Monday, January 9


From TVGasm:

It really won't surprise anybody to learn that Kenny Mayne was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars last night. To his credit, he had a very good attitude about it, blaming the Italian judge, and imploring people not to riot if he was eliminated. I still think Master P. should have been eliminated, if only because he didn't seem at all interested in performing, but to his credit, he said that he would practice and put in a better performance, which means he may actually practice. One couldn't help but wonder if the fans voted for Master P in order to keep Ashly Delgrosso around for another week, because Master P's promise of the gangster cha cha didn't live up to the hype. Maybe with his new found enthusiasm, he'll wear some gangster frills or some gangster sequins. Hey, it never hurts to dream.

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