Monday, June 6

E!'s Kristin on Alias

Alias (ABC): Holy cliffhanger! The shocking twist at the end of Alias' season finale, in which Vaughn (Michael Vartan) reveals to Sydney (Jennifer Garner) that he's not Vaughn and the newly engaged couple's car is struck head-on by an SUV, had to be the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping moment of the season.

Still, it's not Vaughn I'm worried about. Despite Teddy C.'s predictions that he would leave Alias this season, I have it on the highest authority that Michael Vartan will be back as a series regular when Alias returns for its fifth season. (Please join me in a celebratory Snoopy dance.)

The concern is when we'll see Michael--or anyone on Alias, for that matter. I'm told ABC suits didn't know of Jennifer Garner's pregnancy when they decided to renew the show (given the surprising early pickup, she probably didn't even know herself), and now the higher-ups are in something of a pickle trying to figure out when the show can return.

Sadly, according to a source close to the show, it's becoming unlikely that Alias will return in the fall as planned, instead coming back at a later date. Though waiting a few extra months (or, shudder, possibly longer) to find out Vaughn's bloody secret might send us all to early graves, here's hoping there might be an upside: that ABC takes the time to find a better time than that kiss-of-death slot on Thursday nights...please?

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