Tuesday, November 11

17 Kids and Counting: "Duggars Learn to Drive"

Was having almost an entire episode dedicated to Jinger a shout-out to her fans? It was great to hear her described as "spunky," and Michelle kind of said (in not so many words) that she's a drama queen. Sounds like she still has some personality left in her! Free Jinger! What was up with their training technique - they don't do time-outs, but teach the kids to sit still in a chair? Jackson was not looking happy in that chair, by the way, though he and Johannah were cute when they had their "violin lesson." The episode opened with yet another product-placement moment when Michelle was shown cleaning with Pledge or something. I hope everyone caught it, because it's probably the only time you'll ever see her clean something! (At least until the older girls are married and gone.) Michelle commented that it's difficult to keep the house clean with so many people, especially "little people." Was that a dig on the Roloffs? Also, we had the rare treat of getting a brief interview with second son (and potentially autistic?) John David. He seemed normal, and he got his driver's license on the first try. Meanwhile, Jinger was in the car by herself with an unrelated man! And a TV camera. Even though she admitted to speeding and not reading signs, she still passed and got her license. That's good, it would've been really embarrassing to not get it while on TV (cough cough, Jeremy Roloff, cough).

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