Monday, April 14

10 Days & Counting

LOST will be back in 10 days. In order to keep you entertained, please refer to the RSS feed in the right-hand column of this blog. Click. Read. Enjoy.

I also bring you some "insider" goodies from my friend Lola, who has been so kind to share some LOST tidbits with me. Enjoy!

Lost to Get Two-Hour Finale?
It is looking "highly likely" (yay!) that there will be an additional hour of Lost for season four, for a total of six hours coming up in the spring run, starting April 24.
Producers pitched the idea of a two-hour finale to ABC, and if they end up getting an extra hour but it is notto extend the finale, well...that could be messy.
The sense among insiders is that ABC execs very much want to make this happen, but like I said, they have not yet had a chance to respond. Fingers crossed they will soon and it'll be the right (i.e., "yes") decision!

In case you're a romantic sap like me...
Hobbit turned Lost star Dominic Monaghan and island show co-star Evangeline Lilly are a couple again, according to new reports.
They split up three months ago but "never stopped loving each other" according to an insider. Awwww. "She remained in Hawaii for the show, and he moved back to L.A. when he was killed off, so the distance took its toll," says the insider. "They decided to take a break, but it was really hard on them both." Frequent telephone calls and under the radar visits just reinforced to Evangeline and Dominic that they belonged together, explains the source. "It was as simple as that." How sweet!

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