Monday, April 23

Lost Spoilers & Episode Titles

Whoo boy, we've got spoilers!! Read on, Losties.... read on.....

Episode 3.18: D.O.C. (Jin/Sun-centric)
Airdate: April 25, 2007

Damon and Carlton made a point to mention that the father of Sun's baby could be Jin, Jae Lee, or a mystery person. Apparently, some people thought Jae Lee was murdered. Penny sent the parachutist. Damon and Carlton do not refer to her as Naomi.Naomi will be explained further in "D.O.C." More of Juliet's motives will be shown in "D.O.C."

The initials in the title stand for "date of conception."

Episode 3.19: The Brig (Locke-centric)
Airdate: May 2, 2007

Episode 3.20: The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben-centric)
Airdate: May 9, 2007

Ben begrudgingly begins to introduce Locke to the secrets of the island, beginning with the mysterious Jacob. Meanwhile, Juliet's secret goes public. Guest starring are M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Marsha Thomason as Naomi, Sterling Beaumon as young Ben, Jon Gries as Roger Linus, Carrie Preston as Emily, Doug Hutchison as Horace, Samantha Mathis as Olivia and Madeline Carroll as Annie.

Ben has been in love. We will get a "sense" of it in 2 weeks.

We will see Dharma before the purge and we might see how they repelled the smoke monster with the sonic fence.

We're going to meet Ben's mommy and daddy. We will get much more info about Ben's origins and the origins of the island.

Someone you wouldn't expect to see wearing a Dharma suit will appear in episode 20. There will be a big, epic, shocking scene. We will see more Dharma vans. Roger wasn't the only workman.

More info on the DeDroots soon.

Episode 3.21: Greatest Hits (fka "Truth about Lying") (Charlie-centric)
Airdate: May 16, 2007

While Jack devises a plan to do away with “The Others” once and for all, Sayid uncovers a flaw in “The Others’” system that could lead to everyone’s rescue. But it requires Charlie to take on a dangerous task that may make Desmond’s premonition come true.

Episodes 3.22 and 3.23: Through the Looking Glass (Jack-centric, two-hour season finale)
Airdate: May 23, 2007 from 9 to 11 p.m.

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