Friday, May 20

The O.C.

Okay, I don't even know what to say. I cried. During the intervention. Maybe it struck a chord? (I'm kidding.) This was classic O.C. Back to the unrealistic, soapy drama with actual acting.

Anyone who can slam a tumbler of vodka in less than 5 seconds has a drinking problem. So Kirsten's family intervenes and sends her away to Promises in Malibu.

Meanwhile, Ryan finds out that Tre attempted to rape Marissa. He goes after Tre, but Marissa follows. When Tre tries to kill Ryan, Marissa shoots and kills Tre. The season ends!

This is good stuff. And oh so totally unrealistic, which makes The O.C. great.

By the way, drove through Chino the other day. Not so bad.

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