Tuesday, January 10

All Lost, All The Time

From E!'s Kristin:

First up is this week's Eko-centric episode, The 23rd Psalm, in which we see a whole new side of the seemingly gentle giant. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje says, "Eko has been pretty mysterious up until now, which I've loved playing, actually. Less is certainly more in my opinion, but you're about to get more. [We're] gonna unveil the mystery behind Mr. Eko. Episode 2.10, his flashback, reveals much of why he acts like he acts and basically where he comes from. Because he's quite a dynamic character, you're gonna get a lot more action and a lot more intrigue." And from what I hear, lordy, lordy, he is anything but what he seems (and, yes, that is a hint).

In the next episode, our beloved Foxy promises we'll also get more answers to Jack's mysteries. "Most recently we found out about the miracle that happened between [Jack and his wife Sarah] and how that led to him marrying her. Obviously we know that the Jack Shephard on the island is a man who is no longer married and is even a little reticent to talk about that part of his life. The obvious questions: What happened to that love, and what does that mean to Jack? So, that will be very intensely covered in the second episode of 2006."

And we won't have to wait much longer to find out whether or not Charlie will fall off the wagon with all that Virgin Mary-encased heroin he's found. Dominic Monaghan says, "We're gonna jump into some pretty Charlie-centric stories involving his struggle with the drugs on the island, and the fact that he feels in some way he's losing his grip on his relationship with Claire and also with the baby, which sends Charlie down a kind of one-way street. He's kind of on his way to self-destruction."

Meanwhile, it seems the cast is still settling in to having the "tailies" on board. "It's very strange, very strange," Naveen Andrews (Sayid) says of having the new cast around. "You know, it's like two groups of cattle sort of sizing each other up. Or a herd of animals. You see a new animal, everybody tenses up when the new animal comes in."

And for the record, despite what silly little Teddypants may speculate about Naveen and Maggie Grace (Shannon), I can assure you they are nothing but friends. However, clearly, they are close. When asked what it's like to work with such a big cast, he says, "We're used to the fact that there are, like, thirteen or fourteen main characters, but I think the hardest thing is, difficult as this may be to believe, actors do have feelings. And you know, when you build a relationship with your fellow actor, say like with Maggie, and the character is killed, for want of a better term, it's very sad, and it's not easy to cope with, you know, because you don't feel it should've happened." It's so Sayid-like of him, no, to have her back?

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