Monday, December 5


Think a documentary about paraplegics playing wheelchair rugby won't interest you? Think again.

This is one of the more touching, exciting and thought-provoking documentaries I've seen in a while. Mark Zupan is an inspiring. Mostly because he refuses to live his life differently than he did before his tragic truck accident. He is badass, and if you called him "crippled," he would kick your ass in a major way. He has a hot girlfriend and they have hot sex. And he LOVES competition. And he takes his rugby seriously. As do his teammates.

The documentary follows the U.S. and Canadian teams (rivals) all the way to the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. If you know anything about the Paralympics, it's anything but the Special Olympics. While the Special Olympics are important, its basic principle is that everyone is a winner. In the Paralympics, there is only one winner.

Watching them fight it out and go through the highs and lows of the game, you realize they are just like everyone else. And strangely, you don't feel sorry for them. (Which is, believe me, how exactly how they'd like you to feel about them.)

Watching this movie will make you think loads about your own life. What would happen if you or someone you loved became a paraplegic? Was it worth it that time you drove home drunk last week? Or what if some asshole was driving drunk and crashed into your car? Or what if you were riding a horse and fell off breaking your neck?

These are things that can happen in an instant and completely change your life. That is why this movie is such an inspiration. Because Mark Zupan and the other rugby players are just like us.

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