Tuesday, January 3


I don't know if this is accurate (I have to do a full accounting of 2005), but this may be the best film of the year. Not an easy one to watch, and the ending is nasty as all hell. Easily Spielberg's most pesimistic film, not a damn glimmer of hope. This is the anti-Schindler's List. It is also a tense thriller, amazingly shot (no one works a camera like Steven) and perfectly acted. You must see this important film.

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Camera Wench said...

Hi D,
Long time reader, first time poster (I finally figured out how to post w/o having to create my own blog... too much pressure for that, my parents are still alive and I like to cocktail and type..LOL)
Hmm, don't know if I'm up for this movie, but on your reccomendation I did rent Murderball. It was great. Which led me to: Born into Brothels, another great Documentary.

Camera Wench