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Hot Chicks!

For those of you who know me, you know I love chickens. And this is just The Cutest Thing Ever!

Some Additional LOST Intrigue, Theories & What-Not

Received by way of my friend Lola & her super-awesome "secret sources":

OK, maybe I'm crazy, but I thought of something while reading this. Do you think that the passengers from flight 316 could be the original Others? If they did, indeed, land 30 years in the past, isn't it conceivable that they could be the Others from the current day? Also, if, when Desmond eventually ends up back on the island, it is still in the past, perhaps he takes on the job of punching the numbers in the computer to try to prevent what has happened (Widmore finding the island, Oceanic 6 (and Ben) leaving). If Ben did kill Penny before he got on flight 316, it would make sense that Desmond's motivation for pushing the buttons would be to save Penny's life by making sure Ben doesn't leave. In essence, the mission of the original Losties would be to ensure that they end up where they were when they crashed on the island originally. I know this brings everything to a crazy full circle, but it's just a thought!

Widmore said the Others had been around for three decades. That's just 30 years. We know Ben launched the purge sometime around1992, so are we to believe that the Others had only been there since the 1970's? He was 17 in 1954, which would make him 37 around the time of the Others (1974); we also know that Widmore looked for the island for 20 years, so he's been gone from the island since around the mid-late 80s--would have made him in his mid-late 40s when he was exiled and he's 71 in the present time. Penny first met Desmond in what 1997 or 1998 and she was at the least 25 (?) so Penny was born what in 1972 or 1973? Was Penny born on the island? Interesting thought. Who wasn't born on the island? And how's this for a twisted theory...what if Penny is not Widmore's daughter? Instead, she is his mother. The writers of the show would not name Penny & Des' kid Charlie for no reason (although speculation says it's after Lostie Charlie). The kid will go back to the island with Des at some point and get transported back in time.

So let's talk about the numbers that Desmond had to put into the computer. Could they be the exact coordinates of where the island was located at a specific time? The reason Desmond and whoever else had to keep putting the numbers in the computer was to keep the island at that specific location and not move like it usually would. So people off the island (i.e. Eloise) would know where it was and could travel back and forth as needed. So that's why the flash happened after Locke and Desmond did not enter the numbers, because the island finally moved again. Eloise Hawking mentioned the island had been moving on its own when the Dharma people found it so it seems like the island's natural state is traveling around so the numbers might be an override. And staying in one place would make it easier to bring supplies and people. SOOOOOO...knowing that, here are my additional thoughts.

So if they forget to put the numbers in, the island moves, right? So as the flights are trying to arrive (like 316 did) on the Hydra island on the runway Jack and Kate built, if the numbers aren't put in, the island moves and than the plan miscalculates the landing and crashes? I don't know, just a thought. Because remember that Desmond said in Season 2 or 3 "I think I crashed your plane". The numbers aren't hit and the light flashes.

Did you see Nadia when Locke was getting his leg fixed in Tunisia, even though at that point she was supposed to be dead? Also am wondering if the girl who had Sayid in handcuffs is Ana Lucia's sister.

Foot statue theory:
The foot statue. I've always felt the foot statue was modeled after Locke's foot. During Locke's backstory in season 1 (The Walkabout), one of the first things they focus on after it's known he was paralyzed are his wiggling toes. In season 2 the Losties bring an injured Locke to the Swan station (the hatch) and he refuses, or gets mad, when they attempt to remove his shoes. Then in this season, of all things, Jack finds shoes from his dad to put onto Locke. In last night's episode, we see Locke's dress shoes on the beach, him barefoot in the sand. Then, during the hanging scene, they twice focus tightly on the foot of his injured leg, practically throwing us the hint.

Now, I counted five toes on Locke's foot, but the pinky toe didn't look quite right. It's debatable. The statue had four toes. So, either the creators are throwing us a red herring that Locke's foot is depicted in the statue, or they're finally giving us a clue that Locke's foot is modeled in the statue, and the statue was actually a huge statue of Locke. Maybe that's why Ben and Widmore know why John is so special and important.

I can see the entire series ending on one last shot of this huge Locke statue created by an ancient civilization. And now that time travel exists on the island, anything is possible for Locke visiting such a civilization.

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I'm gonna start calling this the LOST blog....

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This Brought Back Some BAD Memories....

Could that bad smell be a meth lab in your hotel room?

I kid you not... back in July we traveled to Columbus, Indiana to participate in the USSSA World Series. The very last night we had to transfer to a different hotel and the only place we could find was this horrid Travel Lodge. But, it was a place to sleep. Interestingly, one of the parents learned (the next day) that the hotel had been shut down due to a meth investigation and had only recently re-opened for business.


Tuesday LOST Preview

Episode 5.07: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (Locke-centric)
Airdate: February 25, 2009 from 9 to 10:06 p.m.

Locke's fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed.

Someone will be joining recent time travel victim Charlotte six feet under before the season is over. My source describes the character as "major-ish," which most likely rules out any of our series regulars.

Faraday's mommy wasn't lying. The Island is not done with Desmond. Question for you... Think Ben successfully tied up the loose end that got him all bloody pre-plane flight? I'll only say this: We haven't seen the last of Penny either.

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LOST Recap for 2/18 Episode

Get all the Lost recap goodness! Keeping The Faith

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And One More LOST Thing....

Read Doc Jensen here

Super-Mega LOST Goodness!

Thanks to Lola for this awesome info!

1. When Charlotte was going nutty because of the flashes, she muttered, "Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson," or something to that effect. That was mentioned previously in the show many times. Here's a refresher:
* While looking through the record collection inside the the hatch in The Hunting Party, Hurley discovers the Geronimo Jackson record and comments on it. Charlie, who is with him, states that he is an expert of all things musical and had never heard of them before.
* While Ana-Lucia is interrogating Benjamin Linus inside the hatch's armory in The Whole Truth, John Locke is listening to music on the record player, while looking through a stack of records, Geronimo Jackson is among them.
* In Further Instructions, Eddie wears a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt which he claims belonged to his father. Mike then claims that his dad has excellent taste.
* In Cabin Fever, a poster showing Geronimo Jackson is present in the locker of a young John Locke during a flashback to his high school years.

2. Danielle's music box is in the wreckage.

3. JJ Abrams or someone threw a Star Trek reference in this and Fringe this week. Daniel asks Charlotte - "you speak any other languages?" to which the reply by Charlotte was "just klingon".

4. Why would Robert try to shoot Danielle? Reminiscent of how Yemi turned on Eko. Maybe the monster inhabits their body once it's taken hold and the protection is to lead non-others to their death? Remember that Rousseau is the only one who didn't go down the hole. Her teammate that was yelling for them to come down and help him...that had to have been the smoke monster talking. Remember how the monster has taken shape of people before. I think they all went down there...all were killed by the smoke monster and then the smoke monster took their shape. But if this theory were true and the smoke monster took over Robert's body, Danielle actually shot him...the smoke monster can't be shot can it? I don't think the monster can be shot, but the body that is hosting it, can, right? Another theory is that Robert tried to shoot Danielle b/c she had already flipped out and killed the rest of them. (Jin found their bodies.) Either that, or Danielle's right and there really was a sickness. Robert knew that the smoke monster was a guardian. When Danielle's team goes under the Temple (DHARMA station?) they gain all the knowledge of the island and thus get "sick." Danielle's presence on the island in the future is a hurdle (not sure for who exactly, for the island itself maybe?). Since her team all know this (island knowledge) that is why they try to kill her, but 'destiny calls' and she kills them instead.

5. So is Christian a Native of the island, kind of like Richard? Difference being that Christian stayed off the island that's why he aged, and Richard didn't. Christian was dead when he came to the island. Is his body being used/possessed by Jacob? Though the reference to saying 'Hi' to his son may kill this theory. And John will also be dead next when he returns to the island. Interesting. So is Christian still alive? I don't think so. When John went into the cabin, it was Christian (with Claire there) who told John what to do. Doesn't mean Christian is Jacob. Maybe Christian is the new Jacob.

So who's Jacob? In the bible Jacob is known as a Christian Shepherd. In the conversation between Charlotte and Faraday, Charlotte said she thought that he was the creepy old man on the island that told her never to come back. Could Daniel Faraday be Jacob? It could be really far fetched but what did she mean by that and who really is Faraday?

6. I wonder if the reason that Jack's father is involved in this is because he was someone who did not die on the island yet his corpse arrived there (after the plane crash). Since there are similar enigmas with birth and conception on the island, maybe there is also something strange related to death.

Christian was a dead person who did not die there.
Aaron was a baby born there yet not conceived there.
Ji Yeon was conceived there but not born there.

Just some thoughts.

7. So Charlotte's dead. Are we sure she's dead and not just unstuck in time like the chick in England who Daniel experimented on? Her last words sounded like she was saying something about wanting to have a chocolate bar for dinner. Sounded like something a kid would ask a parent. So is she brain time-traveling now or is she dead? Charlotte said to Faraday she remembered him from when she was a little girl and said if she ever came back to the island that she would die. I think in the next few episodes (hopefully) we will see Faraday during one of the time shifts talking to young Charlotte. He is trying to change the future because he loves her. He is trying to keep her from coming to the island and dying. Remember a few episodes back when Desmond saw the woman Faraday experimented on? Her sister said sometimes she would wake up asking for her doll like she was 3 years old? I think it's the same kind of thing that Charlotte went through when she told Locke to look for the well. She was remembering things from her childhood because her mind was flashing through different time periods.

8. What's the deal with the nosebleeds? Still haven't figured it out. Considering Sawyer and Locke arrived on the island at the exact same time, shouldn't they both have gotten nosebleeds after the same amount of skipping? Maybe it's just a little more variable than that or does Locke's specialness or something else prevent him from getting one. Perhaps it's the same reason Daniel isn't getting nose bleeds - Locke must have a constant too (as Desmond is Daniel's constant) - could Locke's constant be Richard? I'm not sure it has anything to do with constants. It could be all about losing track in your own mind of time like Daniel Faraday said: the brain has an internal clock, and when it gets confused, it leads to a hemorrhage and even death.

9. Remember back a few seasons, we see Charlotte in the desert of Tanzania and she discovers the skeleton of a polar bear with a Dharma symbol. This appears to be the same location we see Ben after he turns the donkey wheel himself. Because the wheel is obviously in a very cold environment, they must have used polar bears to turn the wheel at one time. By now we know Charlotte has some connection with Widmore because she was on his boat; and we know that the old lady in the cathedral basement seems to be "tracking" the island so they must have sent her to that desert to inspect.

10. Does anyone think that Charlotte could have been the little girl Ben liked as a kid... Anna/Annie? She had red hair and left suddenly.

11. So is Ben the real bad guy of the series? Did you notice the look on his face when Desmond said he was there to find Faraday's mother. I would swear Ben was not
aware of her relation to Faraday, or... drum roll please...Faraday has actually changed the timeline by communicating with Desmond when he was in the hatch (era 2003 or so). Has Daniel broken his mother's rule of you can't change what is supposed to happen? Or maybe Faraday wasn't trying to change the PAST he changed the FUTURE, which is totally possible because I thought he only said they couldn't change events that had already occurred. So what was Ben's look for?

12. Food for thought: Time Travel - Can you run into yourself according to Lost's time travel rules?

13. If you can't change the past and interact with people you didn't meet yet, how did Jin interact with Danielle, and why didn't they remember each other in the future after the crash? Desmond only remembered Faraday once he was off the island. He did not recognize him when they met on the island. That is why Rosseau did not know Jin when she met him on the island after the plane crash. If Rosseau were still alive today, she would now realize that she had met Jin before.

14. As mentioned last week, the van Ben is driving is an anagram for REINCARNATION. There is a dead person in the back of that van who is going to be reincarnated after he gets back to the island, so John Locke will rise from the dead, but I am excited to see how he dies in the first place and what he said to each survivor when he went to visit them as "Jeremy Bentham." In the marina where the Oceanic met up there was a boat named Illusion clearly visible in the wide shot. The only name visible actually. With the "reincarnation" van and the boat called the illusion, I guess it's a safe bet that Locke won't be staying dead for long.

15. From a book on the Law of Dharma:
"The word "dharma" originated in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It's a principal element of the great religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and basically it means "protection". Dharma is a proactive concept. Protecting ourselves from unhappiness is no one else's responsibility but ours, and its accomplished not by physical force but by living within our own inner laws of righteousness, peace and tolerance.

Dharma dictates absolute honor for all living things and the land that nourishes them, and the belief that until each of us finds our own inner peace, there aren't enough marches, protests and demonstrations in the world to achieve peace among the nations on earth.

There are no specific rules in living according to dharma other than not causing harm to any human animal or the land itself. It's based on the idealistic premise that humankind ultimately will rise to its own innate, sacred goodness when shown the way to its spiritual path."

There's a Universal Dharma and since our universe was created by God its not surprising that its dharma is the same righteousness peace and tolerance we possess within ourselves.

When we live outside the bounds of our own divine dharma, we're naturally out of synch with the universe and pay the price in the form of stress, misery and bitterness, regardless of how much wealth and supposed success we might accumulate."

16. Jacob and Benjamin are Old Testament names, and as this show has many Biblical allusions, with John (A New Testament name and seemingly a Christ-like figure on the show now with him being sacrificed, dying and then apparently going back to resurrect on the island), Christian (part of the New Testament) would make sense to be the new island "overlord"

17. Random theory not in relation to episode...Ok so the theory is that Widmore is Faradays father. I hope we haven't forgotten the episode Catch 22 in which Mrs. Hawking and Brother Campbell appear in a photograph together. Faraday and Campbell even look a like. Why the surnames are all different is a mystery anyway. All I'm saying is Widmore funding his son's research is a bit too similar to Christian/ Claire situation. Maybe Faraday's father is actually Brother Campbell.

18. Remember the hieroglyphics at The Swan when the button needed to be pushed within a minute? Similar hieroglyphics are those at the Temple. The one on the right with 3 vertical lines, is a spaceship. They are also similar to the hieroglyphics as on the door that Ben opened to go let the smoke monster loose on Keamy's team.

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Tuesday TV

Lots going on tonight. Here we go:

American Idol: the first 12 perform
Biggest Loser
Homeland Security

side note: Fringe returns April 7

Real Housewives of O.C.: season finale (will Jeff die?)

Real Housewives of NYC: season premiere

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2.18 LOST Preview

Episode 5.06: 316
Airdate: February 18, 2009

Jack dives from the top of the waterfall and he swims over to Hurley, who's sitting on the side playing guitar... There's also a floating guitar case. Then he swims over to a maybe unconscious Kate. Suddenly, Jin comes out of the jungle holding a gun and wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. Jacks says "Jin?" And then Jin lowers the gun looking confused. Source: Lost Spoilers

Mrs Hawking gives something to Jack that MUST go back with Locke's body along with a special item that comes in pairs that is related to Jack's grandfather. Source: Lost Spoilers

Jorge Garcia Has A Blog

How did I not know this?
Dispatches From The Island

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Don't forget, tonight is an all-new Survivor. Set your DVR's!

LOST Recap

EW's Lost Recap

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Lost Wednesday

Episode 5.05: This Place Is Death
Airdate: February 11, 2009

Locke takes on the burden to stop the island's increasingly violent shifts through time. Meanwhile, Ben hits a roadblock in his attempt to reunite the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the island.

And, be sure to read Doc Jensen's latest, Time Travel Anxiety? The Doc Has The Cure!

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Buncha LOST Goodness & Stuff

Courtesy of my friend Lola (thanks, BTW, this is awesome stuff!):

Episode 4 tidbits and thoughts...
1.The numbers were everywhere this episode...
The transmission on the radio that Danielle's team was holding was saying the numbers, "4, 8, 15, 16...etc" what seemed to be on a loop but it was hard to hear first go.
Kate's house number was 42
Kate and Jack met at something with 23
When Jack calls Kate his number shows up as something with a 23 and 15 in it. I wonder if the numbers have anything to do with the spacing/ duration of the time shifts.

2. The van that Ben was driving said Canton Rainier Carpet Cleaning, for what it's worth Canton Rainier is an anagram for reincarnation.

Does that bode well for John Locke's dead body? We now have rationale for why characters won't be trying to change their past by interfering with their past selves - and why they might try to do just that, too. But I also wondered if Lost was setting up Locke (and us) for an awful twist of fate. Here is a man who has apparently made peace with his past, who has taken ownership of it, who values it greatly, all of it, good and bad. He doesn't want to change one little bit of his history, because if he did, he would lose all of his history. In other words, we now know what Locke stands to lose here in Season 5. And while he has no intention of losing it himself, I wonder if there's someone in the Lostverse who is conspiring to make sure he does. Bottom line: Is someone going to try and change John Locke's past?

3. Food for thought...When it flashed on the outrigger and it started raining, it also started raining on Jack and Kate in the car when it wasn't before.

4. The piece of wreckage found from Rousseau's craft said "Besixdouze." That's a direct reference to the story The Little Prince, which this episode is named after. Besixdouze (B612) is the name of the planet (asteroid really) that the Little Prince lived on.

5. So, who is The Little Prince? I think it has nothing to do with Aaron and everything to do with, "The Little Prince" published in 1943 and written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The Little Prince leaves his planet and after wandering the universe realizes how much he had before he left and he longs to go back. Is the Little Prince Jack? or is it Locke. In the book, the Little Prince has to die to find his way home. In the book, there are characters from the other planets that the Little Prince meets throughout the book; The Businessman, the Lamplighter, the King...many parallels can be drawn!

More about the Little Prince: It's about an alien boy who crashes in the Sahara and meets another castaway, a French pilot, who becomes responsible for the boy's welfare as his health erodes and his angst intensifies with the realization that he was never supposed to leave his magical little meteorite home, his community, and his one true love - his constant. Like the book, last night's Lost doted on themes of friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, community, and commitment. That must be one heck of a library they have on the Lost set.

6. So it looks like the people who ransacked the camp were perhaps survivors of a crash themselves, flying on Ajira Airways...check out I'm thinking this might be the airline that Locke was going to take for the Australian Walkabout. Maybe Ajira is the airline that Jack and company fly on when they return to the island. Current time could be after the Oceanic 6 make it back to the island, however Sawyer and company are all jumping through time so they haven't been able to find each other.

7. French translation of Danielle and company's discussion mainly finds nothing really important. However here is one bit of interest:

"We shouldn't have followed those numbers" and "SHUT UP BRENNAN!"

8. Remember in the season 4 finale, Jin was buying the bear and going to the hospital and I know I thought it was for Sun, but then it wasn't. Maybe that wasn't in the past (before he married Sun) but the future (future of the freighter explosion) and they have another child or their first child is sick in the hospital or something like that. What do you think?

Sun's motives and behaviors this season are perplexing me. I didn't detect an iota of motherhood in that woman, did you? In fact, her incompetence as a caregiver and the cold deadness I sensed inside - it was enough to make wonder if Sun isn't really a mother at all. And when I thought that thought, a sick possibility dawned on me. There has been speculatation that there had to be something more behind her vendetta against Ben than just wanting to avenge Jin. The theory is out there that maybe there was actually another man in her life - perhaps the never-seen 'Economist' from last season's Sayid story - and she was desperate to protect her new post-Island family from Ben's scheming and destruction. But another creepy-chilling possibility crawled out the darkness of my morbid imagination last night: Where is Ji Yeon, anyway? Could she be...(gulp) dead? Did Ben do something to her, too? Has something so awful happened to Sun's only living link to her beloved Jin that it has pushed her over the edge into utter Lady Vengeance territory?

9. So is the deal that if you don't have a constant, you're going to get nosebleeds? I think what happens is you have to get a constant to stop the nose bleeds and keep from dying. Also, how will the double time travel effect Charlotte, Juliet, and Miles ie: the white flash and the blackout. Could the nose bleeds be from radiation exposure - the bomb is leaking? Seems like the nosebleeds are related to when people were on the island. Juliet just started, she was on the island for years. Miles (aka possibly Dr. Candle's son) and Charlotte were probably on the island years ago as well. Maybe Farridy knows Miles was on the Island but Miles does not. Miles and Charlotte were 'chosen' to be part of Farridy/Widmore's team; possibly because they had been to the Island before!? There was a moment of confusion following Charlotte's collapse. When she first wakes, she asks Daniel who he is. After a brief moment of uncertainty she recognizes him. Perhaps the fainting is similiar to that of Desmond in "Constant" when he is traveling between years. Thus, the nosebleeds are a precursor to the same experiences that Desmond encountered, and if a constant is not found, death ensues. Another thought on this topic, the nosebleeds seem to be happening in the order in which the people were first on the island.
1. Charlotte (supposedly born on the island)
2. Miles (maybe Dr. Candles kid? Asian baby 1st episode from this season)
3. Juliet (has been on the island for 3+ years)
4. our Losties....sawyer, locke, et al...including Jin!...have yet to have the
nosebleeds but i am sure its coming :)

10.Could the canoe people in the island future be Widmore's people after following the oceanic 6 back to the island?

It definitely seems like your instincts are right on about the future theory:
Departure Point: 1954, the Others vs. the H-bomb testers era of the Island. (As seen in last week's episode, ''Jughead'')
Arrival Point: November 2004 - the night Boone died and Claire gave birth and Locke
made the Hatch throw a blazing bat signal into the sky.
Departure Point: November 2004
Arrival Point: Hard to say. Clearly not a moment we've seen yet in the series - so I'm going to theorize that this moment has not yet happened: The castaways landed on a point in time after the departure of the Oceanic 6. That ''Ajira Airlines'' water bottle? I'm thinking it came from the airplane that's going to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. Which means that it's possible that the other party in the other outrigger - the ones that started firing on Locke and company - was Jack and company.
Departure Point: TBD. ''Thank you, Lord!'' Sawyer bellowed as the screaming came across the sky to carry the castaways away from their attackers...
Arrival Point: Only to drop them in the middle of a storm at sea sometime in 1988. ("I take that back!" Sawyer retorted to the skies.) According to most Lost sources, 1988 was the year that Danielle Rousseau, 16 and pregnant, washed up on the Island with a bunch of French scientists.

11. Jin was caught in the "moving radius" of the island on that piece of drift and has been time traveling with the island since the blast (which for the losties is only about a day or two). Problem is the boat was 5 miles off shore and if the helicopter was not in the radius, how was Jin? Probably because Jin was caught in the "moving radius" and not the helicopter because it was above the "moving radius" and Jin was at water level. Jin could've been blasted back into the perimeter of the island so that is why he moves along with the others on the island...also things in the air might not be affected by the island so the helicopter was not stuck in the time travel

12. Everything goes back to the original others. The more we learn about everyone
else, the more connections there are back to this group. Daniel's mother, Penny's
father, maybe Jack and Claire's father, Miles' father, possibly Charlotte was born
on the island, maybe Jin's father. Maybe the rest of the survivors have connections
to this group that haven't been revealed yet???

13. Ben admitted that he was the one that hired the lawyer. Why would Ben bother with the lawyer when he already knows Aaron is Claire's not Kate's? Most assume, with good reason, that the reason he did it was to try to force Kate to go back to the island. At this point it seems to have worked. The only question I have is why did Ben tell her? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? Some say Ben telling Kate about hiring the lawyer exactly goes with his personality. Ben lies or distorts the truth for as long as he needs to. With Kate and Aaron there with Jack and Sayid, he feels he has Kate exactly where he needs her. He's kind of bragging. He'll also probably say that if she doesn't come back to the island, he's not the only one that knows. Remember the Others came from somewhere and 'work' for some organization - the same one that brought Juliet to the island and got Ben his files of information on all the survivors. Could there be other reasons why Ben hired the lawyer? Could he want to get a blood sample for sick and twisted island research? Probably not but something to ponder. Or could it be someone like Faraday's mom (She is somehow a VERY MAJOR player in this. Remember, Whitmore said that Faraday's mother was back in LA...) and Ben just says it him because he's working with her or covering for her somehow and this conviently helped Ben complete his mission of getting the Oceanic 6 back to the island.

14. The present time off the island with the Oceanic 6 is 3 years after they left... the present time ON the island has been like 1 or 2 days since the 6 left... does this mean that the people stuck on the island are going to be skipping through different time periods for 3 plus years? or will it feel to them as if it were only a few days, when off the island it is actually years?

15. The last part of the episode with Danielle, was approximately 1988 because Alex was 16 years old when 815 crashed and only 110ish days have passed, so its still around 2004 on the island when the show started, and since Alex was just about to be born because Danielle was very pregnant, its about 1988. Does anyone know if there is any method to the flashes or are the flashes to random periods? They have flashed to 1954, 1988, 2004 and I'm sure other periods too I've missed. Have they flashed to the future?

16. Some food for thought:
When this whole thing ends, Ben is actually going to be the one who planted the plane and bodies at the bottom of the ocean. I think he is the ultimate "bad guy" in this. He 'thinks' he has more control over his situation. But his destiny was to turn the wheel and be banished.

Widmore is actually trying to find the island to keep it away from Ben. He believes in Faraday's research (maybe his son?) and the DHARMA Initiative's goals - to better humankind. Ben destroyed that through the purge.

Ben wants the island for his own personal safety, while Widmore, as an original "other" believes in the special nature of the island.

Jacob is the ultimate #1 of the island. Richard knows this. Jacob had "chosen" Ben to be a decoy leader to keep Richard safe. Once Ben has grown out of control, Jacob has chosen him to leave, and then chose Locke to be the new decoy - again, all to keep Richard safe.

17. What if Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are siblings? There has been speculation that Hawking and Widmore were lovers. When 1954 Widmore ran away from Locke, Sawyer and Juliet (after snapping his fellow other's neckbone!) and returned to Alpert's camp, Widmore claimed he was outnumbered. Ellie scoffs "outnumbered eh?" Widmore shoots back "shut up Ellie" Ellie's sarcastic comment and Widmore childish response sounds like every brother and sister I have ever met. It didn't sound like a boyfriend/girlfriend exchange. That would explain why present day Widmore would allow Hawking to look for the island and not kill her. I don't think even Widmore would kill his sister to find the island. If Hawking is Faraday's mother, and I believe she is, it doesn't seem so crazy for Widmore to be financing Faraday's, his nephew's research.

And finally, One additional theory: My guess is that Locke will discover the frozen donkey wheel and crank it back to the OFF position, which will send the Island into a skid (i.e., come to rest at a certain in space and time) and send him out the wormhole
windshield and into his Jeremy Bentham off-Island moment.

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Lost Theories, Tidbits & Other Crazy Shit

Observations from various sources...

So Charles Widmore was an original "Other" over 50 years ago. After the flash, they buried the Hydrogen bomb as recommended by Daniel, and that's how Widmore discovered the power of the island. The buried Hydrogen bomb is the source of the mysterious energy of the island. Faraday's visit also introduced Richard to time travel. I don't think he knew anything about that before meeting Daniel and Locke in 1954. It also introduced Widmore to Faraday, so he could find him many years later and fund his research. I think my brain is melting...

My guess is that because of Locke's story to Richard in 1954, Richard started to believe that Locke was their true leader. Then along come the snooty young wippersnapper Charles WIdmore thinking he would be the leader someday, but with Richard focused on Locke, Widmore is pushed aside. He gets angry, does something stupid, like maybe contact the Dharma Initiative to come to the island, and as a result is booted off.

As we all try and chase the mice running inside our heads...are we reaching a point where we should be thinking that 1) yes, Mrs. Hawking is clearly Dan's mom AND 2) Widmore is his dad???
Both british, both clearly involved with the island, approximate same age (right?). Widmore is funding Dan's research and has been for some time. And of course, Dan is on Widmore's boat looking for the island. Hmmm...
- If that is the case, then Penny and Dan are at least step siblings, which would also make Dan and Desmond bro's-in-law. Hmmm...
- is that why in Dan's journal he had written that Desmond would be his constant??? or was that just from the memory of Desmind's previous visit to Oxford???

Not sure if anyone mentioned this but the unhelpful woman working the desk at Oxford that Desmond talks to was an Oceanic Flight Attendant "Jenna" in Season One. She lets Hurley on the plane and he gives her a big hug. "Jenna" also helps Locke on the plane. Either Team Darlton is running out of extras or she works for Widmore!

Charlie had potentially been on the island in the past, at least there were subtle references to him being there…like when he had to play Good Vibrations on the keypad in the looking glass station and the lady said that the one who programmed it originally was a musician…it was all very suggestive that Charlie was the one that programmed it. WELL – here’s my thought…..
Penny and Desmond’s child, Charlie, isn’t named after Charlie. He IS Charlie and he’s going to end up on the island at some point in time before 815 crashed and he’s going to spend some time there and program the keypad. He'll somehow end up jumping through time (Charlie will inherit Desmond’s ability to jump around like that) and he will end up off the island and not remember being there, just like when Desmond kept jumping back and forth and he suddenly couldn’t remember which place was real and couldn’t remember the island. Only Charlie won't know about the need to have a constant so he won't remember.