Thursday, May 26

Alias. Most. Fuctup. Episode. Ever.

Okay, I can deal with most things in this show. But come on!

Irina is back (have I mentioned how much I love Lena Olin?) and helps the gang save the world from Sloane and Elena. She kills Elena, her sister, by shooting her in the head.

But previously, Elena turned Sydney's Argentinian sister, Nada, into a 28 Days Later zombie. When Nadia tries to stop Sydney from saving the world, Sloane shoots her. So it seems that Sloane is actually a good guy? It's so hard to tell on this show.

Okay. So the world is now safe, so Sydney and Vaughn get engaged and drive up to Santa Barbara. As they're driving, Vaughn tells Sydney that his name is actually not Michael Vaughn and that there is a reason she came to him at the CIA during season one. Okay, good stuff. I like where this is heading. And then, BAM! A car slams into Sydney and Vaughn and the season ends. WTF.

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