Wednesday, June 8

Lost Gossip

From mino: Saw the box on your column over the weekend--so, Michelle Rodriguez is official?

Kristin (E!): Sí. She's a series regular next season. Says Damon: "Michele's character (Ana-Lucia) will be as purposefully shrouded in mystery as humanly possible. I can only assume there will be significant hunger for her backstory, but as the flashbacks have become the stealth 'franchise' of the show, giving away anything about her would amount to a significant spoiler...But we know she was sitting in the back of the plane. And we also know she's on the show next year...So, draw your own conclusions. If I were a betting man, I'd say some of those tail-folk just might have survived." Did you hear that Rose? He's aliiive!

From togamax: What did you think of the Lost finale? You haven't said much about it.

Kristin: I thought it was beautifully shot and written and acted, etc., but, like most of you, I did expect a few more answers. I know some of you feel I oversold it a bit, and if you do feel that way, I'm truly sorry, but you should know, based on the tidbits I knew (the Others stealing Walt and blowing up the raft; the hatch opening), I really did expect some big reveals. The good news? I hear that first episode next season they are going down the hatch, so hopefully we will see the light!

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