Wednesday, June 8

Blow Out

First of all, this show sucks. The owner of the salon is the gayest individual on the Earth and isn't tricking anyone when he pretends to be into chicks. Except, oh wait, Scotty is even gayer and he and his "mentor" are so bitchy.

And I've actually met Scotty. I wasn't aware that he was a guest star on Blow Out, but I knew he was a hair designer. He's literally like 3 foot 9 and is friends with a guy I work with. Yes, he acts like that in real life. He's kind of like a leprechan.

One more thing. If I ever saw someone in person wearing a sports jacket, a button down shirt unbuttoned, with a mid-drift shirt and a silver shiny design, I would throw them off the bus.

Worst. Show. Ever.

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