Wednesday, December 13

Things That Bug Me

People who say begels instead of bagels.
These people also often say tol-et and melk.
Her-sees instead of Hershey's
Mondee instead of Monday
Warsh instead of Wash, Warshington vs. Washington
Feel instead of Fill

-did these same people forget phonics or did they never participate in a phonics class?


cincyjosh said...

This post cracked me up. I think a lot of those come from hillbilly roots in NW Ohio (me Antwerp). I have to admit I'm guilty a lot of times on tol-et, melk, and sometimes fill and my friends in Cincy get on me when I do. My parents, grandparents, and a lot of relatives use it and it bugs the crap out of me so I know what you mean. I've noticed this word though isn't restricted to NW Ohio as I've heard people from other places say it.

K. I'm not fill'ing well so I'm going to go to the tol'et and get a glass of melk on the way back. he he :-)

-Josh formerly from hillbilly land and now just north of the ultimate hillbilly paradise

D said...

I thought, "Gosh. Sounds an awful lot like some of my relatives."

Jen said...

One more...