Monday, March 5

Flashback 1984

I only post this because it caught my eye. And you ask.... why exactly did it catch my eye? Cuz I was a senior in high school. God I am old.

Billboard's Top 10 for the week ending March 3, 1984

10. ''I Want A New Drug,'' Huey Lewis and the News

9. ''Let the Music Play,'' Shannon

8. ''Wrapped Around Your Finger,'' The Police

7. ''Somebody's Watching Me,'' Rockwell

6. ''Karma Chameleon,'' Culture Club

5. ''Nobody Told Me,'' John Lennon

4. ''Thriller,'' Michael Jackson

3. ''Girls Just Want To Have Fun,'' Cyndi Lauper

2. ''99 Luftballons,'' Nena

1. ''Jump,'' Van Halen

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