Tuesday, March 27

Lost Spoilers

Read on, Lost fans! Read on!

It looks like you'll get more action on Hurley's... van. Producers are currently casting for a "Roger," a working-class janitor in his early forties who is bitter about his place in life but has higher aspirations. The notice says of the character, "He has troubled and complex relationship with his son; he finds himself caught up in a mysterious situation beyond his imaginings; and the actor must not be claustrophobic." Pretty sure this is the skeleton — "Roger Work Man"—from Hurley's episode.

Lost Spoilers offers us a summary of the spoilers Cuse and Lindelof revealed in the latest podcast: The box--Ben was putting it into terms Locke could understand. It's a metaphor. It would be silly for there to actually be a box, says Damon. This will become clearer the next time they pick up the storyline. You'll see Locke again in the next couple weeks, but not revisit this story for a while. Locke's attitude about the island will come back into play. The Others will not be encamped in their comfortable place for the entire season. Rousseau has to overcome her issues before she can approach her daughter. "The Others are a lot badder than you think they are." By the end of the season you may not think that their act of hanging Charlie was out of character for them. This seems to imply/confirm that Ethan/The Others are in fact responsible for Charlie's hanging. We'll see the Dharma van again, it will have a flashback of sorts and see how it came to be in the jungle. We will also see another Volkswagen product on the island. Alcatraz island was actually shown on Rousseau's map as early as season one when Sayid discovered it in Solitary. They knew about at least one other smaller island even then.

While walking out on the red carpet for the premiere of 'Meet the Robinsons', [Harold] Perrineau put himself on the record as being currently in negotiations for a return to LOST in season four. Perrineau told a Reuters' reporter that "We're trying to figure out if I can get back next season and do both." That would be an interesting feat considering LOST shoots in Hawaii and DEMONS will no doubt shoot in Hollywood.

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