Friday, December 16

Alias is back!

Okay, thanks to my Tivo and its temporary move back to Wednesdays, I caught the last two Alias eps. Wow! This show is in much better shape than I thought. How exhilarating to see Sark AND Syd's mom in the last two episodes! Sark's episode was rather hilarious. He slept with Rachel on the show! And neither one of them knew the other was a spy. Great concept!

And this week, the great Lena Olin made her return to Alias!

I hear more former castmates are likely to join the show again in the coming weeks. I think it may be Melissa George (who was married to Sark's character in Season 3) or MAYBE, just maybe, it's Francie!!!!!

Now that The O.C. sucks and Alias doesn't, Alias is going on top of my Season Pass.

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