Tuesday, May 24

Excuse this interruption...

But Tom DeLay actually said something intelligent. Regarding the embryonic stem cell bill in the House right now (which makes a ton of sense, so of course Bush is threatening to veto it):

As the House began its session Tuesday, Majority Leader Tom DeLay said the bill "is both divisive and, to put it bluntly, dismissive of the dignity of human life at its embryonic stage. It has, therefore, inside it loud and, in many cases, harsh advocacy on both sides of the debate."

The matter, the Texas Republican acknowledged, is a difficult one.

"This is one of those issues that have no easy answers," he said. "This is not a debate between science and ideology. ... Nor is it a debate between those who care about human life and those who don't."

But, he said, "That's why we were elected, not to make the easy choices, but to make the hard ones."

Of course, DeLay is a right-wing born-again crazy, so he'll vote against it. And if it passes, Bush will veto it. And if Bush vetoes it, I think enough sensible Congresspeople will override his veto. Horray for politics! Now back to celebrity gossip and shitty television reviews.

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