Wednesday, June 8

Six Feet Under

Perfect way to open the season: depressing as all hell. Here's Television Without Pity:
It looks like we're starting the final season with Happily Ever After, at least at first glance. Nate and Brenda are pregnant and getting married. David and Keith are taking steps towards parenthood. George is coming home from the nuthouse. Claire and Billy are in "a good place." And Rico is making peace with his new singlehood by cutting a wide swath through L.A.'s community of dull women. But all is not well. Ruth's having trouble dealing with George, who still isn't all there even after taking a few hundred volts through the skull. David and Keith are having trouble agreeing on how to go about becoming dads. Claire's having trouble ignoring her brothers' concerns about Billy and taking smacks across the chops from her mom. Rico is boring the shit out of me. And Brenda wakes up the morning before the wedding to find herself...not pregnant anymore. Which nets her a fun round of Dueling Brides with the ghost of Lisa, who is less than sympathetic. Well, it wouldn't be a Fisher wedding if everyone wasn't miserable, now, would it? Welcome the fuck back, everybody.

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