Wednesday, November 19

In TV News

From TV Guide:

Fans of The Office may be missing seeing Rashida Jones at Dunder Mifflin, but they'll soon have her back on the same network.

Jones has been cast in a new series from the creative minds of Office executive producers Greg Daniels, Mike Schur and Howard Klein, and fronted by Saturday Night Live alumna Amy Poehler. In the as-yet-untitled comedy, Jones will play a nurse named Ann Logan (no relation to General Hospital's famous virginal Florence Nightingale).

As for the series' overall premise, showrunner Michael Schur maintains, "It is not a spin-off of The Office." Rather, he quips, "It is a spin-off of M*A*S*H, called Seinfeld II."

Are you ready to have Rashida back on NBC? Any guesses on what the new series will be like?

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