Wednesday, August 31

Actual LOST dialogue!

Got an email from Oceanic Air. Here is a random snippet from the season premiere!!!!

You're lighter. I can relay you down and bring you back up just as easy. Shaft may be narrower down there, too.

You left out the part where you just wanna see if I'm gonna be eaten by something.


There is nothing funny about Katrina. Or racism. But put the two together, and the results are somewhat interesting.

Seth Cohen's Band

So last night I went to The Viper Room to see Big Japan, Adam Brody's band. Let me back up...

I went to the beach to play volleyball, threw out my back, and then went to The Viper Room to see Big Japan, Adam Brody's band.

I got to The (famous) Viper Room (where River Phoenix died) around 8:30. A shitty band called Ghosts on the Radio played for too long (about 20 minutes). Their set included a shitty cover of Creep. It wasn't only shitty because the band is shitty, but the guitarist decided to stop playing (he kept playing with his wires, so maybe something went wrong), the drummer was playing the bass, so it was just the whiney singer and a bass. Yeah. It sounded greeeeaaat.

The next band, called OSLO, was - quite frankly - awesome! They sounded like a mix between Interpol and Snow Patrol. They were very charismatic. Very loud. They had that "wall-of-sound" sound. I really liked them and will keep tabs on them.

Then I realized my back freakin' hurt. I could barely stand (even today, I'm having some trouble). So I decided I really didn't want to see Big Japan that bad. Hell, I had already spotted Rachel Bilson (cute).

So I went home.

Clearly Smarter Than She Looks

Actress Jenny McCarthy's book about how to succeed in marriage will survive her divorce. McCarthy had just sold "Marriage Laughs" to Dutton for $1 million when she filed for divorce

"Jenny was deliriously in love with her husband and her book, which is hilarious, was going to be a (part of a) series about marriage," the source said. "Jenny was going to be the spokeswoman for a generation of young, sassy, married women. But just as the contract was being signed, Jenny filed for divorce."

--I see... pretend you are deliriously in love.... get your contract signed... and then run off with the money. Good job, Jenny!

My Fair Brady

VH1's latest reality show lets viewers into the not-so-private lives of Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight and his model girlfriend, Adrianne Curry. (wait... weren't we already let in on their not-so-private lives during Surreal Life?)

The couple is featured in "My Fair Brady," a takeoff on the name that made Knight famous in the 1970s as member of TV's "The Brady Bunch" clan. "My Fair Brady" kicks off Sept. 11 on the cable music network.

Knight's TV mom, Florence Henderson, will make a guest appearance as he grapples with whether to marry his "America's Next Top Model" girlfriend, who is 25 years his junior.


I Think I Have An Answer

From (apologies to Dan for getting political today)

Is Hurricane Katrina the new 9/11?

The death toll almost certainly won't approach 9/11 numbers, but the insurance industry says the financial losses could come close. Americans in Kansas and California aren't feeling the same sort of "we could be next" vulnerability they did on that Tuesday morning four years ago -- and this isn't the first hurricane to strike the homeland -- but there's at least some sense that the county is sharing the pain of a national tragedy again. The editorial writers at the New York Times see the pictures from Louisiana and can't help thinking of "the time after 9/11, when the rest of the nation made it clear that our city was their city, and that everyone was part of the battle to restore it."

A little less poetically, Aaron Brooks, the quarterback of the displaced New Orleans Saints, says: "It's not a 9/11 deal, but it has the feeling of it."

That's certainly what they're hoping over at the White House. The attacks of 9/11 were very, very good for George W. Bush. His job approval ratings were sliding amid the sour economy in the weeks before the attacks, but Americans rallied around their president in the days and months afterward. Bush was able to use 9/11 to sell a war and hide the effect of his tax cuts, and he rode the often-invoked memories of 9/11 to reelection in November.

So Bush heads back to Washington today -- and soon, to the scene of the disaster in Louisiana -- but for what? What can Bush do for the people of New Orleans that isn't being done already? What can he do that he couldn't do in Crawford? Scott McClellan didn't have much of an answer yesterday. Throughout the president's vacation -- as American soldiers were killed and the political progress faltered in Iraq -- the White House insisted that Bush had all the powers of the modern presidency in his command down in Crawford. So why does Bush have to go back to Washington now? Isn't it just symbolic, like standing on that fire truck and shouting in a bullhorn after 9/11?

"No, I think -- no, I disagree," McClellan said yesterday. "Like I said, this is one of the most devastating storms in our nation's history, and the president, after receiving a further update this morning, made the decision that he wanted to get back to D.C. and oversee the response efforts from there." Pressed on what Bush could do in Washington that he couldn't do in Crawford, McClellan said: "We'll talk to you all later. We've got to go. Thank you."

I Am So Pissed

Can anyone explain why the refineries and levees were not more protected and secured? Can anyone explain why they stuck 30,000 people into a Superdome, knowing the city could very well fill up with water and they would have nowhere to go? No utilities, food or water? Little, if any security? Now they plan on busing these DomePeople to Houston to live in yet another Dome?

Can anyone explain why the hell our president is STILL on vacation?

Tuesday, August 30

Zombies Attack American Idol Auditions

Seriously. This is the funniest shit I've seen all day. Check out the gallieries.


Gas is, like, $9 a gallon now.

I just got a promotion.

I'm going to treat myself to a Civic Hybrid in December.

Clip & Keep

Fall Reality Show Line-Up

* Wife Swap [ABC, Sept. 12, Mondays at 8]
* The Biggest Loser 2: Sept. 13, [NBC, Tuesdays at 8]
* Survivor Guatemala: [CBS, Sept. 15, Thursdays at 8]
* Starting Over season three: [syndicated, check local listings]
* Dancing with the Stars: Dance-off: [ABC, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 8:30 p.m.; results Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 p.m.]
* Big Brother 6 finale: [CBS, Sept. 20, 9 p.m.]
* The Apprentice: Martha Stewart: [NBC, Sept. 21, Wednesdays at 8]
* Top Model: [UPN, Sept. 21, Wednesdays at 8, repeated Tuesdays at 8]
* The Apprentice 4: [NBC, Sept. 22, NBC, Thursdays at 9]
* Supernanny [ABC, Sept. 23, Fridays at 8]
* Extreme Makeover: Home Edition [ABC, Sept. 25, Sundays at 8]
* The Amazing Race 8: [CBS, Sept. 27, Tuesdays at 9]
* Project Runway 2 [Bravo, Dec. 7]

Monster Development

Charlize Theron is joining the cast of Arrested Development for five episodes this season! She's gonna be hooking up with Jason Bateman. When is Justine Bateman going to play his girlfriend?

Monday, August 29

A Snippet O' Lost

From Watch With Kristin:

Lost with Wilson? I'm still in Hawaii digging up dirt on Lost (I know, poor me), so sit tight for another Lost-apalooza column, because oh, oh, oh, do I have scoop to share! For now, a teeny tease to tide you over--Damon Lindelof on new cast member Michelle Rodriguez: "We know she was sitting in the tail section of the plane, so we know that there was at least one other survivor of the crash who's been out there leading this sort of Tom Hanks-ian castaway existence by herself."

"Will she befriend a volleyball?" I asked. Damon countered: "Maybe. Volleyball's obvious. Should I say [raises one devious brow]...badminton birdie? That's the way we roll on Lost! [Laughs.] But I think people are really compelled to see what's been going on with her for the last 45 days. She's had her whole own second show going on, we just weren't watching it. So, when she joins the cast, she has two backstories: (1) everything that happened pre-crash, and (2) everything that happened between the crash and when we meet her. We're gonna tell that story in one awesome concept episode. I'm not gonna tell you when, but we haven't talked about it with anyone before you, so that'll be pretty kick-ass."

The Miami Herald knows how to open a story...

"Cindy Sheehan will get her wish to meet with President Bush the day winged donkeys perform an air show in the skies above the South Lawn. In other words, never."

I'm not even kidding, this is a headline from

"Longoria Voted Sexiest TV Star Of All Time Desperate Housewives Actress Eva Longoria Has Beaten Off Competition From Jennifer Aniston To Be Voted The Sexiest TV Beauty Of All Time."

Brilliant journalism over at over at IMDB. brilliant journalism.

Yet another U2 opener

Dashboard Confessional is joining the tour. Yikes! I like them and all, but I want Snow Patrol or The Arcade Fire.


I forgot to watch.

Red Eye

This movie is a good little thriller. I am told that Rachel McAdams is the next Julia Roberts. Um, okay. I'm going to start telling people that Cillian Murphy is the next... well, I don't know really. But he's good. And handsomer than Rachel McAdams.

Cable News

I swear I was watching coverage of The Apocalypse last night, but - quite frankly - it didn't turn out so bad. One thing is for sure: I would not want to be in that Superdome of Death and Destruction. My God, the roof was falling off!

Death Cab

Apparently their new album is brilliant. Not a big suprise.

The Comeback

I'm sorry I keep saying the same thing about this show, but it fucking cracks me up! I couldn't handle Valerie Cherish causing Paulie G to vomit all over her, and then him causing her to vomit all over him. And then it segued into Valerie doing a suprisingly good "street" version of "I Will Survive."

Suge Knight was shot...

I'm sorry, I don't really know who he is.

Eva Longwhoria

Thanks to D-Listed. Check out this slut.

Yeah, well it still sucks

John Leguizamo is joining the cast of ER, for at least 12 episodes. Cool!


Funny video about Gustaf, international supermodel.

Friday, August 26

Nothing says art like....

a pickeled fetus head?

"ZURICH (Reuters) - A sculpture made with the pickled head of a dead fetus attached to a seagull's body has fuelled a furore in Switzerland about the boundaries of art."

Lovely. Good timing, since I'm looking for something to hang on my walls...

U2 Opener

Kanye West? I think it's confirmed. Keane? Confirmed. The Arcade Fire? My Chemical Romance? The Thrills? Rumors. If I could just find out who will be opening in Los Angeles. I would love Arcade Fire or Snow Patrol.

Eva Peron

Madonna, Great Britain's favourite Horse Whisperer, is rumored to be cast as Eva Peron in the new stage version of Evita. Oh Lordie. As much as I loved loved loved her in the movie version, I think she may have had some "help" (aka digital enhancement) with her voice. Not sure how she would handle the role live.

Tom Cruise = Dorothy

Like you didn't already know! Check out the pictures, all over the internets. Or at Just Jared.

Celebrity Police Sketches...

Pretty funny how the sketches don't look anything like the celebrities. Thanks, Radar Online!

Angelina + Brad

Something about Life & Style Magazine (worst. magazine. ever. by the way) and Angelina referring to Brad as her husband....

Memoirs of a Geisha

I bet the trailer looks even better if you read Japanese.

Cool casting news

Sean Astin is joining the cast of 24. I may have to start watching it again this season.


Look for a major re-tool of this show, which has been struggling big time since its debut (even reruns are doing shitty):

-Jennifer Coolidge is now a regular on the show
-Drea de Matteo's character will now work for Jennifer's
-Joey is going to get some "friends"
-He's going to move out of that god-awful apartment and into a big house
-He's gets a good gig and hits the "big time"

Will it be worth watching now? Nah....

Thursday, August 25

What's up, Sluts?

I just got promoted! Yay!

Wednesday, August 24

Tuesday, August 23

A joke.

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving.

Suddenly a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down his window and asks, "What happened?"

"Terrorists kidnapped President Bush and are asking for a $10 million ransom. Otherwise they are going to douse him with gasoline and set him on fire. We are going from car to car to take up a collection."

The driver asks, "How much have you collected so far?"

"About 25 gallons."

Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Wife's Vagina

From the Onion! Other key headlines this week:

What Has Our Society Come To When March Of The Penguins Is The Blockbuster Hit Of The Summer?
By Michael Bay
Director, The Island

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

Bush Does 360 On Abortion Stance

New West Wing Star

Janeane Garofalo. Cool.

U2 and Kanye West?

Strange rumor, but Kanye West may open for U2 on the 3rd leg (North America) of their Vertigo Tour. Not thrilled about that one. I was hoping for The Arcade Fire.

Rescue Me

FX ordered a third season. I know there's a lot of fans of this show out there. Unfortunately, I'm not one. I've just never seen it.

When magazines resort to "lists"

It usually means they are selling out. Here are selections for Spin Magazine's List of Rock's Incredible Body Parts:

Elvis' Pelvis (ha!)
Madonna's belly-button
Keith Richards' liver
Tina Turner's legs
Bruce Springsteen's butt
Tommy Lee's... um, you know

Oh, Courtney

I saw you on the Comedy Central Roast of Pam Anderson. You were a mess. And now I hear you pleaded guilty to doing drugs and you're back in rehab. And now you might be pregnant with Steve Coogan's baby? Who is Steve Coogan, anyway?

Did you hear?

Brad and Jen got divorced!

The Comeback

This show is still funny, no? Valerie Cherish going to the People's Choice Awards with her dress on backwards was classic! She is such a train-wreck.

Prison Break

This is a good one. Waaaaay far-fetched, but should appeal to those 24 fans out there. Plus, it's on the same night (and network) as Arrested Development. Prison Break premieres next week (8/29). Be sure to watch!

Matthew Vaughn

Word on the street: he's dead.

Please forgive me for not posting...

I'm still getting over the death of SIX FEET UNDER. If that wasn't the best series finale ever, I don't know what is.

Did anyone else cry uncontrollably?

I think it's time to rewatch the entire series on DVD.

Check out to read obituaries of all the main characters.

Monday, August 22

No Longer Full O' Shit

"American Idol" runner-up Bo Bice had emergency surgery for a blockage in his intestines, and won't be returning to the "Idol" tour.

Chris Elliott fans: Take note!

From Variety:

Chris Elliott is partnering with the producers of "Two and a Half Men""Two And A Half Men" for a potential half-hour comedy project.

No word yet on a writer or concept. Given Elliott's background as a scribe as well as an actor, it's possible he could end up as a writer on the project. Last year, Elliott developed a half-hour comedy for Fox. He also had wrapped his recurring role on "Everybody Loves Raymond," and did a dramatic turn on NBC's "Third Watch."

Elliott starred in the early 1990s Fox cult comedy "Get a Life."

--And for those as old as me, you might remember him as the "Man Under The Seats" on the David Letterman show.

A Sad Farewell

From EW:

Hauntingly, Claire was the last to go.

Leave it to Six Feet Under to achieve a happy ending by showing the deaths of each of its major characters. Well, happy in a depressing, make you reach for a Kleenex while contemplating the meaning of mortality kind of way. But who would want it any different? If nothing else, Six Feet Under has, in a pop-cultural sense, normalized the end of life, pulling back the curtain to remind us that the process can be painful, absurd, violent, funny, peaceful, sad, and beautiful, sometimes all at once. And certainly, the final moments of the Fisher clan were dying proof of exactly that.

One minute, I'm getting a lump in my throat as Ruth expires, surrounded by her family, in a hospital bed in 2025; the next I'm suppressing a chuckle watching Brenda get talked to death by Billy, way down the road in 2051. And while I winced witnessing Keith get gunned down in an armored car robbery in 2029, how touching was it seeing David flashing back on a vision of his young, exuberant husband right before keeling over at a family picnic in 2044? Sure, the ''old-people makeup'' was a little wonky, and the music was amped up for maximum sentimentality, but is there any reason to fight a good cry, especially when you're saying goodbye to a series that even in its least successful moments, challenged you by never giving you easy choices on how to feel about its characters and story arcs?

As much as I reveled in Six Feet Under's final set of death sequences, though, I don't think they'd have succeeded if we hadn't gotten to enjoy watching our beloved characters living so fully in the series finale. I sure was glad Alan Ball didn't conclude last week's cliff-hanger by killing off newborn baby Willa, not only because it would've been a cheap exit strategy but also because it would've robbed us of the finale's most surprising (and surprisingly touching) connection. Indeed, while five seasons of evidence would have led me to name Ruth the character least likely to extinguish Brenda's deep-seated maternal fears, by the time Ruth delivered her ''Motherhood is the loneliest thing in the world'' speech, what might have seemed like a pat attempt to reconcile these formidable women came off as completely genuine. Dramatic success, of course, was in the details, and Ruth's acknowledgment of the slight hesitation in her daughter-in-law's voice became the sword that helped Brenda slay her disturbing internal visions of an angry, judgmental Nate. And while we know Brenda will always be saddled with a heavy backpack of self-doubt, the baby steps toward self-awareness throughout Six Feet Under's run have brought her a long way.

Almost as much of a breakthrough as Ruth and Brenda's truce, however, was the former's realization about her own unfortunate fashion sense. Perhaps smarting from Margaret's priceless putdown — ''It isn't the '50s anymore — no matter how you dress'' — Ruth finally turned off the Just Shoot Me reruns and opened her eyes while packing to vacate the Fisher homestead. And the terse observation she made caused me to howl with laughter: ''My entire life I've been wearing clothes that I hate.'' Priceless! Ruth has always been a character defined by her repressions — but some of those drab skirts and sweaters seemed insanely out of touch for an under-60 woman living in modern Los Angeles. For Ball to slyly wink at this absurdity in the series' final episode was to bring loyal viewers in on the joke in a clever, thoughtful manner. (And anyhow, Ruth's going to have to ditch the devil's cardigans when she and bawdy Bettina become hookers, or meth manufacturers.)

But even putting Ruth in a vinyl miniskirt couldn't compete with the extreme makeover given to the Fisher homestead by David and Keith. (Those stainless-steel appliances sure were nice, but Bettina's remark that ''it's a 100 percent gay kitchen'' — another throwaway line delivered with unabashed glee by the delightful Kathy Bates — was right on the money.) Now I may be in the minority of folks who wish they didn't have to (literally) see David fight, then embrace, his own inner demons — golly gee, the red-hooded tormentor is none other than...himself! Oy! — but since he and Keith got to live happily ever after (complete with a same-sex marriage ceremony), I won't complain. Too much anyway. Okay, let me just ask: When you've got a physically and emotionally rock-solid partner like Keith, are you really going to look to your big brother as your main source of strength and protection and, as a result of his death, suffer a complete mental breakdown that risks your hard-won family's well-being? I think not. But whatever David's journey, it was all worth it to see him and Keith at the dinner table with the boys, with David offering thanks for two sons ''who have given us a home every bit as much as we have them.''

Achieving happiness with far less angst was the series' other funeral director and his spouse. Maybe it was just a little too conventional a plot device that the Keith-David-Brenda cash connection allowed them to buy out Rico's share in Fisher & Diaz, and allowed Rico and Vanessa to start building that delightful espresso bar in the back nook of their new funeral home, but at least we got to see the couple's ferocious ambition without a hint of rose-colored tint. I was glad Rico didn't spend the episode grappling with some misguided sense of loyalty to David and the rest of the self-absorbed Fishers; it's only natural the guy wanted to branch out on his own and not have to worry about competition from his old bosses.

The most exciting and uncertain future, though, belongs to Claire, who suddenly rediscovered her sense of humor for the series finale. (''I'm eating fruit salad in bed with a naked frat boy who voted for George W. Bush'' ranks as her finest quip in quite some time.) Yet while it was hard not to feel hopeful as Claire popped her ''Ted's Deeply Unhip Mix'' CD into the car stereo and began the long journey to New York, those ethereal dying eyes of hers all the way off in 2085 forecast that Claire has both darkness and light in her future. After all, as her mother said while freeing her from the Fisher nest, ''I pray you'll be filled with hope as long as you possibly can.'' That might sound like a bleak world view with which to wrap your average TV series, but for Six Feet Under, it's pure poetry.

What do you think? What will you miss most about the series? What did you think of the finale? With Willa and Maya being raised by Brenda and Ruth, and getting quality time with Margaret, Olivier, and Billy, will we have enough neurotics to populate a sequel series in 20 years? And, oh, is it just me, or is Maggie totally pregnant with Nate's baby?

Saturday, August 20

Never Saw This Coming

Eminem is in drug rehab.

And In "Blossom" News.....

E!'s True Hollywood Story is going behind the scenes to bring us the down-and-dirty on "Blossom".

Did I just type Blossom? Did I just say E!'s THS is going behind the scenes? Is E! getting desperate for material?

Competitive Wine Making

PBS is planning a competitive reality series based upon wine. The six-episode series, The Wine Makers, “will follow five people from diverse backgrounds as they learn the wine business” and “compete for a chance to launch their own wine label.

DWTS: Part 2

From RealityBlurred:

John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco will compete in a dance-off next month

Responding to the controversy over the Dancing with the Stars finale, and also responding to their own selfish desire to squeeze every last rating point out of their summer hit, ABC has scheduled a dance-off between the two finalists. John O’Hurley (and Charlotte Jorgensen) and Kelly Monaco (and Alec Mazo) will face off live on Sept. 20 starting at 8:30 p.m. ET. They’ll each perform Latin, ballroom, and freestyle dances.

ABC is giving viewers all the power this time. A press release notes that “judges will return to give their critiques, but only viewers’ votes will count… America will truly decide the winner of the dance-off.” Unlike last time, when the winner was decided by a complicated mathematical formula that only astrophysicists could decipher. The results will air in a half-hour show on Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

--my prediction: O'Hurley will win. surprise. surprise. surprise.

Friday, August 19

Longoria Struck by Falling Pole

Yes, that is an actual headline.

Thursday, August 18

Real World: Austin

Got around to watching the latest episode. Is Wes a total moron or what? Actually he's quite the man-slut. Bad enough he screws some random chick from the bar but moments after they wrap things up, he calls her a cab. Smooth move, idiot. I think the most amusing aspect of the season has got to be Wes' belief that Johanna is in love with him but is playing coy. Johanna doesn't want a damn thing to do with him, but evidently Wes is totally clueless. His FIVE dollar bet with Lacey was the hi-lite of the episode. He went on to reveal his plan: He'll only kiss her for, like, half a second; then he'll pull away, declare, ''This is what you could have had,'' and walk away.

Actually we should be grateful for his lack of self-awareness.... if not for being a complete doofus, there wouldn't have been a show this week.

Oh, and by the way, Danny was a no-show and apparently the roommates didn't give a shit about him cuz his name was never mentioned and no shots of Melissa endlessly bawling in hopes of his return.

Taft Pleads No Contest

Taft's Day In Court

I believe he's off to play golf now.........

Wednesday, August 17

Ohio News

For those keeping tabs on Taft and the ensuing Coingate scandal, here's the latest,

What Women Want

From MediaLife:
Page after glossy page, Playgirl magazine has long held up the image of the hairless, chiseled male model as the ultimate female fantasy. But a survey the magazine recently conducted throws doubt on whether women really want the traditional Hollywood stud. Apparently they’d rather see hairy, chubby schlubs. The survey of 2,000 readers found that 42 percent of respondents accepted love handles in their men and 47 percent welcomed chest hair. And the metrosexual as sex object was dismissed almost entirely, with 73 percent of those surveyed seeking a man who is “rough around the edges.” Playgirl has now launched a full-scale model search for a hunk-of-a-hairy man to be featured in a short pictorial in the magazine’s next issue. If you’re that guy, send an inquiry to

And in other news, Playgirl went out of business.

Simplification: The P. Diddy Way

P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean P. Diddy Combs, whatever-his-name-is...... has announced he's "simplifying" and now just going by Diddy. No more P.

Let's have a moment of silence, shall we?

Featuring All The Reality Has-Beens & Wanabee's

Bravo resurrects a television classic from the ’70s and ’80s tonight as it airs Battle of the Network Reality Stars. The six-hour series kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. ET with a 90-minute premiere.

More '30 Days'

FX has picked up a second season of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days.


Tuesday, August 16

Ebert takes on Deuce Bigalow


The movie created a spot of controversy last February. According to a story by Larry Carroll of MTV News, Rob Schneider took offense when Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times listed this year's Best Picture Nominees and wrote that they were ignored, unloved and turned down flat by most of the same studios that ... bankroll hundreds of sequels, including a follow-up to 'Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,' a film that was sadly overlooked at Oscar time because apparently nobody had the foresight to invent a category for Best Running Penis Joke Delivered by a Third-Rate Comic."

Schneider retaliated by attacking Goldstein in full-page ads in Daily Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. In an open letter to Goldstein, Schneider wrote: "Well, Mr. oldstein, I decided to do some research to find out what awards you have won. I went online and found that you have won nothing. Absolutely nothing. No journalistic awards of any kind ... Maybe you didn't win a Pulitzer Prize because they haven't invented a category for Best Third-Rate, Unfunny Pompous Reporter Who's Never Been Acknowledged by His Peers."

Reading this, I was about to observe that Schneider can dish it out but he can't take it. Then I found he's not so good at dishing it out, either. I went online and found that Patrick Goldstein has won a National Headliner Award, a Los Angeles Press Club Award, a award, and the Publicists' Guild award for lifetime achievement.
. . .
But Schneider is correct, and Patrick Goldstein has not yet won a Pulitzer Prize. Therefore, Goldstein is not qualified to complain that Columbia financed "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" while passing on the opportunity to participate in "Million Dollar Baby," "Ray," "The Aviator," "Sideways" and "Finding Neverland." As chance would have it, I have won the Pulitzer Prize, and so I am qualified. Speaking in my official capacity as a Pulitzer Prize winner, Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks.

If This Happens.... God Help Us All !!!!

K-fed would like you to see Britney give birth on live TV.

Too. Damn. Funny.

From Defamer:

What Do You Get The Woman Who Has Everything For Her Birthday?

Three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone, and a broken hand.

(that's Madonna, in case you hadn't heard)


One war isn't enough?

President Bush said on Israeli television he could consider using force as a last resort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program... "All options are on the table," Bush, speaking at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, said in the interview broadcast on Saturday.

Google & iTunes?

Very much an unsubstantiated rumor, but interesting nonetheless:

"The Internets are humming with chatter about Google’s music service, possibly in partnership with iTunes. Now mind you this is based on one report, based on one comment by an options trader in, not exactly a publication known for reporting accurate mac-related reporters. (ThinkSecret would make me take this more seriously!) Anyway if it does come to pass, it would be a stiff blow to Microsoft ecosystem and also to Yahoo’s musical ambitions. iTunes is to digital music, what Google is to search, and it would be a magical combination. Dave Winer had earlier reported that Google might be working on “an iTunes-clone, based on RSS 2.0, and fully podcast-capable. Multiple sources on this one.”


Nieces Rock Out

Recently, while in Columbus visiting my sister & family, I found out my nieces (4 & 2) are quite the little rockers! My sister has been listening to Led Zeppelin on her way to work. Apparently Maddie & Cate really like the Immigrant Song and will sing along, screaming at various points during the song and start head bobbing while in their little car seats.

Last Friday my mom & I picked them up to bring them to grandma & grandpa's for the weekend. I made sure my iPod was loaded with Led Zeppelin so the girls could rock out a little. Once on the road, I told them I would play "their song". Sure, enough, heads start bobbing, Cate starts screaming. Totally hysterical.

Although my mother had to be a kill-joy..... she thinks the girls should be listening to Christian music. (as if they'd know the difference!!!???)

Monday, August 15

More Lost!

There will be TWO cast members leaving the payroll ranks this season. That is the rumor.

Eddie Murphy Divorcing

Why isn't this splattered all over the news like Brad & Jen?


According to Star, Jessica Simpson's butt has fallen flat. OMG! What a travesty! Someone call Dr. 90210 and get her pumped back up!!!!

My Super Sweet 16

Premieres tonight at 10:30 on MTV.

-whiny, snotty, spoiled girls having excessive birthday bashes? I'm there!!!

Crow's Phone Bill

Crowe to Pay $11M in Phone Flap.

--there is just something wrong about that. not that it's okay to hurl a phone at someone because you're mad but to have to pay that kind of money is just insane.

Champ Is 10

Just had to make the big announcement that my cat, Champ, is 10 today. It's a big milestone cuz he's diabetic. Yup.... insulin shots every 12 hours and a low-carb diet. Who knew?? But he's been diabetic for nearly 4.5 years and is doing well (knock on wood, antijinx, etc.)

Happy Birthday Champy boy!!! Here's to 10 more!!

My World Stopped Spinning..... Almost....

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey announced that they aren't going to do any more reality shows. But then Simpson added that they might do a couple of variety shows (ala Donny & Marie).


Television W/O Pity Weighs in on 6FU

"Six weeks after Nate's death, the aftermath is pretty ugly. Claire's drunk and screaming at everyone, until she drives out to Nate's grave in the middle of the night and wrecks her hearse. She's unhurt, but her car's totaled. David's stressed out, PTSD-ing all over the place, and alienating everyone around him. Rico looks about ready to bail on the whole business, possibly with Vanessa as his new partner. Maggie's leaving town, but she's got some choice words for George before she goes. One wonders if Nate would have been so into Maggie if he'd ever seen that side of her. As for me, I never liked her more. Ruth doesn't want to give Maya back to Brenda, and Late Nate, Jr.'s ghost convinces Brenda to go along. Nate also tells Brenda to marry Billy, but Brenda's highly convincing sex-dream about her brother puts an end to that idea. It also puts an end to her willingness to let Ruth keep Maya. While Ruth and Brenda are arguing in the Fisher kitchen about Maya's future, Brenda spills that Nate had sex with Maggie. And then she spills more than that, as her water breaks all over Ruth's floor, two months early (and if Brenda's that big at only seven months, then I'm three months along myself). At episode's end, Claire rides home on the bus, Keith asks David to go away for a while for the kids' sake, and Brenda struggles to give birth while the ghost of her dead husband watches. Ah, the miracle of life. Looks painful, dude."

A Wonderful Set-Up

There were some places Six Feet Under went last night that kind of freaked me out. I figured something would happen between Brenda and Billy. Thank God it was in her head and not in reality. Maggie still isn't pregnant (I hope this stays the case), and I'm glad she's booking town. Claire was devastating. David was, too. So needy. And Rico - I know he's looking out for his family, but come on,

Highlights - it was hard to say goodbye to Clair's car.

Brenda going into birth this episode was a shock. Ruth put down all of her anger and helped her out, and that was wonderful... and led to the most beautiful cliffhanger this show has ever seen. (Perfect music: The Arcade Fire)

All of this is leading into, what I expect to be, a very emotional last episode. No tears this episode. I guess I needed a week off.

Shocker of the Day

Posh Spi... I mean, Victoria Beckham has never read a book in her life. Wow.

Saturday, August 13

Courtney Love Rumors

Not sure if she actually failed a drug test. But apparently there were rumors swirling around LA that she committed suicide. They are not true, according to the police. There was a murder or a suicide in a house nearby hers. So all the commotion wasn't related to her. Poor Courtney. Can't get a break. By the way, how much does her daughter look like Kurt Cobain? She's going to be a heartbreaker when she gets older.

Friday, August 12

Why I love CNN

Because of headlines like this:

Large tree branch falls at PGA championship in New Jersey, injuring at least one person.

Oliver Stoner


Why do I love The Onion?

Because of headlines like these:

Why Somebody Always Around Every Time I Drop My Baby?

Wounded Celebrity Heroically Drags Self Down Red Carpet

New Distressed Jeans Feature Broken-In Cameltoe

Bush Vows to Eliminate Oil Dependence by 4920

Tater Tops 2005

Best TV of 2005, a poll taken by E!'s Watch with Kristin! My picks:

Best Comedy - Arrested Development
Best Drama - Lost
Show I'll Miss the Most - Six Feet Under

Deuce Bigalow

Yeah, right. If you see this over the weekend, never come back to this blog.

Julia Roberts to Quit Hollywood

Oh, I thought she already did. Besides Closer, where have you been?

Jarhead Trailer

Best Picture?

Aeon Flux Trailer

At, so you have to watch an ad.


What does everyone think? I think it was subversive and funny. Mary-Louise Parker is one of my favorite actresses, and she nailed the pot-dealer mom character.


It's coming back for a 6th and a half season! After twelve episodes in 2006, there will be ten additional in 2007!

SFU: Dan's View

Yes, I agree with Jen. I was crying the entire episode. It was devastating. And, quite frankly, it wasn't so much for Nate. He turned into a prick (although a very likeable one). I was moved by his family's reactions of his death. Except for Maggie.

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

The hype is starting!!! I can't wait!!!

I received good news this morning about the movie. Evidently there has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the movie so now there is a press junket scheduled for Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson. Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

Prize Winner Movie

Thursday, August 11


I watched about half of Sunday's episode today. (had to break away from it cuz I didn't have time to finish watching).

OMG!!! I was bawling my eyes out. These are totally fictional characters but yet it was so real and so amazing. Dan was right.... these people are like your friends or neighbors. It's like we know them. We're happy and sad for them. Embarassed and proud. What an amazing, amazing show. I cannot name another show that has given the viewer such well-written storylines, drama, comedy and realism. It's directed and filmed incredibly well. Like Dan, I will miss it terribly.

Major kudos to Alan Ball and crew.

Survivor: Part 2

Also from Reality Blurred:

The cast of Survivor Guatemala was revealed this morning, but only 16 cast members were announced. We expected at least 18. CBS offers a thinly veiled answer in its press release (thanks to my Chicago Tribune friend Maureen Ryan for passing it along). The network says the cast will hike 11 miles to their new home, and

“In addition to the grueling overnight hike, the castaways will be faced with two additional surprises in the first episode that will dramatically impact how they play the game.”

I’d guess that those two surprises are, more likely than not (stop reading now if you get freaked out easily) former Survivor Palau cast members Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard, who are rumored to be taking part in the 11th season. Maybe they’ll act as tribe mentors or Mayan rulers of some kind?

We’ll know for sure on Sept. 15, when the new season debuts.

Survivor: Part 1

From Reality Blurred:

The cast of Survivor Guatemala includes, as expected, former NFL star Gary Hogeboom. He is, however, the only well-known person on the cast.

Overall, the cast includes just 16 cast members. As I noted earlier, the teaser web site said there would be 20; at the end of last season, Jeff Probst said there’d be 18. So maybe the other casting rumors will come into play later. More than half the cast is past their 20s, and they seem older than previous casts. Their ages: 21, 21, 22, 22, 22, 24, 26, 30, 31, 34, 39, 39, 42, 43, 46, and 63.

Alert reader Sue looked at the cast bios, and noticed that Cindy, Jamie, and Judd all have identical twins. Might this be an opportunity for Survivor to go all Big Brother 5 twin twist on us? Let’s hope not.

Curiously, although initial reports said there would be just 18 cast members this season, CBS’ teaser web site for the show says that “20 strangers will be stranded together.” Could those extra two be these two rumored cast members? Or will they have another role?

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Courtney Love Reportedly Fails Drug Test

Sad News for "Big Fish" Fans

LOS ANGELES  — Matthew McGrory, the deep-voiced 7-foot-plus actor who moved from appearances on Howard Stern's radio show to a high-profile role as a gentle giant in the movie "Big Fish," has died. He was 32. Apparently of natural causes.

Wednesday, August 10

Great Article With Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

You may have to watch a short advertisement in order to read the whole thing. But, it's worth it if you're a SFU fan.

Not To Get Political.... But.....

From AmericaBlog (and I have no quick way to verify that the statement is true, but nonetheless, it's disturbing)

Thousands In Ohio Gather To Mourn Fallen Soldiers. Bush? MIA, As Always

Bush continues to show his utter disregard and contempt for the brave men and women who are dying in a war he launched based on lies to the American people. Bush is the first President in modern history and probably the first President ever to refuse to attend a single military funeral. And he's doing so during wartime and after his reelection, when any cynical calculation that pictures of Bush at a funeral might not poll well are absolutely moot. What possible reason does Bush have for ignoring this pain and suffering? Even the New York Post called on Bush to attend this memorial service. And Bush couldn't be bothered.

Idiot Of The Day (cuz there will be another tomorrow)


Tuesday, August 9

Why Is This Newsworthy?

From FOX:

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks mowed the lawn of a government building Tuesday as part of her court-ordered community service for lying to police after she ran off days before her scheduled wedding. Wearing an orange community service vest, a ballcap that said "Life is good" and running shoes, Wilbanks seemed upbeat as she pushed a powered mower by a swarm of reporters and photographers. She briefly spoke when the mower's engine died in some tall grass. "I'm doing well," said Wilbanks, who has been undergoing mental health treatment. She admitted with a laugh that it had been a long time since she had mowed a lawn. "I need to get back to work. I don't want to get into trouble," she added.

--Frankly Jennifer Wilbanks and her stupid story just needs to GO AWAY!!!!

PLEASE move on to more important things, like the following:

Latoyia Figueroa


Baywatch Hunk

Monday, August 8

More Lost!


From E!'s Kristin:
"Omigod!" That's what Jorge Garcia (Hurley) promises in the first few episodes of Lost when the survivors go down the hatch. "It's on the level, of like, Locke in a wheelchair," he says. "The great thing about it is you learn a little bit about what's in the hatch, and as you go through the first few episodes, more comes together, and you realize that it's a much more significant thing than it was at the start of the show. It's a really cool reveal."

And according to Dominic Monaghan, we won't miss a beat. "I think between the end of the first season and the start of the second there's about 35 seconds," he told me. "So, you're right in the midst of this action."

Meanwhile, executive producer Damon Lindelof (still one of the nicest people in Hollywood) is a teensy bit nervous about what the fans will think. "Basically, we were like, 'Are we crazy? Should we do this? Is the network gonna let us do this?' " he said about the second-season reveal. "And everybody's been tremendously onboard with it. A lot of people might think it's weird, and a lot of people might hate it. But we think it's really, really cool, and we had to execute it and take it seriously because we did not want to go into the hatch and just find another hatch or some maps or, like, a toilet."

Can you imagine?

Oh, and good news on my favorite possible drowning victim, Daniel Dae Kim: He's buying a house! In Hawaii! Which means either he's staying on the show or just can't bring himself to leave.

Six Feet Under: Spoiler Warning

Kristin is full o' good stuff this week!!!!!!!!!!

Nate appears again as a figment of Brenda's imagination. As she grieves, Billy sticks around to take care of her. George is a support for Ruth, as she attempts to take care of Maya. Continuing to fall apart, Claire gets wasted and goes off on Ted, while David's post-traumatic stress is obviously back in full force. At the show's premiere back in May, Michael C. Hall warned me that this would be a storyline again this season, but not to give up on David, because "there is light at the end of the tunnel." Halle-freaking-lujah. I just keep hoping it's all a bad dream.

Desperate Housewives

Scoop from E! Chat With Kristin:

Got scoop on Desperate Housewives?
And how. New acts of desperation coming your way: One wife tries to dupe doctors into prescribing meds for her, another picks fights with the paper boy (I want my twooo dolllarrrss!), and a third consoles the bereaved mother of someone who has passed away. You can bet it's Bree behind door number three, since Marcia Cross told me at the ABC party that she is "having a wonderful time working with an actress named Shirley Knight, who plays Rex's mother. She's fantastic." I asked Marcia how Bree will deal with being single, and she replied, "I suspect it will bring up a lot of interesting issues." Stop the presses! Now, that's some serious scoop! Tee-hee.

The Bachelor

They're casting right now, and it will be set in Paris.

--it will still suck and I will not be watching.

45 Days & Counting.....

Here's some Lost news to wet your appetite.... (from E! Chat With Kristin):

From ralph: Please! I don't think I can stand the wait till the Lost premiere. When is it, and what do you have?
Sept. 21 is the premiere. And I'm Hawaii-bound next week for the Lost DVD Launch party to get you some scoop from deep, deep in the jungle. Whee! So hang tight

From picabo: Could you pinch Sawyers ass for me when you're in Hawaii?
Um, I don't think so. He's married, and that would be highly inappropriate. I'm going in for a little tongue.

From bambilvr: Did you tell Dominic Monaghan we were all pushing for him for the Emmys?!
Yes, and he was of course modest as can be, saying he wasn't expecting it and was thrilled for Naveen and Terry. He just said, "Hey, you know, there's always next year." Hear that, Emmy?! I also asked him what he can tell us about the new season, and he said: "Charlie and Locke are going to reexplore their relationship. They kinda started doin' that in the early part of the show. Locke kinda became Charlie's mentor a little bit. "And I think Charlie's obviously gonna be struggling with the fact that there's now heroin on the island, and kind of a huge supply of heroin, so he has to deal with those demons. Also, the baby's gonna play a big part in his life, as is Claire. So, Charlie's gonna start to actually contribute to the group a little bit more, I think."

From Becky: ABC is skipping Lost episodes! How can we contact the execs about this bad idea?
They're doing the best they can with the allotted time (there isn't enough hiatus time to air the entire season). But luckily, the DVD will come out Sept. 6, and you know I'll have some copies to give plenty of time for the premiere.

From helen: At the ABC party, did Jorge say anything about him getting a love interest this season?
He knows you guys are pulling for him! "I don't know," J.G. told me when I asked if he'd get some lovin' this season. "There's an online petition for it, so we'll see what happens, you know. We know they're gonna find more people on the island, so hopefully the pool will get bigger and bigger and there will be more chances!" He also had this to say of the premiere: "I read episode one of the second season, and it's fantastic. It's really good, and there's so much. They go right in with the creepy Twilight Zoneness and everything. It's all about goin' down that hole." Go, Alice, go!

Apologies In Advance

Britney's Belly

Hell's Kitchen

is being renewed.

For The Sports Fans

ESPN is planning a six-episode reality series starring Bobby Knight. Knight School will follow “16 basketball players who are vying for one walk-on spot with the Division I Texas Tech team,” and who will be coached by Knight.

--but it won't be any fun if Bobby doesn't throw stuff, punch players and throw a hissy fit!

Abdul Quits

Paula Abdul quits "So You Think You Can Dance"

--Apparently she didn't have enough time to do that show, American Idol AND be investigated for screwing Corey Clark.

Amazing Race 8

The eighth edition of the Emmy Award-winning THE AMAZING RACE returns with the first-ever “family edition” featuring teams of four instead of two, in a special two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 27 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS

Thursday, August 4

I'm Feeling So Old

Princess Beatrice

--But she was just born a few years ago, wasn't she????

What's In The Hatch?

Do you know what's in the hatch?? Please tell me we find out early on.

From Damon Lindelof himself: "What's in the hatch is so intense/cool/complicated that it actually takes three full episodes to fully understand it. Fortunately, these are the first three episodes of the show, so the wait is over!"

Alias.... yet again

Scott Foley to join the cast?? Um, that would be interesting.

Wednesday, August 3

Alias... again

I think Jen might be leaving? Word is Scott Speedman (!!!) may be joining the cast... and Franka Potente? That is why I think Jen may leave. Also - word that she may not appear in every episode. Yikes.

Who is leaving Alias?

Anyone know? It's a MAIN character.

Two Movies

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was great and weird. I agree with Jen. Good stuff.

The Wedding Crashers was vulgar, over-long and, at times, wildly hilarious. Bradley Cooper was hilarious as the asshole fratboy fiance. And Vince Vaughn, as always, was a riot. He has been one of my favorites since Swingers. Owen Wilson is okay, but what is up with his nose? I know it has always been "broken," but it's starting to look like a penis.

Tuesday, August 2

Hip To Be Cool

From NY Post:

Al Gore may or may not have invented the information superhighway way back when, but with the debut yesterday of his newest venture, a 24-hour news-features channel called "Current," there's no doubt that he has definitely invented something not before seen on TV. Current is (or will be) largely viewer-produced television. And with some exceptions, it's good — very, very good.

Since the channel is aimed at under-30 viewers, I immediately assumed we'd be assaulted with that same sort of free-floating junk you see on cable access, replete with really unattractive geeks who stick their faces and backsides into their home video cams. "Current" is anything, er, butt. It's a channel that is not only connected to what's going on on the Internet, but is actually driven by it. It's constantly changing, with "Current" staffers receiving and evaluating material submitted by viewers online ( and putting it on as it arrives if it's deemed worthy. It's an honest melding of the Internet and TV, creating an environment that immediately delivers the goods. It's like the Fresh Direct of television.

Instead of programmers deciding what we see — and often being so isolated that they are clueless (I'm thinking "Meet Mister Mom" and "The Law Firm" for starters) — there is a constant stream of short features, mostly done by viewers, on topical issues. And it is definitely non-partisan.

The only downside to Current — and it's a big one — is some of the on-camera "talent." They come across as semi-moronic hipsters who use "ass," "damn" and "hell" constantly in an attempt at coolness but are instead incredibly annoying.

Host Amaya Brecher thinks she's posing for "Maxim," standing in a miniskirt, legs wide apart, making sexy faces at the camera. She belongs at a frat party at the University of Miami — not on TV. (-----remember her from Real World: Hawaii???? No wonder they describe her as moronic!!!!)

Clearly, Current found some very, very talented young people out there to make its videos. Now they need to find some of them for hosting duties.

---I watched Al Gore on Leno last night and must say he was really funny. He clearly has been working at loosening up his image. No doubt about it!! I'm excited Current is on DirectTV... now I just gotta see if it's available or if I gotta pay more to get it.

Maybe She Needs Cootie Spray, Too?

Kate Hudson says she sprays herself with water to protect herself from bad vibes. "It's not like a holy water, just something to cleanse myself if someone's really negative," she says. "And I carry around crystals, too. I feel it's important to protect yourself."

Monday, August 1

Lost: Episode Titles & News!!!

Dear Frequent Flyer -

Greeting from the writers' room of Lost!

Even though production has only just begun on the sandy shores of O'ahu (as well as the lush jungles of O'ahu, and the mysterious soundstages of O'ahu), the writers' room has been working overtime for several months to turn the overarching visions of the show's creators into episodic teleplays.

The writers' room is one of the main hubs of creative activity on Lost. To anyone on the outside it probably looks like an ordinary conference room, albeit one festooned with white boards and memorabilia.

One wall, for example is decorated with head shots of the cast. Another features the "Lost Survivors Count" where we keep a running track of the characters who have died on the series. Others are decorated with maps and posters of islands and beaches to keep us in the tropical mood (not a lot of white sand and clear water in sunny downtown Burbank -- but then again, not a lot of invisible monsters either).

But the nexus of the writers' room are the four massive white boards that span the length of the space. On these boards, we plot out not only the broad strokes of the entire year, but also the individual episodes, down to acts, scenes and beats, in an exhaustive process designed to bring the best out of every idea.

Several scripts have already been completed and are in the pre-production process, with many more in the pipeline. To give you a taste, here is an exclusive glance at the titles and writers of our first three episodes:

Episode One:
"Man of Science, Man of Faith" written by Damon Lindelof

Episode Two:
"Adrift" written by Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick

Episode Three:
"Orientation" written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Craig Wright

- and this is only the beginning!

Thanks for getting Lost with us!

Josh Duhamel can have her

Seriously, I don't want to see Fergie piss her pants. Here's the link since something's wrong with blogger right now.

Six Feet Under

I don't even know what to say. This episode was absolutely devastating. It took me completely by surprise. I need to watch it again when I get home. I need to see the next episode. I need to figure out what it all means.

The acting was phenomenal, especially by Michael C. Hall (his David is becoming such a wonderful father) and Lauren Ambrose (I love the direction Claire is going, and hope art comes back into her life soon). I was sad but glad that Brenda didn't kick the living shit out of Maggie. And at the same time, I felt bad for Maggie. She didn't belong there. But I was glad she didn't belong there. I feel awful for Ruth. She is in for an awful surprise when she gets home. She is going to be so upset that she decided to go on an unannounced camping trip. Claire had the best line, but I won't ruin it for people who haven't seen this episode yet.

I watched this episode with my mom, and it was difficult trying to explain what was happening. These characters are so life-like. Their stories and situations are complicated. I couldn't explain to my mom in just a few words who Maggie was. Or why Brenda and Nate were fighting. This is like real life. The characters are all good, part bad, complicated, sad, happy. It reminds me of myself. Even though I am not like any of them. That is the brilliance of this show.

I am going to miss Six Feet Under.


E-Ring stands for the "most important" ring of The Pentagon. The show is kind of a portrayal of how different parts of the government work together, although it's not realistic in any sense. It stars Benjamin Bratt as one of those idealistic government workers (he's actually in the military). Bratt looks OLD, by the way. It also stars Dennis Hopper as his boss. In the first episode, they need to figure out how to rescue a spy who is stuck in China without pissing off the Chinese. This isn't a bad show, although it doesn't have that excitement that other similar shows (Alias) have. It's not going on my Tivo Season Pass, but I would catch it if there was nothing else on.

Just Legal

I loved this show, and it has Don Johnson in it! It's about a VERY young lawyer (think Doogie Howser, Esq.) who can't find a job anywhere even though he is brilliant. He ends up becoming Mr. Johnson's partner. Johnson plays a down-and-out lawyer who never takes cases to trial anymore. The characters are strong and interesting. The writing was witty and the show doesn't take itself too seriously. Check it out. It's on the WB.


This WB Lost rip-off is awful. I turned it off. The first scene (and only one I watched) involved a baby crying, a mom going to comfort him, and then all of the sudden the dad comes into the room, the mom is on the ceiling with fire around her, and the house burns down. It flash forwarded 20 years and there were two brothers (apparently one was the baby in the first scene). I had no idea what was going on, the acting and writing was bad, so I turned it off.


Brace yourselves for Lost spin-offs on each network. Fathom is NBC's attempt. It's not a very good one, although I did jump a few times and I kind of want to know what happens next. But the writing is hideous, the acting is even worse. I watched it last night and I don't remember much of the plot. There are about 9 different storylines happening all throughout the world. Some of them last just a scene, some others last throughout the pilot. It involves a mysterious sea creature(s?) that may or may not be an alien or the beginning of life on earth or something like that. Every line out of someone's mouth is a one-liner. There's barely any plot development or character development through the dialogue. Lame show. Don't watch it.

On my iPod

Teenage Fan Club. They're pretty good.

I'm in San Antonio

And there's nothing to do. I am going to see The Wedding Crashers with my momma in a little while.

Real World

From TVGasm:

Man, TV doesn't get more gripping than this. On this week's edition of The Real World: Austin, young lovers Danny and Melinda had to deal with the unthinkable: going out to bars...SEPARATELY! Yes, that's right! From the show that brought you unflinching portrayals of abortion, rape, AIDS, suicide, homophobia, racism, classism, cutting, and eating disorders comes the next great American social issue: can two attractive people stay faithful to each other during a three hour separation? I just don't know the answer to that. I guess we'll have to watch!