Thursday, April 24

Attention LOSTIES!

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!! LOST is back, baby!

Episode 4.09: The Shape of Things to Come

Ben leads the resistance against the freighter fiends working for cranky billionaire Charles Widmore, while in his flash-forward adventure, he does battle in the Tunisian desert and spies on a funeral in Iraq.

The invasion of the island commences. In the first 15 minutes 3 characters are killed (minor ones). Later in the episode some one is shot in the head execution style, but it's not who you think if you've seen any promos. This character is a major one.

[Michael] Emerson [reveals] during a brief respite from shooting Lost's first episode since the writers' strike interrupted production last November[:] "I thought we would ease into things. Instead, I get this all-Ben extravaganza: combat, riding horses, foreign languages. And piano playing!" [...] [A] corpse [...] washes up on the sandy shores of Camp Jack and [a] raging gunfight [...] will decimate Camp Locke. [...] In addition to being a flash-forward adventure for globe-trotting Ben, in which his war with British billionaire Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) over control of the Island will intensify, episode 9 revisits a long-simmering subplot: Sayid's romance with Iraqi love Nadia (Andrea Gabriel). According to Lindelof, a new dimension of Smokey the monster's mercurial nature will also be revealed, per the Lost rule that "you learn something new about the monster whenever it appears." And Cuse says a major story line will begin for Claire, Aaron's Aussie mommy, who lost boyfriend Charlie in last year's finale: "Mysterious things are happening to Claire that set up the next few episodes - and the next few years, too." [...] During EW's stay on the set, Garcia prepared for an encounter with Smokey, and Holloway was spritzed with fake sweat and a touch of blood in advance of a raging gunfight. [Jin will be] fishing that mystery corpse from the surf.

There will be an "amazing death sequence". The smoke monster will also return in that episode (which may/may not be related to the death).

Smokey and Jacob will be in the first episode back. The fate of Karl and Rousseau will be known the first episode back, and [Damon and Carlton] really want to tell Rousseau's story of how she got to the island.

I can reveal that the body that is washed ashore in Episode 4.09 is that of Doc Ray. His body itself is not that significant but what it implies does.

Danielle and Karl's fate is decided in Episode 4.09 - They were shot with bullets.

Besides the "major" character being killed, the thing I'm most anticipating is the backstory on Rousseau.

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