Wednesday, October 15

Fringe Recap

From TWOP:
Meet Joseph Meegar. He's a loser in a dead-end job to support and crabby old mother, and he's creepily obsessed with the receptionist at a firm he delivers packages to. Unlike most losers, though, when he gets upset, he seems to have an effect on electrical devices around him (you know, like Boo in Monsters, Inc. [these are the movie references available to me as the father of a two-year-old]). So this is bad news for his crush and the other people in the elevator when Bethany discovers, via his cell phone full of surreptitiously taken pictures of her, his obsession, his stress sends the elevator screaming twenty-six floors to the basement. Joseph walks away, only to get fired from his job, which is bad news for his boss, who loses his arm to a conveyor belt.

The Fringe crew is looking into it, and discover the elevator victims were electrocuted before the elevator hit the ground. In a shocking (sorry) twist, Walter once worked on a project that maybe has something to do with this.

Joseph's firing prompts some more scolding from Mama Meegar, which makes Joseph freak out, frying her pacemaker.

So how does the Fringe team track her down? Simple: helped in part by Olivia's visions of the late John Scott, they train homing pigeons to track Joseph based on his magnetic fingerprint, and find him being "adjusted" by the psycho mad scientist who screwed with his brain's wiring and turned him into Electro in the first place. Hallucinations of dead people and homing pigeons: if only all their cases were so easy to crack.

---Jen here. Sorry, but I felt this particular episode was weak and even more far-fetched that past episodes. I am really hoping the storylines don't go downhill and become ridiculous because so far, I like this show enough to watch it at its regular scheduled time (and that's saying something! especially considering I am 4 episodes behind on Project Runway).

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