Monday, April 21

Google Meme

I lifted this Meme from my Twitter buddy, Lola. I thought it was kinda fun.
Here's what you do: put your name + verb into Google and write down the first result.

“jenni needs”
Jenni needs to learn to be more alluring

“jenni looks like”
Jenni looks like she's really listening closely!

“jenni likes”
Jenni likes going to the gym to burn off excess energy

“jenni wants”
Jenni wants to be the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen

“jenni does”
Jenni does development research for Time Team

“jenni hates”
Jenni hates spam, of the email variety

“jenni goes”
jenni goes country

“jenni loves”
Jenni loves surprises, even if it’s just a night out on the town, dinner and a movie

“jenni has”
Jenni has a true passion for music

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