presidency, so seriously. That's Aaron Sorkin for you.
“30 Rock's” great strength is that it entirely lacks such gravitas. That's Tina Fey for you.

"30 Rock," which premieres tonight on NBC, chooses rather to be funny. It's a comedy about comedy, as the other, far-less-talked about new series based on a late-night comedy sketch show, and it freely embraces the anarchic comedic energy of Fey, its writer and star.

Fey infuses "Rock" with a late-night sensibility from her years as head writer of “Saturday Night Live,” and it comes alive with that anything-can-happen feeling of sketch comedy done well. It helps that "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels is listed as executive producer.

Fey is abetted by a cast that perfectly understands her humor and acts into it, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Rachel Dratch. They reach beyond one-liners to develop their characters as true ensemble players.

Fey is Liz Lemon, the head writer of an NBC sketch comedy series, “The Girlie Show.” Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) is her new network boss, and a bombastic fool. He tells Liz that the show must be revamped to draw in more young male viewers, and he recommends hiring Tracy Jordan (Morgan, “SNL”), a film star, one not entirely balanced in the head, whose filmography includes “White Cop, Black Cop” and “Who Dat Ninja?”

The star of “The Girlie Show” is Jenna (Jane Krakowski, “Ally McBeal”), whom Jack takes an immediate liking to. Liz works to keep her show on track while sparring with her boss and babysitting her borderline-unhinged new star.

That loose plot structure works much like a comedy sketch format in allowing “Rock” the freedom to go on wild tangents, such as having Tracy do a karaoke rendition of Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” at a strip club called Dark Sensations.

Fey plays Liz as the seemingly normal, if world-weary, center of a circle fringed by eccentricity, and as such she's an ideal foil for the Morgan and Baldwin characters to bounce off. At one point, in utter deadpan, Jordan tells Liz, "White dudes inject AIDS into our chicken nuggets."

But of course Liz is not really normal at all. Irked by a man who cuts in line at a hot dog stand, she chooses to teach him a lesson by buying every last hot dog.

In real life, Baldwin takes himself and his politics quite seriously, and for that he often comes off as a buffoon. But on "30 Rock," playing a buffoon, he delivers a subtlety to his part that's to die for, whispering non-sequiturs of the sort we'd expect from the worst sort of network empty suit in pinstripes. As the boss born without a tact filter, he tells Liz, “I like you. You have the boldness of a much younger woman.”

“Rock” is sometimes uneven, likely because a number of changes that were made to the original pilot, including replacing Dratch with Krakowski as the star of the sketch show-within-the-show and relegating Dratch to a supporting player.

“Rock” will likely suffer unevenness going forward, but it will never lack for comedic energy of the sort that Fey brought to "SNL" and that defined that show for so many decades.

Monday, October 9

Lost: Episode 2

Episode 3.02: The Glass Ballerina (Sun/Jin-centric)
Airdate: October 11, 2006

-Sayid's plan to locate Jack places Sun and Jin's lives in grave danger. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer are forced to work in harsh conditions by their captors, and Henry makes a very tempting offer to Jack that may prove difficult to refuse. Guest starring are M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Paula Malcolmson as Colleen, Michael Bowen as Pickett, Byron Chung as Mr. Paik, Tony Lee as Jae Lee, Sophie Kim as young Sun, Joah Buley as Luke, Tomiko Okhee Lee as Mrs. Lee and Teddy Wells as other.

-Colleen is set to have been a security officer when she was off the island.

-New character introduced in #303. Will recur. 'Colleen', late 30's, tough, obvious military training. Doesn't flinch when a gun is shoved in her face. Trusts few people on the island and only allows herself to be emotionally vulnerable in front of her significant other

-Sun has a dream of her future, featuring her 9-year-old daughter.

Was That The Funniest Episode Ever Or What?

From EW:

When the Amazing Race producers sat down to plan this year's challenges, I'll bet they never thought that rowing in Vietnam would be the most difficult. After all, Vietnamese rowing is no different from American rowing. It's not like you sit on the underside of the boat or have to maneuver three oars. No: You sit in a seat, hold two oars, and then row. And yet, thanks to eight teams, none of which spoke the universal language of rowing a frigging boat, we viewers were witness to a harrowing ordeal that felt like watching an Iron Man triathlon... except instead of swimming, biking, and running, the three events were rowing a boat, pulling baskets out of the water, and crying.

The gripping episode started lightheartedly enough: I got a couple of cheap laughs hearing people repeating the words dong and junk. When one beauty queen uttered the phrase ''We're here to pick up our dong,'' followed by her friend saying that the game got their ''competitive juices flowing,'' I had to check my cable box to make sure I was watching CBS and not the Spice Channel. I was half-expecting to suddenly see the testi-Phils break out of their khaki prison.

And then things got hard fast. (Hey, now I'm doing it!) It started with a brilliant challenge in which the teams had to try to direct cabdrivers with directions they could only hear and not read. Considering that Rob is the kind of guy who loses his mind when his shoelace gets untied, it's no surprise that he nearly had a hemorrhage when not one but two cabdrivers took him to the wrong place. ''Dude, I don't speak your language, dude!'' he shouted at one of them. With that double-dudeing, I would caution Rob that he's not exactly doing that well at English either.

Mary took a different approach, killing her cabdriver with kindness. ''I like you!'' she squealed, giving him a hug. It was interesting that the producers subtitle her, too, as if she's just as unintelligible as those speaking foreign languages. It's also interesting that Mary seems to be nice to everyone in the world except her own husband, who does everything to make her happy. I had a horrible vision of them someday getting mugged by gunmen; after David leaps in front of a bullet to save her, Mary responds by stepping over his dying body to hug the killers, saying, ''I done never met any real-life criminals before. You guys are so cute in your little ol' ski masks! Gimme a squeeze and DAMMIT, DAVID, DON'T YOU BLEED ON MY DINGDANG SHOES OR I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO BLEED ABOUT!''

From the cabs it was off to an island to tie everyone to the show's favorite torture contraption, the ascender. It mixes the fear of plunging 90 feet to the ground with the fun of doing pull-ups. Why was Sarah elected to take on this Roadblock, anyhow? Her artificial leg was malfunctioning, so was that really the time to send her on what promised right in the clue to be a grueling mission?

Has anyone else noticed that Peter never gets to speak to the camera? Their team is all about Sarah's journey, so we get to hear her confess that she's annoyed by him, and even complain about him in a dual confessional, but we never get his take. And when they're together, he just sits blankly with his arms crossed, staring ahead with his Aryan squint. I wonder whether he's a real person, or an android built by Bertram Van Munster and programmed to be an insufferable prick so as to make Sarah's Race physically AND emotionally demanding, thereby making it more satisfying for the viewer when Sarah kicks his robot ass to the curb by series end. Peter's not a man, he's the Dickbot 3000.

In any other episode, the players' agonizing ascent would have been the standout challenge. But then came the rowboats. Who knew that a rowboat could ever be involved in anything exciting? Rowing is usually only a means to a more exciting end: You take a rowboat to get you from a dock to a sailboat, and only when you get on that vessel does the fun start. But nothing exciting ever happens on a wide, clunky rowboat; they're the minivans of watercraft.

But apparently even the dullest vehicles can be made exciting if operated by the clueless and the panicky. Take Rob and Kimberly, who seem to have adopted the methods of their internecine squabbling from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Like those two countries, their attitude is to always accuse the other one of being the crazy, unreasonable one. ''Don't freak out on me!'' Kimberly yelled, while clearly freaking out herself. It's a brilliant tactic, as then it becomes excusable for you to act like a jerk because, hey, the other one started it, you're only doing what you need to defend yourself.

Meanwhile, in the other boats, Tom and Terry could barely figure out which one was water and which was land; the beauty queens lost their pageant cool when voted Miss Windswept; the Dickbot 3000 — who had earlier been happily cheering on Sarah as she struggled with the ascender — was now threatening to quit (perhaps he was nervous that by nearly capsizing their boat, he almost shorted out his Persnickety chip); and Mary berated David as he tried to steer their boat even though it was both of their first times out on the water. (Mark off another first in the Kentuckians' checklist. Frankly, other than ''sit on your ass and watch TV,'' it's hard to find anything that Mary has done before. Although I'm kind of hoping her next milestone is ''Wear a different shirt from your husband's.'')

It was funny at first seeing them all struggle with the oars, but then it became hard to watch, especially Tom and Terry. Poor, poor Tom and Terry. They really are a fascinating new breed of gay reality-show contestant. We've seen the buff gym-rat gays before, as well as the bitchy, barb-tossing stylish homosexuals, but what to make of these guys? An editor of mine complained that he cringes to think that these two are the TV emissaries for homosexuals, but I'll bet that right now there are a bunch of 75-year-old gay retired accountants who think they're damn fine role models, thank you very much. Just last night they were probably sitting in front of their TVs saying, ''Thank God those two men are proving that balding, fretting homosexuals with brittle bones and the constitutions of asthmatic goats can compete, too! Go Tom and Terry, paddle that meshuggener boat!''

When the teams finally stumbled in, they looked like they'd just fought the Vietnam War, not rowed a Vietnam boat. (The egregious Rob and Kimberly came in first, winning jet skis. Refreshingly, no specific brand was mentioned, which means it wasn't a plug. Had this been a Mark Burnett show, they would have all been riding Sea-Doos instead of rowboats and instead of screaming at each other, they'd be discussing the Sea-Doo's great handling over sips of Sierra Mist.) Even the beauty queens lost their poise and began bickering, although in the end they remembered their training and wiped away their mascara and hugged each other. Maybe beauty queens can teach us something about world peace!

Tom and Terry came in last, and looked the worst for it, especially after Tom had to finally leap out of their rowboat and swim it in. Farewell, brave men. Be proud knowing that you never quit, you pushed yourselves to new limits, and that ultimately, you were bested by a boat that was only slightly more hip than you.

What do you think? Will you miss Tom and Terry? And who was really the one freaking out: Rob or Kimberly?

Friday, October 6

This Week in TV

Saturday Night Live - Sucked. The Killers were the highlight.

Meet the Press - I love this show now. Debate between Ohio Senate candidates Brown and DeWine. Guess who won.

Desperate Housewives - Okay, getting better. Better than the dismal premiere, at least.

Brothers & Sisters - I want to like it, but I can't even stay patient enough to watch 5 minutes. Seems so boring.

Weeds - This show keeps getting better and better. The only problem is Elizabeth Perkins. Her character, as a city council member, is acting like a dictator, and that's just not realistic. Otherwise, Ms. Perkins is hilarious and perfect. As is the rest of the cast.

Studio 60 - Gosh, I just like this show. So pretentious and knowing, but I like it.

Daily Show (all days) - Brilliant. Nice work on the Congressional Pagegate Scandal. Really nailing home how hypocritical these "leaders" are.

Lost - Oh. My. God. And that was only 6 characters or so. Looks like the next few weeks will be fantastic.

Grey's Anatomy - A solid episode, but also kind of a filler episode. Nothing major happens, but after last week's brilliant ep, I'm okay with that.

Radio Ads in Ohio


What is going on in Washington? Our troops are sent to war without proper body armor, members of Congress like Deborah Pryce gave themselves $30,000 in pay raises while running up the largest deficit in American history.

Deborah Pryce's friend Mark Foley is caught using his position to take advantage of 16 year old pages. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert looked the other way when he was warned of Foley's predatory behavior. Deborah Pryce is one of the top Republicans in Congress. No wonder Pryce refused to criticize Hastert for ignoring the Foley problem. No wonder she won't call for [Hastert] to resign. Now Pryce is protecting Hastert, even though he protected a sex predator?.

Republican leaders were more concerned about protecting politicians than protecting teenagers.

Deborah Pryce is part of the problem in Congress.

It's time for change.

[I've read these ads are running on Christian radio stations only.]

Thursday, October 5

Holy Shit!

Last night's Lost premiere was freaking amazing!! I always swear that show is not going to suck me in and make me theorize, but damnit... here I go again.....

TWOP Recap
EW Recap

Tuesday, October 3

Lost: Episode One

Read the EW Review of the season premiere.

Less than 24 hours to go!!!! I'm nearly peeing my pants with anticipation!

The Foley Thing

Ick. Ick. Ick. I am completely grossed out and appalled by what this guy did. And the other "good old boys" who are covering up or making excuses for him? They should be ashamed of themselves.

I don't care if these guys are Republican, Democrat, black, green or yellow.... what is going on is wrong, potentially illegal or downright illegal.

That's all I gotta say about it.