Thursday, January 12

Lost Recap 2

From Television Without Pity:

Mister Eko's in flashbacks this week, and we watch him as a young lad making a violent decision to save his brother. Naturally, as the two grow up, they become polar opposites: Eko's a murderous drug lord, and his brother, Yemi, becomes a priest. Eko tries to extort some assistance from Father Yemi -- it involves Eko and his crew posing as priests and smuggling heroin in statues of the Virgin Mary (wonder what that has to do with the island). Yemi brings in the military in an ultimately fatal attempt to save his brother (Yemi, good Catholic that he is, carries some guilt from his brother's sacrifice all those years ago). Yemi gets shot and winds up on the plane with Eko's crew, who hightail it, leaving Eko sprawled on the tarmac. When the military mistakes Eko for Yemi, Eko smoothly begins his life of piety (maybe -- he quotes the 23rd Psalm, but big deal. Even Coolio knows that, and he doesn't preach much beyond getting your woman on the floor).

On the island, Eko discovers Charlie's Lady of Perpetual Tied-Off Arms, and forces Charlie to take him to the plane, where Eko finds his brother's long dead and desiccated corpse. Eko also manages to stare down Lostzilla, which is that black cloud, more fully defined than we've seen it to date, with holograms or hallucinations or something, barely visible inside it. Oh, and Claire knows about Charlie's heroin now, and she ain't happy. And she didn't even see him whining and making excuses for his behaviour all throughout the episode. She'd be even less pleased to know that Charlie has a whole stash of backup Virgin Marys.

Michael gets some rifle-training from Locke, in between chat sessions with his son, which could yet turn out to be hallucinations of his addled brain.

Looking forward to episodes referencing the 4th, 8th, 15th, 16th, and 42nd Psalms, that's for sure.

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