Wednesday, January 11

LOST: Insider Scoop


The CREATURE (security system) is seen again and it approaches Eko gets up close and personal. He doesn’t budge. The smoke (security system) somehow analizes Eko you can see flash images of his past in the smoke there are several images and they are faint and go by quickly.

Dad of four… this epi is not gory but eko does slash a couple of throats and as a boy he shoots a man. Yes, Mr. EKO is the drug dealer. His brother was a real priest on the plane that went down.

The only other significant thing that really happens is that it appears that Charlie is still hooked on the heroin. He keeps a stash hidden out in the jungle.

--all rumor... no way for me to verify, but still worth posting.


D said...

TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!! But what a good scoop! Where's that from?

Jen said...

Sorry... should have prefaced it with a spoiler warning. ooops!

Got it from The Fuselage, my Lost source of choice.