Tuesday, September 25

And They Said We Didn't Have A Mold Problem

This is the office I moved into back in March. No one listened to me when I told them the water leak was causing a mold problem. Today they are finally tearing out the walls. The landlord insisted there wasn't a mold problem. What a fucktard!

Wednesday, September 19

Fall TV

Does everyone have their Season Passes lined up? I have Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, The Bachelor (yeah... I'm lame), The Office and Dirty Sexy Money all set to record.

What are YOU looking forward to watching this season?

Monday, September 17

Dear Santa

I want an iPod Touch. Pretty please? I've been really good all year and my current iPod is like 3 years old and I've taken really good care of it and am happy to pass it along to some unfortunate chump who doens't own one yet.


Vegas Here I Come

Woot! I'm going to Vegas! Can. Not. Wait.

Care to join me?

This Made Me Laugh

And that Train Wreck....


Sorry folks. But that chick ain't fat. What the hell are people talking about? First they complain that Nicole Richie has an eating disorder and needs to eat something and then when Britney, who is probably a size 2, comes out and looks a little out of shape, they say she's fat? WTF people????!!!

And, from the sounds of it, things are getting pretty interesting in the Spears-Federline custody case. Frankly, neither of those neandrathals deserve to have custody of those innocent children. It's all very, very sad if you ask me. But it still doesn't stop me from wondering what's gonna happen next.

The Juice

So O.J.'s sittin' in jail. Who would have thunk it? I think we've all been waiting like, oh say.... like 14 years or something, for this dude to sit in jail. For something. Anything. And, it almost sounds like those dudes set him up cuz they tape-recorded it and stuff.

It all makes me wonder what the heck Judge Ito is up to these days.....

Hey Losties!

How cool was it that our very favorite Terry O'Quinn won an Emmy last night?