Wednesday, April 11

Pet Food Recall

In all seriousness folks, PLEASE pay attention to what you are feeding your pets. Read the labels, check the websites for updates on recalls and question everything!!!

Thank god I had the presence of mind to NOT feed my cats any Nutro canned food. I had purchased some last week thinking it would be okay since they weren't on the list. However, there was a little voice telling me to NOT feed it to them because other Nutro foods were recalled. THANK GOD I DIDN'T FEED THEM THE CANNED NUTRO FOOD!!!!!! Yesterday that exact food was added to the list.

And, to further piss me off, get this!!!!

So now it looks like we could be moving from a FDA scandal to an SEC investigation scandal. Insider trading is generally not very well received by the SEC. The latest update -- the first to involve its Ontario plant -- comes amid news that the chief financial officer of Menu Foods Income Fund sold nearly half his units in the pet food maker less than three weeks before it announced its massive product recall, according to insider trading reports. Let's hope the SEC is more serious about their work than the FDA, who seem uninterested in protecting consumers and more occupied with providing shelter to big business.

There is something very, very curious about this entire recall and I pray more animals and families do not suffer needless losses because of the greed and ineptness that is going on with these foods!!!!

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