Friday, June 3

Beauty and the Geek

This may be my favorite reality show EVER. Well, at least my favorite reality show that Ashton Kutcher is somehow attached to. It's set up a bit like a dating show, but it's really more about (get ready, this is going to be cheesy) social tolerance and making yourself a better person. Awwww.

So it begins with Brian McFayden, who I thought left MTV and was working at the local Baskin Robbins, bringing 7 hot ass girls and 7 smart ass boys to the same mansion where they filmed Boy Meets Boy, or maybe it was Joe Millionaire. He explains the process, "This is not a dating show. This is a social experiment, to see if beautiful women can turn geeks into social superstars - and can a group of geeks help these beautiful women become more than just a pretty face."

The 7 girls are so hot, but they are just stupid. And the boys, well you have to take a look at them. They pair up, compete in contests, and the most improved couple at the end of the series wins $250,000 (this is the WB, they're on a budget).

To give you an idea of how stupid the girls are, I almost shit my pants when a girl answered correctly how many states the U.S. currently has. She actually said 50! Which is better than another girl did. She was asked who the President of the US was during the Civil War. She answered, "Hoover." She was correct: "Abraham Lincoln." And she responds saying, "Oh yeah, D-Day."

Another classic answer also had to do with D-Day. When asked the year it took place, someone said 1942. The girl laughed and said, "No no no, that's the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

The boys get to dance in this episode, and you must see Richard do his thang. Just in case you were curious, this 21-year-old has never kissed a girl. (I can't imagine why!)

This is my latest Tivo season pass, and I suggest you do the same.

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