Friday, October 24

My Birthday Party

My birthday is November 3, so I'm having an election results slash birthday party on November 4. We're going to have our own electoral college, too. Because I live in Los Angeles and no one that lives here was born in California, each person gets the number of electoral votes that their home state receives. For instance, I was born in Ohio and get 20 votes. One of my friends is from Massachusetts, so she gets 12 Liberal Elite Electoral Votes. My friends from Hungary, Egypt and Germany get 3 Totally Made Up Electoral Votes.

I had a similar birthday party in 2004 and had a 4-year hangover. It looks like this year's party will go a little better.

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Jen said...

I'd love to donate my 20 Ohio votes as a birthday present. And, it's totally legal to get double the votes from a state... just so you know.