Wednesday, December 7

Last Night's Nip/Tuck

I was dreading it, because it looked like one of those cheesy "special episodes of ER" or something. A plane crashes and Julia's mom is on it. Julia and Sean go to the sight of the crash to help with the victims. They help several people they come across, and towards the end of the episode, Julia finds her mom, badly scarred and almost unidentifiable. She is dead. Julia goes into a nasty tirade about how they don't love each other and how much better off she will be now that her mom is dead, she walks away, Julia's mom wakes up (nice, creepy twist), and Julia smothers her with a pillow and kills her. Yikes!

Julia goes home, and who is on her couch waiting for her to arrive? Her mom!

Can't wait for next week. Looks like the Carver is back again!

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