Wednesday, May 20

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Funniest damn blog I've seen in a long time! Fuck You Penguing

Friday, May 15

Reality Lineup

Now that all the regular shows are finishing up, it's time to get serious about your reality tv.... I present.... the summer reality schedule. As always, check your local listings.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey [Bravo, May 12 at 11, Tuesdays at 10]
Beverly Hills Groomer [Animal Planet, May 16, Saturdays at 10]
The Bachelorette 5 [ABC, May 18, Mondays at 9]
4th and Long [Spike, May 18, Mondays at 10]
So You Think You Can Dance 4 [FOX, May 21 and 27 at 8, Wednesdays at 8 and Thursdays at 9]
Re-Inventing Bonaduce! [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 9]
Sex Decoy: Love Stings [Fox Reality, May 23, Saturdays at 10]
Intervention [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Obsessed [A&E, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Jon & Kate Plus 8 [TLC, May 25, Mondays at 9]
Here Come the Newlyweds [ABC, May 25, Mondays at 10]
Blonde Charity Mafia [The CW, May 26, Tuesdays at 9]
The Little Couple [TLC, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood [Oxygen, May 26, Tuesdays at 10]
Wipeout [ABC, May 27, Wednesdays at 8]
Tattoo Highway [A&E, May 27, Wednesdays at 10]
What Not To Wear [TLC, May 29, Fridays at 9]
Jesse James is a Dead Man [Spike, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Those Landers Girls [E!, May]
$250,000 Challenge [HGTV, May 31, Sundays at 10]
Ice Road Truckers [History, May 31, Sundays at 9]
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! [NBC, June 1-24, Mondays through Thursdays at 8]
Is Your House Killing You? [Sundance Channel, June 2, Tuesdays at 9:30]
Whale Wars [Animal Planet, June 5, Fridays at 9]
The Next Food Network Star 5 [Food Network, June 7, Sundays at 9]
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List [Bravo, June 8, Mondays at 10]
Top Chef Masters [Bravo, June 10, Wednesdays at 10]
She’s Got The Look [TV Land, June 11, Thursdays at 9]
Hammertime [A&E, June 14, Sundays at 10]
Wedding Day [TNT, June 16, Tuesdays at 8]
NY Prep [Bravo, June 16, Tuesdays at 10]
The Chopping Block [NBC, June 19, Fridays at 8]
America’s Got Talent 4 [NBC, June 23 and 24, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9]
The Superstars [ABC, June 23, Tuesdays at 8]
Dance Your Ass Off [Oxygen, June 29, Mondays at 10]
Great American Road Trip [NBC, July 7, Tuesdays at 8]
I Survived a Japanese Game Show [ABC, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
Ghost Hunters International [SyFy, July 8, Wednesdays at 9]
Big Brother 11 [CBS, probably mid-July]
Design Star 4 [HGTV, July 19, Sundays at 10]
Hell’s Kitchen 6 [Fox, July 21, Tuesdays at 8]
Dating in the Dark [ABC, July 20, Mondays at 10]
More to Love [Fox, July 28, Tuesdays at 9]
Chefs vs. City [Food Network, July]
Face the Ace [NBC, Aug. 1 and 8 at 9, continues in Sept.]
Tool Academy 2 [VH1, Aug. 2, Sundays]
How’d You Get So Rich? [TV Land, Aug. 12, Wednesdays at 10]
Ghost Hunters [SyFy, Aug. 19, Wednesdays at 9]
Project Runway 6 [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 10]
Models of the Runway [Lifetime, Aug. 20, Thursdays at 11]
Brick City [Sundance Channel, August]
Kourtney and Khloe in Miami [E!, August]
Giuliana & Bill [Style, August]

Thursday, May 14

LOST: Finale

Read it and weep. Lost won't return until January. Courtesy of EW

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Would love to know what everyone is thinking!!

Tuesday, May 12

Everything LOST

Thanks to Zap 2 It you can check out everything you need to know about the Lost season finale:

Put in your guess on who's gonna die in the finale. The "death pool!"
Watch clips of the finale!
Read the 10 Burning Questions!

Friday, May 8

Lost Recap: Taking Charge

courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Set Your Tivo!

Food Network, Ace Of Cakes
When ABC's hit series, LOST, needs a cake to celebrate their 100th episode, actor Jorge Garcia calls the bakery to commission a unique cake creation. Duff and his crew head out to visit the Aloha state and the set of LOST. Tune in: LOST in Hawaii, featuring the cast from ABC's hit series, Saturday at 9pm/8c

Wednesday, May 6

Have Some DHARMA Labeling Needs?

Check This Out

Must Be Confession Day

And now this

Like Duh!

n a Ladies' Home Journal cover story, American Idol judge Paula Abdul speaks openly about her past with painkillers, revealing that for the first time in 12 years she's no longer dependent on medication. According to the article, Abdul checked herself into the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, Calif., on Thanksgiving 2008, after years of medicating what is described as "chronic debilitating pain caused by an unusual series of accidents."

An initial back injury suffered as a 17-year-old cheerleader was followed by: a broken leg during a rehearsal in 1991; a neck injury in a car accident in 1992; and partial paralysis requiring 15 spinal surgeries from a 1993 airplane crash. To deal with the pain -- and keep dancing -- Abdul began using a combination of painkillers, which included regular shots of lidocaine, the magazine says. "I couldn't cancel my tour," Abdul explained. "I didn't want anyone to count me out. I tried to keep everything hush-hush."

By 2005, Abdul was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, described as a chronic pain condition that disabled her with pain, made her teeth chatter, and produced shingles-like lesions. "Paula wore a patch that delivered a pain medication about 80 times more potent than morphine and took a nerve medication to relieve her symptoms," the magazine reports. "Sometimes she took a muscle relaxer. But the pain was so bad it often left her sleepless and she would, as she says, 'get weird.' It was the combination of these factors that may have led to the impression that she was high at times when she was on [American Idol]." Abdul, however, told the magazine that she never shot an Idol episode under the influence.

Last month, when asked by Nightline's Cynthia McFadden whether she had ever abused prescription drugs, Abdul answered, "Never."

Tuesday, May 5

Beach Fashion

In all honesty, I'm at a total loss for words.
High Tide Heels