Monday, January 9

The Awful Truth

-----I almost hate to post this, but.... it's my duty to report all gossip.

Woebegone word from Texas--where a lotta folks seem to be from, including Lance, the Brothers Wilson, Renée Zellweger, Liz Smith, my old high school alumna Angie Harmon, etc.--is that Lance gave Sheryl the heave-ho right before Xmas.

Talk about X not marking the spot. Heavens, how hideous. "He was a cad," remarked one of Lance's relatives, regarding the seven-time Tour de France winner's reported dumping of glitzy rocker-babe Crow. "And Lance's family is trying to get him to change his mind; that's why [the news] hasn't gotten out yet."

I do not, at this point, know the reason for the supposed split. But let's get real. Everybody knows Mr. A., noble cancer survivor he may be, not only busted up with S.C. a time or two before, he also left his wife and young family before hooking up with Crow. Reps for both celebs did not comment.

Oh, and also, not to rain on everybody's poo-poo parade, but remember I did predict ages ago this somewhat odd (albeit most interesting) couple would not head down the aisle together. I do remember, with piercing accuracy, those e-darts and daggers shot my way when Lance and Sheryl's engagement was announced last September. Regardless, you two cuties, sorry it didn't work out this time. And I do hope that I'm wrong in the end and you fix things up. Mean it, love ya, don't ever change!

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