Tuesday, May 31

Law & Order: Not a Tom DeLay fan

Law & Order's last episode included a line linking violence against judges to Tom DeLay, the current Speaker to the House. Instead of, oh, fixing social security or, um, balancing the budget, House Republicans have been busy trying to bash L&O. Good work, Representatives!

From Roll Call:

House GOP Conference Vice Chairman Jack Kingston (Ga.) has been out on the TV circuit blaring outrage. Kingston instructed Members who serve on the House GOP message team to "repeat that this was a PERSONAL swipe at Tom DeLay during sweeps week." In a memo to his message folks, Kingston gave four talking points, telling Members to stay on message that "L&O" finished "dead last" in sweeps week, is biased and liberal, and, in what he called "outrageous and over-the-top," associated DeLay with a "racist, anti-semitic judge killer."

Then he suggested some "zingers" for GOP Members to use on the subject. Criticize NBC's Katie Couric for one. And secondly and most importantly, he said, "Turn the tables for a minute: You never see TV shows depicting a 15-year-old teenage girl driving across the state border to get an abortion with a Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton T-shirt on."

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