Wednesday, August 22

Pathetic Headline of the Day

Study: T-rex could outrun David Beckham

Excuse me, is it a slow news day? Had you forgotten we have men and women DYING in Iraq?

Friday, August 17

Christmas Idea

If you were wondering what to get me for Christmas, here's an excellent idea:

Thursday, August 16

Work sucks

So now they're hiring a manager for our department. My boss is going to part-time (honestly I think they are slowly phasing her out because she and the prez don't see eye-to-eye), so they need someone to manage the day-to-day shit and deal with strategic planning and budget crap.

Since they've opened up the application process, does this mean I'm SUPPOSED to apply? Is upper-management expecting a qualified person from within to apply (even if secretly they don't want it unless it's a HELL of a lot more money?)

What to do???????????

Sunday, August 12

A Look Back....

So I'm reading this book about the Roosevelt's and the homefront during the war years. Sometimes I have to sit back and think about how much politics have changed in the relatively short time frame of 67 years.

Did you know that FDR did not declare his intention to seek re-election (for his third term)? He let the voters at the Democratic convention nominate him. He never publicly declared he desired a third term.

Did you know that FDR didn't even BEGIN to campaign until October 28th? Just over a week before the country was to vote on the presidency?

I find the above two items completely and utterly amazing; especially given the fact that nowdays, we have people declaring their presidential intentions 2 YEARS before the public will vote for a president.

Sigh... sometimes I wish life could return to simpler times.