Thursday, January 12


I never watch this channel, but they might have some good stuff:

A Guy Walks into a Bar is a 30m sketch comedy project with George Wendt and comedian George Gray.

Commander Castle is a 30m reality series focused on a British police consultant and his particular, if not peculiar teaching techniques.

Driving Force is a 30m reality show current in production, and at the center is dragster John Force and his daughters. This project will likely get to air this summer.

God or the Girl is a reality series about four guys who must decide between marriage or monestary where they will train to become Roman Catholic priests. Currently in production, this show is slated to air during Easter week.

Finally a Family is a reality show about adoption, with a particular focus on two sets of parents who are both in the midst of the adoption process - the twist is they're both going after the same child.

Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, already in production, is a 30m reality series about Simmons and his family.

King of Cars, also in production and scheduled to premiere in March, is a 30m reality show about a Las Vegas car dealer and his whacked out infomercials that have made him a local success

Polar Posse, a 30m realty project about a team of firefighters and EMS volunteers in Alaska.

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