Friday, October 31

Little Shop of Alternative Endings

I love Little Shop of Horrors. It is one of my favorite childhood movies. The stage version was decidedly darker, with the entire cast dead by the end. The movie was originally shot that way, but then reshot for a happy ending.

Go to YouTube to watch the original endings, which have barely ever been available. Here is the link to Part 1 (there are 3 parts).

What a Douchebag!

Watch This

Thursday, October 30

Uh... Joe.....

Gotta love it....

Where's Joe?

Renting the Claude W. Henkle Middle School courtyard - $15,000
I paid campaign supporter Joe the Plumber - $10,000
Introducing Joe the Plumber when he's not at the rally - Priceless

Joe the Plumber NOT in Defiance, Ohio

So Joe the Plumber stood McCain up... in Defiance, Ohio of all places! And apparently 2/3 of the crowd was the ENTIRE Defiance School District, who was bused in from their schools.

From MSNBC's Chueck Todd: "A local school district official confirmed after the event that of the 6,000 people estimated by the fire marshal to be in attendance this morning, more than 4,000 were bused in from schools in the area. The entire 2,500-student Defiance School District was in attendance, the official said, in addition to at least three other schools from neighboring districts, one of which sent 14 buses."

What is going on with this??? Not everyone in Defiance is a Republican....

Tuesday, October 28


So Long Cowboy!

17 Kids and Counting: “Trading Places, Duggar Style"

The promos for this episode made it sound like the Duggar kids really traded jurisdictions (that’s Duggar-ese for “chores”), but it was more like “boys make a mess with soup while the girls learn auto maintenance.” Plus there was a commercial at the end for Scrubbing Bubbles, starring Jim Bob, Josh, and John David. (Don’t tell me that wasn’t product placement - who holds up a bottle like that with the label facing forward and everything while they’re just talking or standing around?) I did appreciate that the producers asked Michelle a couple of the real questions that have been brought up about their jurisdictions and the amount of housework that the girls do: did she think their allocation of chores reinforced gender stereotypes, and did she think she was raising the girls to be stay-at-home moms? Michelle’s answer was awful, though: the girls like doing those chores because gender stereotypes are “innate,” and also “most” of them want, in their hearts, to be SAHMs (because it’s the only career they know of for women?!).

So, the little boys did laundry (and they were using brand-name detergent - what happened to their homemade laundry soap from last week?) while the girls put on plaid flannel shirts over their long skirts and learned to change the oil in the car. Then the boys "helped" Michelle cook green beans and Tater Tot Casserole for lunch while the girls were "stranded" 200 yards from the house and left to change a flat tire on their own. The two oldest boys were nowhere to be seen during the chore swap, except when they drove the girls out to the tire change spot in a Corvette..? (Bet Josh "borrowed" that from the used car lot.)

The Duggars' double-standards just make me so angry. Jim Bob and Michelle kissed before they were married! Michelle wore pants! She worked outside the home (first in JB's mom's yogurt shop, then with JB as a real estate agent, and she even mentioned last night that she occasionally had to drive a tow truck when they ran a towing business)! Not to mention, they both got to attend public school, where Michelle was even a cheerleader!

For those of you interested in this type of fundie entertainment, TLC will be airing a special this Sunday on Purity Balls.

Saturday, October 25


This site cracks me up.
Queen Elizabeth, England, Cate Blanchett, Angel tree topper
see famous look-a-like faces

Friday, October 24

My Birthday Party

My birthday is November 3, so I'm having an election results slash birthday party on November 4. We're going to have our own electoral college, too. Because I live in Los Angeles and no one that lives here was born in California, each person gets the number of electoral votes that their home state receives. For instance, I was born in Ohio and get 20 votes. One of my friends is from Massachusetts, so she gets 12 Liberal Elite Electoral Votes. My friends from Hungary, Egypt and Germany get 3 Totally Made Up Electoral Votes.

I had a similar birthday party in 2004 and had a 4-year hangover. It looks like this year's party will go a little better.

Who will play Michelle Obama

If the word on the street is correct, then it's Maya Rudolph! I love all the returning cast members. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin! Will Ferrel as Bush! (How funny was last night, by the way?) Chris Parnell the other night as Tom Brokaw, too! Not to mention Alex Baldwin last week. SNL has been at its best lately. And it's starting to feel more like a comedy troupe rather than a cast. You never know who's going to be on the show! Me like!

Thursday, October 23


read this David Sedaris article

Must Have!

I have a pretty cool sign on my desk that says "Plate Is Full". I made it myself and thought it was pretty ingenious. But today I stumbled across this:

I must have the Do Not Disturb. Maybe one for home, too.

Shoe Rack "Kickit"

Is this amazingly cool or what? Kick off your shoes into this cool rack.

Tuesday, October 21

McCain Left On Bus

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

I Don't Need To Know

I have a feeling the Madonna/Guy Ritchie thing is going to get bad. Very bad. I just ran across an article about Guy giving an interview regarding their sex life. Okay people... let's move along. No one cares.

Mike Singletary

I have been a Bears fan since high school but I might have to break ranks because my most favorite player of ALL TIME has been named head coach of the 49ers. Way to go, Mike!

17 Kids and Counting: "Cheaper by the Duggars"

Last week I speculated that this week's episode, "Cheaper by the Duggars," would feature such money saving tips as shopping at Aldi's and thrift stores, and getting TLC to build your house. Well, two out of three right isn't bad! After hearing how all the kids' shoes have fallen apart (one girl had covered the heels of her boots with duct tap!), we saw Michelle take the younger boys shoe shopping at a thrift store. There are ten boys in this family. They left with thirty pairs of shoes. Is that three new pairs per person? Whatever, they were $1/pair. We saw the older girls making laundry soap, which they've been doing for a year now, after getting the recipe from another family. We saw Jim Bob collecting rent from one of their commercial properties, and he showed off their biggest money maker, the cell phone tower on their property. And he proudly proclaimed he had a full signal while standing nearby. Of course we saw the shopping trip to Aldi's, where they ignored the urine/bleach smell (at least if it's anything like the Aldi's by me) and bought $3000 worth of groceries in 11 shopping carts. Oh and also they were being followed by a Korean film crew, which the TLC crew was filming. They're being featured in Korea to inspire people to have kids, I guess, since they have a low birth rate. When Jim Bob met them, he said, he told them his was a "typical American family." Har har, Jim Bob. If that were true, why would they have chosen you out of the entire country? No, they realize you're abnormal, that's why your wife's on TV in Korea. A neighbor from town, Mr. Charlie (?), set up one long row of a vegetable garden for the Duggar kids to help tend and get some veggies from. They kept saying how they loved cucumbers, but I think we know from past Duggar specials that what they really love is pickles! Finally, the most shocking revelation in the entire show: the older Duggar girls perm their hair! Hello, what about your countenances, ladies? Anyway, pretty much everything they showed seems to be in response to various comments made on TWoP and elsewhere on the internet (especially Jim Bob interviewing on what he thinks their environmental impact is, but also "how do they get their income?" and "why don't they grown their own vegetables?"). If this trend holds, based on current TWoP discussion, we should see them doing some volunteer work in a future season of their show.

Friday, October 17

Still Thinking of Voting For McCain?

If so (and even if you're not), please read the following:

Courtesy of Alexa, on Flotsam,More Wounded Than Eloquent, I'm Afraid

Thursday, October 16

How In The Hell Did This Man Get Nominated For President?

Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, October 15, 2008.


Fringe-Worthy Reading

Compliments of Televisionary:

5 Suggestions to Improve Fringe

I Just Wet Myself

Project Runway 5 Finale: And the Winner is...

Leanne Marshall! Love her style and personality! I hope she goes far. If the worst the judges could come up with was that she might become known for her "petals" and get called Petals Marshall, well, Christian (last season's winner) should be known as Puffy Sleeves Siriano.

I was almost certain that they were setting up a "bad guy" win for Kenley, like they had with Jeffrey in Season 3, but I was very glad to see that they didn't.

I'm sad Jerell didn't get to compete, though. He really was this season's Austin Scarlett: flamboyant and feminine, and eliminated just before the finale. But the thing I liked most about him was that he had a really good attitude throughout the competition. Even when he was eliminated, he still kept his spirits up and took it in stride.

Wednesday, October 15

Why Does Every Republican Administration Need An Idiot?

Sarah Palin today:

"It seems like, and in our last rally too, and in other parts around this great Northwest, here in New Hampshire, ya just get it."

(Yes, I'm addicted to the election.)

Little Big Planet

If you have a PS3, this is the next game you need to buy. I was lucky enough to be part of the online Beta, and couldn't stop playing for the week I had it. The characters are so cute (way cuter than Mario), and the gameplay is fun and bouncy. Essentially, you're a "sack boy" (a boy made out of a potato sack), you can customize him however you want, and you play levels that are built out of everyday items like skateboards and fences. The most exciting part of the game: you can create your own levels with the items you collect! I sucked at creating levels, but it was a lot of fun to play other people's levels. Rumor is there will be levels set to look like Mario Brothers, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, etc. It's the YouTube of videogames!

Even the advertising for the game is so cute... I've seen mini-billboards sticking out of plant pots and on the beach here in Los Angeles. Look out for them!

Fey on Palin

If she wins, I'm done. I can't do that for four years. And by "I'm done," I mean I'm leaving Earth.

Fringe Recap

From TWOP:
Meet Joseph Meegar. He's a loser in a dead-end job to support and crabby old mother, and he's creepily obsessed with the receptionist at a firm he delivers packages to. Unlike most losers, though, when he gets upset, he seems to have an effect on electrical devices around him (you know, like Boo in Monsters, Inc. [these are the movie references available to me as the father of a two-year-old]). So this is bad news for his crush and the other people in the elevator when Bethany discovers, via his cell phone full of surreptitiously taken pictures of her, his obsession, his stress sends the elevator screaming twenty-six floors to the basement. Joseph walks away, only to get fired from his job, which is bad news for his boss, who loses his arm to a conveyor belt.

The Fringe crew is looking into it, and discover the elevator victims were electrocuted before the elevator hit the ground. In a shocking (sorry) twist, Walter once worked on a project that maybe has something to do with this.

Joseph's firing prompts some more scolding from Mama Meegar, which makes Joseph freak out, frying her pacemaker.

So how does the Fringe team track her down? Simple: helped in part by Olivia's visions of the late John Scott, they train homing pigeons to track Joseph based on his magnetic fingerprint, and find him being "adjusted" by the psycho mad scientist who screwed with his brain's wiring and turned him into Electro in the first place. Hallucinations of dead people and homing pigeons: if only all their cases were so easy to crack.

---Jen here. Sorry, but I felt this particular episode was weak and even more far-fetched that past episodes. I am really hoping the storylines don't go downhill and become ridiculous because so far, I like this show enough to watch it at its regular scheduled time (and that's saying something! especially considering I am 4 episodes behind on Project Runway).

Love Me Some Amy Sedaris

Strangers with Candy alum Amy Sedaris is set to bring her oh-so-special brand of funny back to television, having signed a deal with 20th Century Fox TV to create, write and star in her own sitcom project, says the Hollywood Reporter.

The as-yet-untitled series is being fleshed out by Sedaris and writing partner Paul Dinello, but the premise is based on an idea Sedaris came up with six years ago. Dinello will direct the single-camera show, and no less than Sedaris BFF David Letterman's Worldwide Pants will co-produce.

But first, Sedaris will lens a two-episode arc on TNT's The Closer, playing Fritz's sister. (His psychic sister, has learned.) Master interrogator Brenda Leigh might get a psychic for a sister-in-law? I smell a zany buddy comedy!

17 Kids and Counting: "When Big Families Collide" and "Bates vs. Duggars Smackdown"

Hi everybody! New contributor Lola here, writing today about the latest episodes of the Duggar Family's new series, 17 Kids and Counting. Just the latest in TLC's "abnormally large family freakshow," this series of half-hour shows is more of a "reality TV" look at the super-Christian Duggar family of Arkansas, who until now we've only seen in a few hour-long specials and an occasional news appearance when mom, Michelle, pops out yet another little "blessing." (Without getting too in-depth into their beliefs, the Duggars are part of the Quiver Full movement, which believes that children are blessings from the lord and people shouldn't do anything to inhibit getting pregnant. Which is fine and all, except most QF families end up with maybe 5-6 kids. The Duggars actively try to get pregnant as soon as possible after each birth, which is why there are a kajillion of them.)

In their two latest episodes (shown back-to-back), the Duggars received a visit from the Bates family from Tennessee. With 16 kids and one on the way, they have almost caught up to the Duggars (though actually, there are two sets of Duggar twins, so by number of pregnancies, the Bates are winning). If you thought the Duggars' uniform of khakis and polos for the boys and long skirts for the girls was conservative, take a look at the Bates! Okay, khakis and polos again for the boys, but those poor girls are dressing like Little Clown on the Prairie! The Bates women thought if they wore dresses "it would be pleasing to the lord," so one of the older girls sews the same pattern in various sizes and color combinations so everyone can wear a matching dress with a giant collar and ruffled trim. However, while the Duggars currently dress in what they refer to as "Modern Modest," it wasn't too long ago that they were all rocking the big frilly collars as well.

Anyway, some other stuff happened, the two families did some good Christian activities like skydiving and paintballing, but probably the funniest part was when they went to Silver Dollar City to see people in old-timey costumes demonstrate blacksmithing and candy making. The Bates girls' dresses were the same as the old timey costumes! (Meanwhile, Jinger Duggar was shown rolling her eyes at the candy demo. Free Jinger!)

Coming up next week: see how the Duggars save money on necessities like food, clothing, and shelter! (Based on past specials, I'm going to guess it involves trips to Aldi's and the thrift store, and getting TLC to build you a house.)

Monday, October 13

Quite The Mavericks, huh?

McCain-Palin First Ever Ticket Where Both Candidates Found To Have Violated Ethics Standards Before An Election

Hey Cool!

Who woulda thought you could combine breakfast cereal and politics? Apparently the good folks at AirBed & Breakfast did!

Saturday, October 11

Brokers With Hands On Faces

Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this one

Wednesday, October 8

Pick Your Pumpkins!

I am really excited about this. I cannot wait to buy pumpkins now!

Yes We Carve

Tuesday, October 7

Guitar Hero News

Courtesy of Gizmodo:
If you're looking to pick up Guitar Hero: World tour when it comes out on October 26th, you'll have a choice between the wussy regular edition and the awesome deluxe edition. While yes, we may be headed for an economic depression, you'll still want to spend the extra $50 on the deluxe edition. It comes with a keychain!

It also comes with two t-shirts! And a couple recharge kits! And a gig bag! And nothing else! That's right, $50 for a bunch of crap you'll never use. All for $240, more than the cheapest version of the console it's meant to be played on.

Seriously RedOctane, I know that deluxe editions are all the rage these days, but you can't really think your customers are so stupid as to drop $50 on a couple of shirts and a keychain, can you?

For All You Procrastinators

and, to keep the multi-taskers focused.... here's what to get them for Christmas (or other gift-giving occasion). You can buy it at Pretty Bitter