Tuesday, June 14

Let's Hope No One Gets "Kerrigan'd"

Perhaps the only thing less startling than an ABC announcement that it has ordered a second six-episode edition of its surprisingly successful Dancing with the Stars summer reality series (an announcement that the network has not yet formally made, but is expected soon) was yesterday's Fox announcement that the derivative network is launching Skating With Celebrities, its own copycat edition of the ABC series.

Copying the format of ABC's unique series and simply moving the participants from the ballroom floor to the ice rink, Fox's six-episode Skating With Celebrities series will feature six celebrities paired up with well-known professional figure skaters. Like Dancing with the Stars, Skating With Celebrities' pairs will compete in weekly elimination performances.

"If it's interesting to see celebrities master ballroom dancing, it's going to be incredibly interesting to see if they can master a double axel and a spin," Fox vice president Mike Darnell told Daily Variety. "Watching a celebrity try to master something this intricate is going to be compelling to watch. We expect a lot of falls and a lot of nerves."

---Now tell me, why can't we bring back Battle Of The Network Stars??????

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