Friday, October 28

All The Vice President's Men

Article is from Very well written and worth your time. You will have to watch a short advertisement in order to read it, but again, worth the extra 20 seconds of your time in order to read the entire article.


Coin-Gate Scandal

Tom Noe

Wednesday, October 26

Second Funniest Thing Of The Day

Ass Goiter? I am LMAO!

Ass Goiter

And it's not so much the picture as it is the written description and analysis that is making me laugh.

Definite Must-See!

Oh my god.. I am totally cracking up!!!!!
Fugly Girls

Monday, October 24

Can You Say Overexposed?

Anyone else sick of Dakota Fanning? I mean seriously... are there NO other 11 year old girls who can act or is she the only one?

Sunday, October 23


Van Halen will not be on Rock Star

Thursday, October 20

Rock Star News

This is getting verrrrrry interesting.......

(from RealityBlurred)
CBS has yet to renew Rock Star, which found a lead singer for INXS during its first season. However, MTV reports that Van Halen is on board for a possible second season.

According to, “a source close to the show claimed that the core Van Halen trio — brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony — will be auditioning potential frontmen and women for the show’s still-hypothetical second season.” Previously, the band was fronted by David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Gary Cherone.

MTV says that “if the series is added to next summer’s CBS lineup, expect to see Van Halen tapping into America’s rock and roll pipeline for a new singer.” It’s also possible the show could move to a different network if CBS rejects a second season.

Update: has deleted the story off its web site. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

TomKat House News

OMG! Like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes could be like, less than one hour from me. OMG! Like totally!!!!

But then again, maybe not..... Toledo Blade

Stay Out of Ohio

Who wants to start a petition to keep Tom from moving to Ohio?

New Music Thursday

Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise"
Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machine"
VHS or Beta "Night on Fire"
Transplants "Haunted Cities"
Shout Out Louds "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff"
Ryan Adams "Jacksonville City Nights"

Wednesday, October 19


From FoxNews:

Was Katie Holmes already pregnant when War of the Worlds was being promoted? And did Steven Spielberg know?

The answer is: maybe. Of course, we’ll know soon enough. Because if Katie was already with child when Spielberg gave an interview on June 5, she’ll be giving birth by the end of January, beginning of February.

In an interview with Australia’s "60 Minutes" that aired on June 5, Spielberg said of Tom Cruise: “I've known him since '83 and I knew Tom when he first adopted his first two kids and so I really felt that this part suited Tom to a 't.'”

His “first two kids” is a strange way to describe someone’s only two kids, isn’t it? But when you watch Spielberg say it, he’s not making a mistake. It’s possible Cruise told him that Holmes was pregnant that long ago. If so, it means that the couple conceived a child almost immediately after they met on or around April 15.

Holmes’ recent pictures show that she’s between five and six months pregnant, in fact. This was a surprise, certainly. But it does account for Cruise’s weird behavior on Oprah, and the couple’s near silence during August when — after a barrage of press — they seemingly went underground for about four weeks.

That “60 Minutes” piece, by the way, which is all about Cruise and contains a revealing interview with him, is worth checking out. Both the video and the transcript are available at

I Thought She Did Johnny Knoxville?!

From PageSix:

NICK Lachey and Jessica Simpson may have just had a "romantic" Italian vacation on OK! magazine owner Richard Desmond's dime, but they continue to lead separate lives. Upon their return last Friday, Lachey ditched Simpson to party in Las Vegas, and "Jackass" star Bam Margera — who had a fling with Simpson earlier this year — confirmed to Us Weekly that she had left Lachey. More evidence the two have split? Simpson, who now lives with her assistant Cacee Cobb, is spending her third wedding anniversary alone, in Africa. Sources tell PAGE SIX that Simpson, her dad, Joe, and Cobb will travel to Nairobi for Operation Smile — her pet charity that fixes cleft lips — for 10 days. The trio will have a safari elsewhere in Kenya — all without Lachey. A rep for Simpson says: "Operation Smile is an organization that is very special to Jessica, and she is looking forward to participating in more missions. Nick will be unable to join Jessica on the next trip because of work commitments in Los Angeles."

Laugh O' The Day

Stop Tom

Alias back on Season Pass?

It just might happen. I hear Michael Vartan reached a deal with the producers and is back on the set already! Yippee!

Tuesday, October 18

Scoop O' Lost

....again from Kristin at E!:

When is this female death on Lost going to happen? You've been talking about it forever!
Very soon, actually. And it is a series regular. And it is not the monster who kills her. And you will need to change your shorts 'cause, seriously, those things are way out of style.

Which is more shocking on Lost? Who dies, or who the killer is?
Ergh. Toss up.

So, people are saying that Jack kills on Lost. Is this true?
Jack doesn't kill anyone.

Any chance Michelle Rodriguez is the female being killed on Lost? She is so annoying.
Really? I love her! Honestly.

I have heard rumors that the dog is the one to die on Lost. Is this true, or is it a human character that dies?
I am not talking about the dog.

I'm trying to get my row drunk, so, who dies on Lost?
Ah, yes, the drinking game. You guys must be just about under the table! The person who dies is not Rose.

Omigod! Did you see the script page with the zombies? Is it real?
I did. And nearly taped an episode of Saturday Night Live's "Oops, I Crapped My Pants." For those who haven't seen it, the script page is at You click on the barcode then enter "theislandiswaiting," and you will see what dear looloo-poo is talking about. And for the record, I'm guessing it is as real as David Cross' hairplugs. (Ha! Payback to those of you who don't watch Arrested! You'll never know! Mwahaha!)

Fine. You won't talk about the killer. You won't talk about the victim. What about Walt? What on earth is going to happen with him? You gotta give us Lost fans something.
We have not seen the last of Walt. Nor has Shannon. And that's it for Lost today! I'm gonna get in trouble!

Grey's Anatomy

Anyone else really into this show? I definitely am!! I love it way more than Desperate Housewives. Definitely is Season-Pass-Wothy at my house!

Some scoop you say? Here you go, thanks to Kristin at E!:

Does Patrick Dempsey pick Meredith? I won't tell...promise.
Okay, just between you and me, if you really must know (don't read if you don't want to), Meredith is going to lose this battle, at least in the short term.

Who cares about Meredith & McDreamy. What about Cristina & Burke? They were so cute at the end of the past episode!
Best scene ever. Well, in a hospital bed anyway. And we have not seen the last of their lovey-doveyness.

Costume Suggestion

From Reality Blurred:

If you’re desperate for a Halloween costume, why not dress up as your favorite Apprentice star?

Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump’s left-hand woman, has been honored with a wig modeled after her hair. It’s available for just $29.99 on eBay. The seller says “[t]his piece is just like her hair style / color from the TV show. Why settle for a lesser wig on your costume this year?”

If you want to dress up as Donald Trump, there are more than two dozen options, most of which look a lot nicer than his real hair. Most of the photos of the Trump wigs have the model doing the cobra “you’re fired” hand motion, which really adds to the authenticity.

Alas, there are no George wigs available right now.

Monday, October 17

End of an Era

I deleted Alias from my Tivo's Season Pass. I'm over it. I gave seasons 3 and 4 the benefit of the doubt, but it's not getting any better. Back to The O.C. on Thursdays.

Friday, October 14

Wish This Was True....



I think I may puke.
--thanks to my sister for the tip

Survivor Recap

From EW:

Finally! We've complained about the lack of any breakout characters. We've moaned about the lack of any tribal strife. We've yawned through tribal councils that left us neither shaken nor stirred. Not this week. This episode pretty much had it all. First off, we had two great challenges. In the reward one, I loved watching Jamie futilely attempt to split his rope while Yaxhá rolled by in a cart with Bobby Jon sticking his legs way up in the air. It was made even more entertaining by the incessant eye rolling of a frustrated Stephenie, who even had to tell Jamie, ''The challenge is over!'' after he tried to continue on to stage 2 while Yaxhá was already getting ready to down some margaritas. (More on Steph later. Much more.) The catapult-and-catch immunity challenge was excellent as well, leading to a very rare inter-tribe smack-talking session when Jamie and Bobby Jon starting barking at each other after Nakúm's victory. I honestly couldn't understand what the hell they were yelling, but whatever it was, it was hilarious. (And it only looks to get better next week, according to the promo.)

We also had a good ol' fashioned tribal council shocker when Bobby Jon and Danni flipped out of the majority and joined the former Yaxhá members to vote out Blake. I can't find any strategic advantage whatsoever to doing this, but then again, if I was stuck with a dude bragging about his girlfriend's double D boobs, I might vote his ass off too as well. ''He is just digging himself a hole, and I am gonna do everything I can to make sure he has a shovel,'' said Brian about Blake's bragging. But it's not just Blake digging himself a hole — it's all of the original Nakúm members. Two weeks ago they seemed totally in control, but now that their members keep flipping, the former Yaxhá folks have the numbers advantage. Whoops!

Then again, as Stephenie put it, one of said former Nakúmies (and a former tribemate of hers on Palau) cheers ''like a freakin' girl'' and is ''so gay'' that she can't stand it. (Notice she didn't make these comments in front of Rafe.) What the hell is going on with this woman? Why you gotta dis the Manimal like that? In the spring, Steph was America's sweetheart; now she's making Jerri Manthey seem like a cuddly little kitten. She looked like she was ready to start strangling Jamie during the reward challenge (maybe she could have used the rope if he had ever gotten it cut), and then she went on to offend large portions of the public with her endless whining and unfortunate homophobia. ''I feel like I'm in a really bad dream, and I can't get out no matter what,'' she said about her losing streak just before breaking into tears. Hey, Steph — wanna know how to get out? Mellow out. Stop blaming and bossing around all your teammates, and lay off the gay bashing. That should do it.

Speaking of teammates, it's interesting to hear Judd tell us, ''I don't give a rat's ass what people think of me after this game.'' Great, but what about during the game, Judd? Because right now, you still seem kinda like an idiot. Some people complained I focused a bit too much on you last week, so I'll let you off easy, but dude, chill out a bit with the Mr. Aggro act, and while you're at it...

…We interrupt this column with breaking news. A new dance craze has been sweeping the nation. Youngsters and senior citizens alike have been taking to the streets to perform something known only as ''the pancake.'' Apparently, it inspires immediate giddiness and is best performed after consuming a six-pack of Milwaukee's Best. We now return you to your regularly scheduled column, already in progress….

…and that concludes my theory as to why Jeff Probst and Danni should swap hats. I suppose before I go I should say a few more words about Blake, or Golden Boy (or Puke Boy as he was known the first two weeks). If there's one thing that doesn't play well when you're stuck with other people on an island or something, it's a chatterbox. (Of course, this doesn't explain Jenna Lewis making the final three in All-Stars, but then again, there is a lot about All-Stars that remains unexplainable.) If you can't shut yourself up, people will do it for you. (Also known as the Wanda Rule.) So the Golden Boy got his golden ticket home. He may not win the million, but he still has his two Ds to look forward to, and, truth be told, I think that will keep him happy enough.

What do you think? Did Bobby Jon and Danni mess up in ousting one of their own? And what has Stephenie lost more of — challenges or her sanity?

Thursday, October 13

Worst. President. Ever.

It was staged and there is proof. Interesting.
Staged Teleconference


I read an article on

"Al Pacino is rumoured to be dating former 'Cheers' star Kirstie Alley. .

"The Hollywood heartthrob, 65, has been spotted dining out in Hollywood with the curvaceous actress - and according to onlookers the pair were undeniably romantically entwined."

1. Gross

2. Hollywood heartthrob does not apply to 65-year-old men, no matter how good they looked at 35.

3. Curvaceous? Let's call it like it is. FAT.

Bush and Blacks

2% of African Americans approve of W. I'm not kidding. NBC/WSJ poll says so.

So basically, Condi likes Bush. And, yeah, that's about it.

LOST Recaps & Other Stuff

EW Review

Mr. Clucks

Also, Boone will appear in Shannon's flashback, scheduled for 10-26.

Upcoming episode info:
10/19 "...And Found"
Michael sets off into the jungle by himself determined to find Walt, but discovers that he is not alone. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Jin are ordered by their captors to take them to their camp, and Sun frantically searches for her missing wedding ring.

In flashbacks this episode reveals more of Jin's life before ending up on the island. We meet Jin's former manager at the Grand Seoul Hotel, Mr. Kim, his beatnik best friend and one-time roomie, Tai Soo, and Jae Lee, an adversary of Jin's who has everything he does not, including a good education, charm and wealth. It all leads into why Jin is the way he is now.

Lots o' Spoilers can be found HERE

Wednesday, October 12

LOST Reminder

9pm tonight. Be there! Plan to discuss in detail on Thursday.

Save The Smurfs

Click Here

Height Checker

Oooh!! This is fun!! Great time waster!


Daddy's Pissed

From Scoop:

Tom Cruise’s future father-in-law apparently isn’t a happy camper.

Katie Holmes’s dad is said to be “very upset” because his unmarried daughter is pregnant with Cruise’s child. And, what’s more, the devoutly Catholic Martin Holmes reportedly is none-too-thrilled about his daughter’s involvement in her husband-to-be’s controversial religion, Scientology.

“[Martin Holmes] was very upset and got into a real spat with Katie,” the forthcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly quotes “a close friend” of Cruise as saying. “Tom had promised her parents that they would do the right thing and get married before any baby came along.” After scolding his daughter, according to the mag, Martin Holmes berated Cruise by declaring “You’re no good.”

“He said he and his wife were very upset by the news,” according to the source, “and demanded the pair get married quickly.”

Furthermore, a member of Christ the King Church, which the Holmes family belongs to, told L&S that Cruise and Holmes’ publicist, his sister Lee Anne DeVette, sent a letter to parishioners, asking them not to talk to reporters. Although a family friend told the mag that the Holmes family is thrilled by the news of a grandchild, they’re also concerned.

“It seemed like Katie was being controlled by Scientologists,” the friend told L&S. “Now they wonder if it’s a Rosemary’s Baby situation, where Katie is being groomed to provide Tom with a child.”

DeVette didn’t respond to The Scoop’s repeated requests for comment.

The White House

Word is that the special prosecutor (or is that Special Prosecutor?) is looking into a "broader conspiracy" that may involve the lies that got us into Iraq. Wow.

So who's going to be dragged out of the White House in handcuffs, and when will it happen?

My guess... Cheney, Rove, Libby and who knows who else. And it will happen next week. And I will celebrate.


Who do you think The Carver is on Nip/Tuck? I'm guessing....


100 Things To Do Before I Die


NBC is taking a close look at a project from Bunim-Murray Prods called 100 Things To Do Before I Die. The unscripted series features two guys - reportedly considering participating in this project are Leslie Nielsen and Ed Asner - who set out to do exactly as the title suggests.

Monday, October 10

Small Town Cheese

Let me preface this post by mentioning that the most recent issue of People magazine contains an article on Terry Ryan, author of the book, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I think I forgot to tell everyone about that. She's such a neat lady. I had the fortune to meet her a couple years back when she was in negotiations to sell the movie rights to her book. What a wild and amazing ride she's had the past few years!

Moving on.......
I attended a gala event to celebrate the Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio this weekend. 8 of the 10 Ryan siblings were in attendance, which was pretty cool. Most notable, of course, was Terry "Tuff" Ryan herself. On display were articles of clothing and shoes and reproductions of key items from the movie, including Evelyn's typewriter, Kelly's ukelele, Arps milk bottles as well as behind-the-scenes photos and a bunch of Dr. Pepper memorabilia. It was neat to see these items after having seen them in the movie (twice now!).

Also on display were papers written about the book & movie by Defiance High School juniors. I'm not exactly sure what that had to do with honoring the Ryan family, but it's Defiance.... we don't do this sort of stuff every day.

A couple of interesting hi-lites from the event.... Betsy Ryan (one of the siblings) was wearing the dress Julianne Moore wore in the scene where she falls and the milk bottles break all over the floor. When Betsy was introduced to the crowd, she announced that she had belatedly discovered there was still glass in the pockets of the dress! One of the other brothers was wearing the blue suit Woody Harrelson wore in one of the movie scenes. The oldest sister, Leann, wore the hat her mother received when she went to Dallas to claim her grand prize in the Dr. Pepper Time of Your Life contest.

The other really cool thing that happened is that there will now be a large sign placed at the city limits, declaring Defiance the home of Evelyn Ryan and Terry Ryan, author of the Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. When the sign was unveiled, Terry Ryan was speechless. It was announced that an extra sign had been produced so Terry could take one home to San Francisco with her. Very cool.

So there you go. For nearly a month now, it's been Prize Winner mania around Defiance, and I think the craziness is beginning to decrease a little bit. But... probably not for long..... the movie opens in wider release across the country this Friday, October 14th. The mania might just start back up!!!

If you need a souvenir, go here. All proceeds go to the Evelyn Ryan scholarship fund at Defiance College

The Killers

I saw them on Thursday at the Long Beach Arena, which is SO high school gymnasium. I can't believe they actually book concerts here. It reminded me of the "Fish Under The Sea" dance, or whatever the dance in Back to the Future was called. Tacky.

British Sea Power opened, and boy did they suck. That's all I'm going to say about them.

The Killers: you know, I love the Killers. I think their album is fantastic, and I cannot wait to see what they put out next. I think I'll say the same thing about their concert. I can't wait to see what they sound like in 5 years. Because, quite frankly, they were a bit amateurish. (Not that anyone in the audience would agree.) The big hits came across BIG. Probably because the crowd was totally into them. The slower songs didn't come off quite as well. And when they played Ziggy Stardust, the audience was completely lost.

They have a bit of a charasma problem. Brandon Flowers all but admitted it when he said critics are harsh on the band for their bad banter between songs.

Like I said... see what they're like in 5 years. Or after their next album when they have even more, dynamic material.


Have you heard of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? If not, you really need to check them out. Their first two albums are pretty heavy, but also reminiscent of Wilco. Their third album took a wildly left turn and sounds similar to the "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack.

I had a chance to see them live on Saturday. Fuck. They blew me away. It was great to be about 3-4 people back from the stage in a small venue. But it would've been great from the last row, too. Easily the best concert of the year. (Yes, this include's U2's tour in March... if only because I had lousy seats at that concert.)

Please check them out. You won't be disappointed.

I agree

USA Today says Desperate Housewives isn't quite living up to expectations. Agreed:

The folks at Desperate Housewives do know the season has started, right?

After three episodes, this hugely popular ABC soap-com still seems to be in some offseason transition, clinging to old plots while fumbling with new ones. Perhaps it was too much to hope that the second season of Housewives would get off to the same kind of explosive start as the first. But we do expect the series to do more than just mark time.

Let me hasten to add that I'd still rather spend time with these Housewives than with almost any other TV show. Even at a reduced gear, Housewives is one of the medium's rare pleasures, one that should be able to ride on our affection for its actors and characters long enough for the writers to find their way home again.

Part of the problem, perhaps, is that Housewives creator Marc Cherry has yet to write an episode this season. TV is a collaborative medium, so it is likely that Cherry has made major contributions to all the scripts. But that's not the same thing, and so far, neither is his show.

Of course there have been entertaining moments, and Sunday night's return of Harriet Sansom Harris may be a sign of more to come. But too many of the setups don't pay off - such as Lynette's (Felicity Huffman) attempt to video-conference her way to her son's first day of school, or Bree's (Marcia Cross) flat act-break insult to the detective. And the writers seem to be drawing some of the characters too broadly, making Gaby (Eva Longoria) too selfish and Susan (Teri Hatcher) too stupid.

What's worse, too many of the scenes are rehashing stories we thought we had left behind. Do they really expect us to believe Gaby was considering getting back together with John?

Yet more than anything, what's missing is an overarching story strong enough to tie the episodes and the housewives together. Mary Alice's suicide didn't just launch Housewives. By forcing the remaining friends to re-evaluate their lives while uniting them in a quest to understand Mary Alice's death; it set the tone for the show and lent it depth.

So far this year, there's no such link among these four women. Indeed, in three weeks we've hardly seen the four stars together. And they didn't share a scene last night at all.

If Alfre Woodard's man-in-the-basement story line was supposed to be the tie that binds or a suitable substitute for the Mary Alice story, it isn't working. Woodard is one of our best actresses; but the story is far-fetched even for Wisteria Lane. And even if it weren't, her character is too peripheral for her plight to have much emotional impact on the four main housewives. She's barely a neighbor, let alone a friend.

Still, the season is young, and good shows often suffer from slow starts. The situation's troubling, yes. But desperate?

Not yet.

Friday, October 7

Rachel Ray News

Food Network personality Rachael Ray has signed a deal with Oprah Winfrey's production company to host a daytime syndicated talk show targeted to launch in fall 2006.

Constantine Warning

Constantine Maroulis extensive experience as a musician and his time on American Idol 4 has led him to make the most effective use of his rock ‘n’ roll skills possible: he’s becoming a sitcom star.

Of his fame and popularity, Constantine told the magazine, “My name is out there. I’m not nervous about the window closing.” And he says he’s glad he placed sixth on the show: it’s the “best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not cursed with that stigma of being the American Idol,” he said.

--Yeah, and we're glad about that too, ya freak! Now go away!

Don't Go, Jiffy!

Jeff Probst’s last season on Survivor may be this one, Guatemala, according to Inside TV.

The magazine “reports that the 43-year-old Probst is going to quit once his contract is up at the end of the current installment. … He cited the constant traveling that comes with his emcee duties and his desire to settle down with his girlfriend, former contestant Julie Berry, whom he began dating last year after her edition wrapped as reasons for his possible departure,” E! Online reports.

The series will apparently continue without him, as “Inside TV says former players might be considered as host if Probst leaves,” according to the AP.

However, as TVTattle noticed, a New York Daily News story published last month said that Probst “has signed on for the 12th edition, yet to be filmed, but he’s unsure beyond that.” Guatemala is season 11.

Yes They Are - No They're Not

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson..... just divorce already.

Holmes Sucked Into Cruise Vacuum

From FOX:

Katie Holmes fired her publicist of nearly eight years on Tuesday. During her conversation with Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, Holmes did not mention that she was pregnant by fiancé Tom Cruise. The next day, the news broke.

In short order, since meeting Cruise in April, Holmes has now fired her manager, changed agents and discharged her publicist. All had been her longtime allies. And let's not forget the broken engagement to actor Chris Klein back in March. That's a lot of activity for seven months.

Where does that leave our Katie? I'm told that Holmes has claimed Cruise's sister, Lee Ann De Vette, as her new publicist.

Pictures of Holmes from just a few days ago with Cruise on the set of "Mission: Impossible 3" are circulating on the Internet. There's no sign of a pregnancy, but there is a woman in the background of every picture. She's been identified as Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez, Holmes' best friend since the spring and a high-level minder from the Church of Scientology. Her family has donated millions to Scientology.

As for Holmes' friends here in New York, the word is that not one of them has heard from the actress since she flew to L.A. to meet Cruise for the first time last April. Since Holmes first became associated with Cruise, her career has come to a standstill. Pretty much the only project she has coming up is the DVD release of "Batman Begins." That release coincides with the release of the "War of the Worlds" DVD. The timing of the releases and the pregnancy announcement are probably coincidental. A more recently announced Holmes part, a smallish one in a Dennis Quaid-directed feature about the 1961 murder of a woman by her bandleader husband, will probably have to be tabled now.

Holmes also makes an appearance in "Thank You for Smoking," currently playing the festival circuit. Otherwise, her career trajectory — which was on the upswing with "Pieces of April" — is over. All of this still leaves the issue of Holmes' family members back in Toledo. They're putting on a brave face. But they can't be too thrilled about a pregnancy without a marriage.

So I guess we can expect an adrenaline-filled, paparazzi-crazed wedding sometime in the next month. Gentlemen, start your helicopters.

Thursday, October 6

Lost Theories

From The Launchpad. Interesting ideas.

Harriet Miers Blog

She already has her own blog.


This is the most intriguing TV show I've ever watched. Talk about taking risks with the storytelling. There's sure to be some backlash (my roommate), but I LOVE it!

So basically, Desmond found the hatch and was told he needed to press a button every 108 minutes or else the world would be destroyed. Yup.

Supreme Court vs. Late Night

Harriett Miers, meet the late-night crew... (compiled by DailyKos)

"Big news this morning at the White House, President Bush defended his nominee, Harriet Miers, calling her 'plenty bright.' Not only that, but then the president said Miers has 'real purdy hair.' Then he got on a mule and headed south."
--Conan O'Brien

"She's never been a judge before...never served on the bench. This is part of President Bush's strategy of surrounding himself with people who are also in over their heads." --Jay Leno
"Welcome to the 'Late Show,' ladies and gentlemen. It's like the Supreme Court, anyone can get in here."
--David Letterman

"As you might expect some people are criticizing the pick, especially conservative Republicans who worry that Harriet Miers is too liberal. Other critics say she's not a good pick because she hasn't been a judge before. Uh, had Paula Abdul been a judge before? Nobody had a problem when they picked her."
--Jimmy Kimmel

"Well, certainly the president can claim executive privilege. But in the this case, I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can't play, you know, Hide the Salami, or whatever it's called."
--Howard Dean on Hardball

Wednesday, October 5

I Just Swallowed My Own Vomit

Katie Holmes is pregnant.

Tuesday, October 4

Important Announcement

Sit down, folks. This may come as a shock but for nearly two years now, I have had Tivo connected to my satellite WITHOUT being able to receive local channels. Gasp! I have had to use the (say it slowly....) VCR (gasp!) if I wanted to watch something on "regular tv" at another time. Yes, it felt awkward and wrong, but I live in the sticks. I'm damn lucky to have indoor plumbing, to be honest.

At any rate, I have remedied the problem, no thanks to DirecTV, however. Seems that when they installed the Tivo receiver they should have also updated the dish. Like I said, that was nearly two years ago. All this time I could have had Season Passes, but no..... I had to program the damn VCR, as if I was living in caveman times.

Tomorrow... just in the knick of time for LOST.... they will be updating our dish and installing a secondary dish to pull in local channels. I don't care what they do, just pipe them local channels through that Tivo unit, or else!!!!

From here on out, I should have no excuse whatsoever for not being on top of all the important television moments.


What is up with the entire second episode basically repeating itself? Tomorrow better be good.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

My God, this show is funny. Wanda accusing Larry of having a racist dog: CLASSIC. And then the dog going after every black person that walks by: CLASSIC. Wanda Sykes should be in every episode.


Does anyone watch it stoned?

Start your Christmas lists!

First on my list: Season 2 of Arrested Development, Seasons 3 & 4 of Six Feet Under. (Mom & I are going to watch 6FU together over break. I hope she's ready for it.)


Okay, so Vaughn is dead. In fact, Michael Vartan is no longer a listed castmember (and is filming an episode of Kitchen Confidential).

I was over the Sydney and Vaughn storyline as soon as they became an item on the show. The chemistry wasn't there anymore. So I'm glad he's out. And they're bringing in at least three major characters last week and this week. Should be interesting, especially if Lena Olin returns.

By the way, I didn't understand one plot element last week, and I think it was ridiculous how many times Vaughn got shot and yet still survived. Yeah, right.

One more thought: I chose Alias over The O.C., Will & Grace and Everybody Hates Chris. It better be worth it.


I don't particularly like it.

Desperate Housewives

Is it still must-see TV for everyone? I like it. But at the same time, I'm kind of over it.


If you are not watching this show, you need to be. It is so hilarious. I almost choked laughing with my roommate last night.

Good Grief...

Does anyone else think it's weird that Hilary Duff is dating Joel Madden from Good Charlotte? To me, this is like Billie Joe Armstrong dating Celine Dion.

Monday, October 3


New Sheryl Crow album. I like it but I am not thrilled with it. I much prefer the Globe Sessions and her self-titled CD. That being said, I'd still buy anything she puts out. She's awesome!

Great Things About Being....

Queer-Fat-Red State-30-Blonde.

Tune into Bravo and check out this show. I have no idea if it's any good but it certainly sounds interesting. Each episode will concern one of the topics listed above.

Starts at 10pm each weeknight, all this week. From looking at the schedule, it appears as though each eppy will be repeated at 9pm the following night, followed by the new eppy at 10pm.

This Is Why I Dislike Some Celebrities

"US pop princess Britney Spears is giving her all to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in the US state of Mississippi -- even one of her bra's, the eBay auction site showed. The 23-year-old former teen queen, famed for her provocative stage outfits, has donated a treasure trove of personal items -- including a two-piece sofa, a bikini and a jewel-encrusted brassiere -- to be auctioned off to help victims."

--Okay, I know it's a stretch for a multi-millionaire to give up some underwear and clothes, but is this for real? Couldn't she have just given a sizeable donation from her personal fortune and issued a press release or something? Personally, I think what she's doing is insulting to the victims of the hurricanes. Wouldn't it have been nice if Ms. Spears had donated furniture to those who actually needed it instead of auctioning her cast-offs to random, anonymous people who clearly can afford to buy it?

Saturday, October 1

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

I am really bummed. Entertainment Weekly gave it a C.
Piss on 'em! Movie is way better than a C.

And in related news, my company (Chief Supermarkets) is depicted in the movie when Evelyn wins a grocery shopping spree. We decided to have a contest where customers could enter to win a similar spree (ours was 90 seconds, Evelyn's was TEN MINUTES! Gads! Can you imagine?)

So today, our winner (a 77 yr old guy who is a very loyal Chief customer) managed to grab over $650.00 bucks worth of goods. Okay, so it was all from the meat department, but still.... I think that was awesome for a guy who is 77 years old!! It was really awesome. With just seconds remaining, the owner of the company, along with myself and another person from the Marketing department decided to jump in and help the guy fill his cart. It was a really cool moment and the customer was shocked and surprised by the gesture.

Don't Really Care But Reporting It Anyhow

Paris + Paris split. Do we care? Nope.