Monday, December 20

Drunken Weekend, Lotsa O.C.

I had a very drunken weekend, beginning on Thursday with my company's holiday work party. Friday was a down night, and I continued in my quest to watch the complete first season of The O.C. I think I have five episodes left.

Saturday was another drunken night, at two holiday parties. When I was a kid, I never could've imagined how the holidays corelate to alcohol. At least with my friends.

Sunday was catch-up-on-TV night. Saturday Night Live was not that great. There was a potentially-hilarious TV Funhouse involving Santa's refusal to deliver gifts to red states. But there was only one truly funny moment when Santa showed his reindeer a revised map of American and Dumbfuckistan (a joke I saw on the internets around November 4th). Destiny's Child performed, and I really just don't like them.
Arrested Development was, as always, very funny. My favorite moment might have been George Michael's girlfriend Anne's very religious family's creepy Christmas celebration. It was also a nice touch to have all the employees of the Bluth company fired during the holiday party.

Simpsons, I fell asleep during. I'll rewatch tonight.

Desperate Housewives review to come.

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