Wednesday, February 1

Another iTunes Cell Phone that Sucks???

Despite the lukewarm reception to their first iTunes-enabled phone, Cingular Wireless and Motorola are not giving up on trying to sell the idea. The two companies have launched their second cell phone carrying the music service as a built-in feature, called the SLVR L7. The new phone is similar in style to Motorola’s popular RAZR phone and can hold about 100 iTunes songs. Cingular users can get one for $199.99 with a two-year contract. The first iTunes-compatible phone, Motorola’s ROKR E1, launched in September but failed to catch on. Estimates indicate that only about 84,000 ROKRs were sold last year. The phone got many complaints, especially about the limited song capacity and the long time it took to transfer songs into the phone. The SLVR has not necessarily overcome those shortcomings, making the question of whether it will sell better an even tougher one. Overseas, the SLVR is being sold without iTunes. Sometime this year, a second version of the ROKR phone is expected to be launched, this one with a faster transfer speed.

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